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Your Guide To SJW Terminology

Note: This page is constantly being added to and updated. If you feel there is a term here that is incorrect, should be added to, or if I completely missed a term feel free to contact me here.

Patriarchy: A system of men in power that also hurts men because feminists want a reason not to take responsibility for anything they do.


1. Jane: Billy just got punched in the face by Karen

    Judy: That's just the patriarchy backfiring

2. Jane: I can't believe I have to dress a certain way to attend class at this private school! 

   Judy: It's that damn patriarchy!

Misogyny/Sexism: These words are very interchangeable and usually used in the same sentence. When a feminist pulls out one of these words you know you've won the argument. 


1. Amber: Why did [Female Character] Behave so stupidly?

   Jane: I would answer you but I don't care for all your sexism

2. Joe: Here are statistics that show women are worse drivers than men

   Jane: I don't have to listen to all of this misogyny

Manspreading: The triggering act of a man sitting somewhere. Anywhere. His biology causes him to take up more space and this is also some how offensive.


Jane: I couldn't find anywhere to sit on the train because of all the manspreading. 

Mansplaining: When someone uses facts to dispel feminist logic. It really could be a female doing this too. They think that only men use facts/logic for some reason so they call it "mansplaining". 


Joe: Well actually the rate of rape has been in decline over the past few years, so rape culture doesn't exist.

Jane: OMG stop MAINSPLAING this shit to me! I don't have to take it! 

Cis/Het: This stands for heterosexual and not transgender and is apparently the worst thing you can be, especially if you are also a white person. 


Jane: Ugh I can't stand going to school with all of these cis/het assholes! 

Demi-Boy/Girl: This is just a new way to say TOMBOY or TOMGIRL and it's a regular ordinary girl who tends to like to do more "masculine" things. Think of the "I'm not like OTHER girls" cliche. Has been used to claim trans status on social media. 


Jane: Um no, I identify as a demi-boy because gender is a social construct

Gender: Either it doesn't exist or it's any Goddamn thing you want it to be. Including animals as pronouns. 


Jane: Today I'm catgender. My pronouns are Cat/Cats/Catself!

Otherkin: Believing you are some kind of animal (real or fictional) trapped in a human body. You can also claim trans status if you believe this (at least on tumblr)


Jane: Why don't people get that I am a dragon! I'm not human I am OTHERKIN! This isn't a joke! 

Triggered: Reading something slightly offensive/upsetting that forces you to claim that you just had a PTSD related flashback/anxiety attack. 


Jane: I was so triggered by clapping at that convention!

Judy: I know, that's why this year it's just jazz hands! 

Privilege: Something everyone who isn't an SJW has and won't check constantly. 


Alice: I went to school in the suburbs

Lakesha: Check your privilege white bread! 

Appropriation: Wearing anything your culture didn't create. Such as white people with dreads, or kimonos, or well basically anything white people do. 


Tasha: That white boy is appropriating black culture by stealing our dreads! 

Feminism: The cult like mentality that exists to save women from themselves because it's totally all about equality even though it's totally not all about equality. 


Judy: I need feminism because I don't want to take responsibility for my own short comings and would rather blame them on other things. Like Patriarchy. 

Body Shaming: Something that is absolutely not okay to do unless the woman isn't a feminist. 


Judy: Did you hear about Monica? She's such an ugly, anorexic bitch. I can't believe she doesn't support feminism. 

Slut Shaming: Having a personal preference for not wanting to sleep with a partner who has slept with 100 people before you. 


Jane: Yeah I totally had sex with my entire college campus but you're the one I want now

Billy: I'm going to have to pass but…good luck out there. 

Judy: OMG how DARE you SLUT SHAME HER!? 

Rape Apologist: Agreeing that telling rape jokes is okay and/or laughing at rape jokes. That and asking questions pertaining to rape, considering evidence to decide whether or not a rape happened, or questioning if a woman was raped or not when her story seems kind of iffy. 


