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Thoughts on Trump, North Korea, and World War Three

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Of course, now that this whole North Korea nuclear threat has happened I have a few thoughts on what is going on. I am not going to claim to be an expert because I know I’m not, but as far as I can gather from what I've read and researched I have formed a few opinions on the matter. 

First of all, I don’t think that world war three is imminent, at all. I could be wrong, and I fully admit that but I just don’t think it is. I also don’t think that if it does happen it’s entirely the fault of Trump. The fault would be the state of the world. The fact that people who shouldn’t have nukes got nukes. Kim Jong Un being the way he is, isn’t entirely the fault of Trump. That asshole was going to get a nuke or two eventually. Really, why blame it entirely on Trump? 

Though I agree Trump is handling the situation poorly, I also fit into the mind frame of, well, what else do you want him to do? Another country is threatening to hit our country with a military strike. Should we not say anything? Wouldn’t you expect literally any president to say something along the lines of “We will not be threatened” or whatever? This seems to be a situation of us being threatened first and Trump saying something back. Albeit what he said was over the top and didn’t need to be said but the point is that the threat came first. 

Of course, everyone is blind to the fact that there were elements over the past few decades that led up to Kim Jong Un getting this sort of capability in the first place. No one wants to look at that, they want to look at right now. Unless it benefits them to look 20 years ago (or they think it benefits them). I just saw a tweet about how 20 years ago Trump said he’d negotiate with North Korea. Well, 20 years ago they didn’t have a nuke and Kim Jong Un wasn’t in power. Though I agree how he’s handling it now isn’t the best, get a better argument than what he said 20 years ago. Situations change, especially when it comes to military tactics, economy, and whatever the fuck is going on in North Korea. 

For a man that liberals claimed would instantly nuclear bomb the shit out of everyone, he’s shown a good idea of restraint. Do you not realize that if Trump were as insane as liberals try to portray him as, then he’d have already bombed North Korea, or anywhere else he wanted to bomb? He’s allowed to do that. As president I believe he has something like 30 days to military strike/occupy a place before he has to answer to congress. Even if congress doesn’t like it and pulls funding, it’s still not illegal for him to do, he’d just have to stop. If Trump were this megalomaniacal psychopaths liberals claim him to be, wouldn’t he have already done that? The one military thing he did do, the strike on Syria, was met with nearly overwhelming congressional approval. Wow. What an asshole. 

I hate even having to say this because it sounds like I’m a huge MAGA Trump supporter but I’m also not that either. I’m just using logic and facts here. Now, an evil dictator asshole would have immediately used our military to start devastating places he didn’t like once given absolute power. End of story. Trump could have nuked ANYONE by now. Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea. Like really? Do you not have any sort of idea that Trump isn’t that stupid or evil? That he knows what the consequences of those actions would be? 

Meanwhile, we have North Korea being an asshole, again, yet when have they ever done anything? Keep in mind I’m talking about something like actually attacking someone? This hasn’t happened in a long time. They have threatened South Korea for fucking ever too and that would probably be the first place they’d actually attack. That still hasn’t happened. As insane as I think Kim Jong Un is, he was schooled outside of North Korea and has to have some concept of his propaganda being wrong. SOME, not a lot. I also think as insane as ANY leader might be, they don’t want to be wiped out by another country, or another 50 countries, who would instantly attack the shit out of him should he drop a nuke anywhere. 

What’s really going to end up happening is one of a few things and it’s not going to be world war three. It’ll either be all talk for a very long time and eventually, we’ll negotiate something. Or it’ll be that North Korea makes one strike somewhere and it’s their first and last one before being utterly annihilated by literally everyone. The chance of nukes being shot anywhere is low and the reason I think this is because a lot of places have had a lot of nukes and a lot of conflicts over the past 50-60 years and there hasn’t been a nuke dropped in how long? Not after Hiroshima. Everyone knows dropping a nuke will not only affect their own country but the rest of the world and pretty much no one wants that. As insane and maniacal as I think a lot of people are, I still don’t think any of them want to deal with a nuclear winter dystopia that would occur if we all start nuking each other. Realistically, the worst that could or would happen is North Korea does ONE stupid thing and then they are quickly taken out by everyone. I don’t think it would turn into a war as much as it would turn into a mass execution of thousands if not millions. I don’t want that to happen, nor do I think it’s a good idea or a good thing, but it’s probably not going to turn into a war and if it does, Trump certainly isn’t the ONLY person to blame in this situation. Get a new argument.