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Okay so as many people know I don't intend to use YouTube as a platform anymore because of fuck it, whatever. I still don't. I just wanted to point out something, not sure if anyone else noticed this or whatever but I did and it's weird. 

As a form of protest a few weeks ago I decided to make all the videos that had been deemed "not family-friendly" private and only allow the monetized ones up. Not just specifically to make money but to show people how few of my videos out of a whopping 400 actually could be monetized (the number was around 30). It was to make a point. 

So, then someone suggested I use my YouTube to put up "preview" vids to redirect to the full video, which I did. I went in to see if that video was even monetized (it's like a minute long so yeah I figured maybe it was but probably not). Then I noticed that one I had made private because it was against their standards before, was suddenly "okay to be monetized". Now, when I went through all 400 something videos I checked very carefully and only left up the ones that were monetized. I am goddamn sure that those videos were NOT monetized before yet suddenly, without telling me, they approved them for monetization. Like what the fuck is going on here? 

I still don't want to use YouTube as a platform, fuck no, I made a space for my videos on my own website. They were already hiding my videos before they publicly announced they intended to hide videos. This reduced my views from thousands to basically nothing when I had only been growing in views and subs before that point. There is nothing in me that wants to keep using YouTube and I know it doesn't matter because I'm "basically a nobody" but I also don't care. Right now, I'm seeing a whole bunch of fucked up bullshit with them that is pissing me off. 

If anyone else has noticed anything like this can you please let me know because what the holy fuck?