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Here are the most frequently asked questions I get, or comments phrased as questions. For future reference, I have no problem answering any question you want to ask, however do not ask these and if you have to ask something personal, try to be civil about it. You can contact me here if you need to say something.

Are you trans? 

No I am not trans. I know I'm not the most feminine looking woman on the planet but I am not trans. I was born with female parts and I even have a really bad hormone disorder that only women can be diagnosed with. If you want me to prove this by freebleeding all over the place I will. Stop asking me this.  

Are you sure you aren't trans? 

Yeah because I'm sure I know what genitals I was born with. I'm sure I know what my birth certificate says and I'm sure I agree with it. I know my voice is kind of low and I'm very skinny. I'm a female though. Also this isn't ever an appropriate question no matter how nicely you think you just phrased it.  

Are you a lesbian?

No, I have had relationships with all sorts of gender orientations. Anything you can think of. I don't base my attraction on physical qualities, I base them on mental and emotional connections. I consider myself to be pansexual as would be the correct terminology to mean attracted to every type of gender/sexual orientation. 

Isn't Pansexual Just A Special Snowflake Word For Bisexual?

No, and stop saying that. Bisexuals who claim that bisexuality means not caring about sex are idiots. If that's what they mean they should say pansexual. Bi, the prefix, means two. If you are bisexual this means that you are only attracted to two, finite genders. If you are pan, that means everything. There are more than just two gender orientations, yeah and I've met them and been with them. So if you are going to say you don't care about gender stop saying that's what bisexual means because it doesn't. There are also plenty of bisexual people who won't sleep with anything but males or females. They aren't interested in trans or andro people. If you want to use a word with that definition use pan. I'm not the special snowflake, you are, for trying to redefine a word. 

Are You Anorexic?

No, I'm not. I have a bunch of medical conditions which give me digestive issues which make it hard for my body to absorb and process certain foods. I also just mentioned a hormone condition which doesn't help. I am not anorexic nor am I bulimic.  

Are you Liberal/Conservative?

No. I'm not either. I agree with a lot of stuff the liberals say and I agree with a lot of stuff the conservatives say. I will vote for the person I believe can get the job done. I don't align with either group because then I feel if they do something I don't like (which is a lot of stuff on either side) I have to agree with it. I would prefer to think independently and decide based on facts and current candidates not what a political party tells me.  

Are you Pro-Life?

Short answer no. Long answer is, in the very unlikely case I get pregnant (and I mean very unlikely because I am insanely careful, always have been, and don't intend to stop being careful) I wouldn't have an abortion. I know that I couldn't do that. However, I do not believe I have a right to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her body. For any reason. I do hate when women use abortions as birth control (cause sadly some women do) but it's really not up to me to dictate who gets abortions or why. Yes I have opinions but no, I am not pro-life.  

Weren't You Adopted?

Yes I was. I am currently not in contact with my adoptive family, any of them, because they were all extremely abusive and manipulative. Cutting them out of my life has been the best choice I ever made and seeing as how they weren't really my family anyway it was pretty easy to do.   

Were you REALLY sexually assaulted?

Yes. Not sure why I would lie about this. One of the assaults was so bad it actually made national news. I was a minor at the time so my name wasn't allowed to be published but I can assure you it happened. Would prefer not to think about it. It happened again when I was 16 and then another time when I was 20. A lot of people don't think this is possible because I don't hate or fear all men. Well all men didn't rape/assault me. It was three guys and I'm safe from them now. Not going to hate all men cause of three assholes.  

Didn't You Used to be [Insert 17 People I've Never Heard of]?

No. People accuse me of being 700 different people. Though I have had a few blogs on tumblr, one on live journal, and one or two on wordpress I am not all these people everyone claims I am. I don't know where anyone is getting these ideas and some of the links I've seen to "old blogs of mine" are laughable because I'm not sure why anyone thinks those people are or were me.  Also, just because someone has the same opinion as me, doesn't mean it IS me. 

Where do you live?

Cleveland, Ohio. Hopefully at some point I can move out west or completely out of the country. For now it's just Cleveland.  

Don't you write creepy, perverted fan fiction?

Yeah, so what? You don't have to read it. Fan fiction wasn't mandatory reading last time I checked. Further more as hard as it is to believe I have a huge following for my fan fiction even with as creepy and perverted it is. To each their own. Also, this blog isn't about that so not sure why people feel the need to connect the two like they are the same thing.  

You're ugly/look like a man/stupid/etc....

Okay cool, stop looking at me if it bothers you so much. Like I give a shit. I'm aware I'm not perfect but at least I'm not hiding behind a screen keeping my face from the world while also calling people ugly. Show me your face and we'll compare. Good enough?