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Going on 4 years now I've had 2 people stalking me. The first girl, who has been doing it the longest is named Celine. No last name given. The second one, who joined about a year after is named Monica Morais. Celine is based out of the UK while Monica is based out of Portugal. Here I will show proof of what they've been doing. Though I know it's "counterproductive" to give attention to stalkers the thing is they will keep doing what they are doing if I pay attention to them or not. I know this because there have been long periods of time where I said nothing to them and did nothing to them and they were still doxing me at random for...reasons? The point is that both Celine and Monica are irrationally obsessed with me for unknown reasons other than they are vaguely upset that I don't like a TV Show that they like and they are mentally ill. Either that or they both have a really big crush on me, the idea is terrifying.

How It Started:

  Celine (DarkPassenger85) Is the Black/Indian/Middle Eastern Girl

Celine (DarkPassenger85) Is the Black/Indian/Middle Eastern Girl

All of this started about 4 years ago. When I was in the Law And Order: SVU fandom on tumblr. I got in an argument with two girls who had nothing to do with Celine. Since Celine is in desperate need of attention from literally anyone, she jammed herself in the middle of it. The two original girls tried to dox me and got the wrong person. After refusing to take down the information I agreed to leave my blog if they took it down and never go into the fandom tags for SVU again. After which point I started my anti-feminist blog "DumblrFeminist" which became this website (and the youtube channel I now have). About a year passes and things are quiet. That's when I start another fandom blog called "Hannibals-Animal". Of course I have opinions so what happens? Well, Celine having no life (and apparently watching literally every TV show ever to lust over every woman ever) finds me. She starts sending me anonymous death threats. Very specific ones about killing me, my roommates, and my dog. At the same time, she's defending the "poor girls" who attacked me claiming that I only ever harassed them or something. I don't know. Leading me to think it was one of the original girls in the SVU fandom. She was literally so NOT a part of that argument I had no clue who she was. She keeps sending the threats anyway, up until the point I delete my blog. I move to wordpress and she starts sending them there. Telling me not only is she going to get me, but she "Sold" my information to my "enemies" and is sending them after me. I file two police reports and start ignoring her. She sends a bunch more threats then suddenly they stop. I go on about my life. 

A year passes and I "meet" DarkPassenger85 (AKA Celine) on twitter. At first she's being really nice to me and pretending to be my friend. As I wouldn't have known she was the one sending the anon death threats. One day when I was asking about how to make money fast she comes to me and begs me for 100 dollars. Why? Because she claims she's such a good online poker player she can turn it into 5000 in an hour. I tell her I"m not stupid enough to give 100 dollars to a stranger and she can go away. She tells me I'll be sorry. The next day she reveals to me that she's been the one sending me death threats for years. Now, keep in mind, an entire year had passed since I'd even paid attention to her so this came out of left field. That's right. Even though for a year I gave her no attention she was still clinging to my every last word because she's in love with me or something. I soon block her from my Twitter and get on with my life. It doesn't exactly stop there though. That's when I see what she started to do. Celine decided that she was going to go to the Hannibal fandom and tell them she has dirt on me and if they DM or follow her or tweet her she'll tell them my name/address/whatever. She also claims she has a copy of my ID but never showed any proof of that being the truth. She first tweeted a girl named Laura Spencer who at that point was my mortal enemy but already had my personal information so it was ignored. She next tweeted a general statement about having all my information and "dirt". After which point she sort of vanished again and I was glad for it. 