1. Amber: Well, Billy wasn't even in the same state as Jane when she says she was raped.


2. Joe: Statistics show 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape

   Jane: How can you tell a rape joke? You rape apologist? That's not okay! 

Note: This can also be called victim blaming or shaming but if it's an anti-feminist that got raped, none of this applies, shame away. 

Oppression: It is not a competition, women in the first world are just as oppressed as women in the third world. Until ALL women are equal no women are equal. 


Amber: Trust me, you are not oppressed. 

Judy: Yeah well women in India are

Amber: But that's not you.


Internalized Misogyny: When a woman disapproves of another woman for any reason. It's not her fault. She was brainwashed into being misogynist she just doesn't realize it. (Yet another way for feminists not to take responsibility for their own behavior as well)


Judy: I used to be so mean to Alice when I was younger but now I realize it was because of all this internalized misogyny so…no need to apologize. It wasn't my fault. 

Rape Culture: Anything and everything that pertains to a woman having sex or enjoying sex and very little to do with actual rape or rape culture. 


Judy: This fan fiction with all this sex really only promotes rape culture. So does porn or any other sort of erotic stimulation. 

Pink Tax: The fictional tax on women that feminists think exists because they don't take into account how marketing or manufacturing works. 


Jane: Tampons should be free because I'm tired of this pink tax on women! 

Homophobia: Using terms like homosexual if you aren't gay. (No seriously someone just posted that on tumblr). It can also be someone who doesn't want two same sex characters to have a romance in a show because they don't personally like it. It can also mean shipping the wrong same sex characters because one of them is abusive or something. 


Jane: I can't believe Alice doesn't think Will and Hannibal are the best couple 5 ever! That's just homophobic! 

Racism: Something only white people can do. 


Tasha: OMG she said black on black crime is statistically the highest level of crime in the country. 

Lakesha: Is she white?

Tasha: Yes

Lakesha: That's racist. 

Internalized Homophobia: Being gay but having no problem with words like "Faggot" or "queer". Also being gay and believing it is okay for other people not to support gay marriage. 


Jane: How can you be gay but support that bakery's right not to make gay wedding cakes? Such internalized homophobia. 

Internalized Racism: When a non-white person agrees that the BLM movement has taken it too far and maybe it's time for black people to stop rioting in order to achieve equality. Also known as Race Traitor/Uncle Tom. 


Tasha: I can't believe he said that BLM is basically like the KKK for black people. Must have a whole ton of internalized racism. 

Safe Space: Some magical place where SJWs go to only hear their opinions echoed back to them because new ideas are triggering and scary. 


Jane: This bar is a woman's only safe space. No others will be allowed. Oh and only a specific type of woman. Feminists mainly. But only a specific type of feminist since we can't all get on the same page as each other. 

Wage Gap: The fictional concept that men earn less than women because feminists don't know how to accurately do this study and never have. 


Judy: Did you know because of wage gap women only earn 70 cents for every dollar a man earns? 

Rape: Just about anything. Staring, catcalling, a compliment, a term of endearment, accidentally brushing up against a woman to get past her, regretting a night of drunken sex, you get the point. 99% of the time when they say something is/was rape it absolutely was not rape. 


Alice: Wow it was really stupid of me to drink so much last night and sleep with Todd.

Judy: No he raped you! You were drunk so there was no way you consented to that! RAPE! IT WAS RAPE!!!!!

GamerGate: A terrorist organization of like 300 white men who never leave their mother's basements but are also some how the most dangerous people in the entire universe. 


Jane: Another one of Anita Sarkeesian's speeches was cancelled. 

Judy: Why?

Jane: She was getting death threats on twitter. The police said they weren't credible but you know how those gamergate terrorists are! Gotta be careful! 

Online Harassment: Anything that is slightly mean to downright hateful towards a woman as long as it's not another feminist doing it. 



Alice: I don't think that was called for and it's very ignorant too.