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US vs EVERYONE: Immigration Policies

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With all the stuff currently happening with the DACA thing, it brought to mind something that was pointed out to me at one point. I cannot remember who said it to me, or where it was said, but I know the idea isn't my own. It was just brought up, a while ago, and now it's resurfaced. Whoever it was (and I'm fairly sure it was a guy who said this to me via some form of social media) was something along the lines of: 

"Have you ever noticed that America is expected to take in every immigrant with no questions asked but other countries are far more strict and no one gives them shit for it?" 

And see here's the thing. He's definitely right about it. It makes me question why that is too. I tried to ask another friend of mine but he's way too overly liberal and he said it's "not really that true" and then BSed up an answer to completely change the topic, so that wasn't helpful. I'm just wondering if anyone else sees this? Has thought about it? Certainly, the one person to point it out to me isn't the only one who has ever thought this. 

I'm not against immigration if it's done legally. I am against people exploiting laws, benefits, and other services of this country knowing our laws are so lax that they can do it and they'll most likely get away with it. I am against people bringing their children here knowing children as less likely to be sent back (and in some cases harder to keep track of). I remember watching a panel on CNN once (and no I'm never going to find a source because this was years ago when Obama was still president) where the panelist basically explained that a lot of these child immigrants (or even adult ones) get a court date, are ordered to appear, not tracked, and they vanish. They go to another state or send the child to another place (a relative or friend). The system doesn't track where they sent these people, just that, well they had a court date, and if they are smart enough to not show up and relocate, well they just slipped through the cracks again. There are so many of them, it's nearly impossible to track them. 

Then we have the issue of basically legalizing slavery (or sweatshop work) via these illegals and becoming so damn reliant on it, to get rid of them all would screw us. For one, we shouldn't be okay with treating other humans in such a manner just because they WILL do it. Just because someone WILL let you punch them in the face for $5 dollars does that mean you SHOULD do it? I get the fact that they are adults and it's their choice, but is the humane thing to do here to exploit people just because they WILL work in horrible conditions for $2 an hour? No, it's not. Plus, what about the people who work their asses off to come here legally? What does that say to them? How is that fair? 

It's an entire situation of people wanting to excuse criminals because WAH WAH THEIR LIFE IS SAD! THEY COME FROM BAD COUNTRIES! 

Well, here's the thing. Say that a man has 12 kids. He loses his job at the factory and his wife can't work due to some injury. He can't get any sort of benefits because our system is seriously fucked up like that. I'm not even joking, I knew a guy who was paralyzed in an accident and had all the documents to prove it and they still wouldn't grant him SSDI because they declared he was "okay enough to work". He absolutely wasn't. I know this guy, he worked his whole life as a construction forman, being paralyzed stripped him of his career and he had no choice but to quit and go through extensive rehab while the government was like, "LOL shut up bro you can totally get a job while you are fucking paralyzed and have no other skills than construction." Meanwhile, fat Bertha down the street has had SSI forever cause she's too obese to walk to the mailbox. These situations are insane. Moving on. 

So, Average Joe is now poor, with 12 kids, can't get benefits because our system of checks and balances are fucked, and now his kids are starving. He goes to the store and steals some food. Just food that he NEEDS to live because his kids need food. He's not really a BAD guy, he just needed the food. Well, as much as he did this criminal thing only out of necessity to survive and to help his kids survive, is he any less of a criminal? Should we just not do anything about it? Should we say, "Okay Average Joe, we know you stole $200 dollars worth of food, and we know all of it was literally in desperation to feed your kids, since that's also the case we are not even going to bother to arrest you, check into this, or charge you with anything." 

That's my point exactly. The system is fucked, on all accounts, even for our citizens. We can't even take care of our own vets properly and we are offering money and incentives to get illegal immigrant children to stay and the fucking moment someone goes, "Uh uh, no more" he's worse than Hitler? When these people are only here in the first place while knowingly breaking the law and exploiting our country. Meanwhile, places like Japan and China deny 97% of immigrants and no one shits all over them. It's a bitch to get into Canada, like WAY harder than the US, and Canada even has the nerve to yell at us for having "strict immigration". 

When did the rule become that America had to let in goddamn everyone, and not track them, because fuck it? Why are other countries giving us shit? Why does no one crap all over Canada for their policies? Or Japan? Or China? Or even Australia (where it is also hard to become a citizen). 

If anyone has any idea when the world all shifted to the idea that America had to freely accept anyone from goddamn anywhere and never question it, I'd like to know. As I said, I'm not against immigration, if it's done legally and there's a very damn good reason to get rid of illegals, change our policies, and stop allowing these people to slip through the cracks. By the way, I'm talking about illegal immigrants from WHERVER country, not just specifically Mexico. Illegal immigration is a crime, period. There are ways to become legal, lots of people do it. I'm done feeling sorry for people who knowingly exploit our laws and have to be sent back. Fuck it. Why should I give a damn?