Tweets Archived here:
Tweet To Laura (IDFYTI)
General Tweet Trying To Get Attention By Saying she has "dirt" on me
Tweet About Contacting My Family (Celine deleted this one but fails to realize that doesn't delete it from an archive)
Tweet mentioning my family by name (I'm no longer in contact with them so it's creepy she even found this information)
Tweet To A Woman inviting her to a "hate club" for me (It was ignored) More on CleoLinda Here
One of 8 times Monica has Doxed me (while admitting she knows it's against the rules)
Monica referring to himself as a Dragon cause he thinks I trolled him or something?
Monica makes his own meme's with a name that isn't mine
Monica accusing a friend of being me when it's not me (he thinks everyone who defends me is me)
Using the Meth Insult for the millionth time (which was originally started by Tattle-Crime.com not him)

 In these series of tweets someone yells at him for doxing me, this is where he claims that this is what I get for "crying" about harassment, more harassment, as he claims that he's also not harassing me, even though he spends his time doxing and harassing me. This is literally how delusional this man is.

In these series of tweets someone yells at him for doxing me, this is where he claims that this is what I get for "crying" about harassment, more harassment, as he claims that he's also not harassing me, even though he spends his time doxing and harassing me. This is literally how delusional this man is.

Enter Monica Morais

Some more time passes and I go about my merry way. In this time I get involved with a woman named Frederica Avery. Former owner of Tattle-Crime.com and all around nutjob, scam artist, sexual predator and criminal. After working with and for her for about 6 months I end up in a weird situation. One where me and a bunch of her other friends decide we want to expose what she is doing online. So we do. I get deep into the rabbit hole and make the website TattleCrime.org with their help. When I hit the nail on the head and discover that Frederica is also Jen Cornet, she runs off taking her thousands of ill gotten fannibal dollars with her and vanishes. This apparently sets "monica" off and he attacks me. On a roleplay account, with 7 followers. Yeah. I tell him to fuck off and if he has something to say to me he can do it on my main account. Which he doesn't. Not at first. Then he attacks me there after some prodding. He accuses everyone there of being me on several different accounts and then blocks me because he's a coward. 

(Note: I am referring to "monica" as a man for several reasons. One: I believe he is a man and Two: He keeps saying that I'm a tranny so I'm going to do the same to him. He claims he doesn't care if I do that but has gone out of his way to list his pronouns on his blog. I assume people also started to call him a man. Problem is he actually legit looks like a tranny and I don't but whatever. Here is another woman also claiming I was born a man. Super ironic considering how FannibalMonica looks.)


When he's done with his fit he starts stealing pictures of me to post. He's not very creative and uses the same insults over and over and over again. I'm on meth or crack or heroin. I'm bulimic or anorexic. I'm a slut/whore. Whatever. He basically has no actual facts on my life other than rumors he heard and shit he didn't even come up with himself (just stole from far more creative people than me). I report him for stealing the pictures via the DMCA feature on twitter and then go on my merry way. That's when he stats doxing me. A lot. I mean as of now it's been 8 different times. Instead of banning him from twitter, I get banned. Yes because that makes so much sense. In any case they did me a favor because I didn't need to be on twitter anyway so I say good riddance. 

Getting back to the main story. I start ignoring both of them again. Whenever Monica doxes me I report it and have others report it while also not drawing attention to it. Celine gets upset and starts making impersonator accounts for me while claiming it totally isn't her and she's not doing it (but she knows who is doing it and won't tell me). Which denotes that yeah it's her and she thinks she's clever and whatever but she's not. She's too afraid to dox me on her main twitter so she creates other accounts to do it. Then on her main twitter she crows about how she totally just doxxed me. She also loved to brag about how she would go onto other forums in other places and dox me as if it mattered. She then said she has several twitter accounts and several tumblrs and I've never find her "Real" one. Except I did find her "real" ones. I even found her old blog before she changed it to what it is now. She claimed it wasn't her "main" blog and she wasn't "scared" of me but immediately changed the URL to what it is now. Then abandoned it for a few months then came back to it. Right. Not your main blog but it has the most activity over the most number of years. Gotcha. 

