Miss Misanthropist

Eloquent Egalitarian


Why Donate?

It's expensive to run a website and a youtube channel, not to mention time consuming. Do I think I deserve money? No. However to create content and be consistent about it, it takes considerable time and effort. I also have to pay to host my website every month (not a huge fee but it's an expense). Though I don't expect donations nor do I consider them mandatory they are much appreciated and people do ask me how to donate.

What Services Can I Purchase?

Quite a few actually and my prices are negotiable. I am more willing to do a specific video about a specific subject if I get a donation. Since no one gives me money to do any specific thing I usually just pick and choose what topics I like on my own. IF you'd like a certain type of video make an offer and I'll see what we can work out. No, I don't have a set price range I'd rather see what people want to offer first and see what I can work with. I wouldn't ask for much. If there's anything else you think you could possibly want from me for a donation suggest that too. You can do it via my contact sheet below.