The Repercussions:

  This Is Monica (AKA: FannibalMonica) Who is probably a Man

This Is Monica (AKA: FannibalMonica) Who is probably a Man

Monica has doxed me so many times I've had to change my legal name and phone number. Monica likes to go post my phone number on craigslist as well as his twitter so that people will harass me. As of now because of the legal name change they still haven't found, they can't find my phone number. Only 4 people know my new legal name and it's not on any official documents that they have access too so they are still scrambling to find it, I imagine. Celine has gone on to stalk and harass my family, contacting them to say God only knows what. My family has been informed of her and knows to not pay any attention to her should she try to contact again. However, I would hope she does because despite me not talking to my father he has a lot of law enforcement connections and if she bugs him enough she'll get her ass tracked down and thrown in jail. Celine is incredibly obsessed with my life, my social media, and my youtube account. She watches every single video just to wait and see if I mention her. She also downvotes every single video as if it matters. Both Monica and Celine have attacked my public facebook page with their own facebooks which is what led me to finding them on facebook. Celine has since deleted her account but Monica's account can be found here. I have written extensively about Monica and how insane she is. She thinks she can't be stalking me since I'm not famous, that everyone who defends me is actually me, and that I've been banned from conventions I've not been banned from. She and Celine (and several other people) spend time on twitter bragging about how they got me banned from a convention I never wanted nor intended to go to because it quite frankly looks terrible. I haven't wanted to go to a Hannibal centered convention for 2 years now. I'm not going to suddenly start. So they did me a favor getting me banned from a place I didn't want to go. It makes me want to go even less (if that's possible). 

Monica claims she's making some sort of website about me. She's also made several tumblr hate blogs about me which is stupid cause I don't go there any more. Though I have accounts there I don't actually go on tumblr. Ever. It makes little difference to me if she trashes me there where she was already trashing me anyway (as well as the rest of the fandom). Celine tries to pretend that she's totally not lame at her tumblr blog where all she does is lust after straight women. On twitter, Celine makes it clear she's obsessed with some actress from some show named Katrina. Has been to multiple conventions multiple times to meet her and has several different pictures of her with the same actress on her twitter. Even bragged at one point about going to stalk her down on the set where she was filming in Vancouver to take pictures of her. 

I do not know exactly why Monica hates me other than he gave a lot of money to Tattle-Crime.com and when she ran off and took it with her he was left without a cent. Maybe it's because his show was cancelled and isn't coming back. Maybe it's because he's jealous he's not a woman or even half good looking. Maybe he's in love with me just like Celine is. I don't actually know to be honest. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how little or how much time I spend on these people. They dox me at least once a month and have a conversation about me at least once a month. Celine's entire twitter is about how great her life is because she thinks she's making me jealous when I wouldn't trade places with her if I was about to get hit by a truck and she weren't. 

These people are sick, obsessive, twisted, and cowardly. They claim they aren't in favor of sending people death threats by fail to realize that doxxing someone is more or less saying "Go hurt this person because I don't have the ability to". Luckily, most people in the fandom think they are nuts and ignore them. The only people who currently seem to pay attention to them are either 45 year old housewives obsessed with Mads Mikkelsen and gay fan fiction (like Nickie Michaud Wild) or the SJW type of radical feminists like @GoryDolly who get so butthurt they have to align with a psycho to the level of Monica in order to "rain hell" down on me, which has yet to actually work because none of them are as scary as they think they are. The "worst" they did was get my personal facebook locked for 30 seconds so I had to enter a code to get back into it. 

What it boils down to is all of this is being done over a TV show. Over fictional characters. They don't care that I'm anti-feminist. They don't care that I'm anti-SJW. What they care about is I have opinions they don't like, I have a following for those opinions, and I make more money doing what I do than either of their unemployed stupid asses could EVER make because the only thing they do is verbally masturbate each other over how "dragon" like they are for "trolling" me. In the end I have left twitter the ONLY place they are brave enough to say anything to me. It will really only be a matter of time before they have no more material to use and their sad little lives become so awful they have to hang themselves in their own basements. Or one would hope. 

Information I have Currently On Celine & Monica but I am looking for Contact Info To Go To the Authorities:

If you have contact information for either of these people feel free to use my contact form to tell me. You can send the information anonymously if you so choose.