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Trigger Warning: Men and Women Are Biologically Different

Anti-Feminism, Sexism, Social Justice, MisandryMonica EdwardsComment

Trigger Warning: Men and women are biologically and even psychologically different. Yeah you heard me, I said it and I am also biologically female. Why do I bring this up? Mostly because of the stupid fiasco over at Google and that memo that got a guy fired for telling the truth? Also, I guess some women who work at Google were so damn triggered they had to miss work for a few days. Meanwhile, a perfectly innocent man loses his job because “Feminism” while everyone tries to cater to SJWs. 

The memo which was titled: Googles Ideological Echo Chamber circulated internally to other people at the company and of course was shared and went viral because “offensive” and “misogyny” or something. This memo was so sexist and horrible it started out with the phrase, “I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes.” Wow, this guy is a real asshole, right? Hell, this guy is more liberal than I am cause I mean, stereotypes are usually based from a place of truth and as long as you don’t use them to judge individual people they aren’t exactly harming anyone. Yeah yeah, hate me all you want. 

He goes on to say that he’s met other “Googlers” expressing gratitude for these issues being brought up because they agree with them but won’t say them or defend them because of the fact they may get fired. Ironically, this guy who wrote this was basically immediately fired after pointing out that it’s shameful to fire people afraid to speak up and tell the truth. Weird how that works isn’t it? He says that the political bias has equated the freedom of offense with psychological safety and has shamed people into silence. This silence created an echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed. The lack of discussion goes on to create an authoritarian element of this ideology

The thing that he says that people seem to find most offensive (And by people I mean women and by women I mean feminists) is that men and women are different and because there aren’t as many women interested in tech, that’s why they don’t have as many women…interested in tech. Which is true. You can look up a number of female STEM graduates yourself and see that there just aren’t enough to fill this weird 50/50 quota that feminists demand. Women just aren’t into that shit enough to have that many people for it. Even worse, feminists are the ones who are CONSTANTLY scaring women out of pursuing STEM. How? Feminists are the only literal Goddamn people I ever see whining about how much sexism there is in the industry. Women in the actual industry? NO. And by women, I mean NON-Feminists who work in the actual industry. Not feminists who got into the industry on a bias because they needed females or women with no spines and an SJW background. Egalitarian, smart women with logical brains. 

He goes on to list possible non-biased causes of the gender gap in tech. He once again reinforces the “Scary Triggering” Notion that men and women are biologically different because GASP what an archaic thing to say! This is basically the equivalent of saying that women need to only be in the kitchen and the earth is flat. What a moron, am I right? He goes on to explain personality traits in women and why they differ or may make them not interested in STEM fields. Like the whole thing of having an emotional brain which typically (not always) doesn’t place value on facts as much as it does emotion. This is true. Women usually don’t do that. Usually. It doesn’t mean all women are like this, but in the vast majority of women just trust me on this one and I speak as a woman who really doesn’t understand emotional ass women. 

He explains that they are typically less likely to be assertive, have a harder time negotiating salary, asking for raises, speaking up, and leading. There are plenty of studies that show women prefer male bosses over female and that they would rather not be bosses themselves. He talks about how women have a potential for higher anxiety and a lower tolerance for stress. Also true. You can see this by just looking at how many women work on oil rigs or crab fishing boats or even in the trucking industry. That’s not to say there might be a few women here or there but come on people. It’s not even hard research to do. 

The memo also explains that men drive for higher status. It’s pretty much bred into them that they have to. Then there is this whole issue of women not liking “Broke ass little boys” who live with their mothers and don’t get me started on how a large bank account can make a man far more attractive. What the fuck is the problem with him saying any of this? Men are far more career driven, far less likely to demand pay for maternity leave, get pregnant (obviously), or anything else like that. Do I even need to mention the crap in the UK about letting women take time off for their periods each month? PAID Time off? 

The more into the memo you read the more you see that all this guy did was outline completely factual statements, a lot of them with sources, and explain a good idea on how to make the workplace more diverse. One of the most interesting things he says is that they should be able to have an open and honest discussion about the cost and benefits of diversity programs. He says that “discriminating just to increase the representation of women in tech is as misguided and biased as mandating increases for women’s representation in the homeless, work-related and violent deaths, prisons and school drop outs”

Nothing this guy said was blatantly sexist, literally, all of it was based on fact, science, and research. It was well sourced and well written. It was a plea for more inclusion, to examine bias, and to be able to have an open forum and open discussion about these topics which seriously need discussing. Like you know how feminists are always saying that ALL they want is an open dialogue. All they want is to communicate? This man being fired for this completely factual memo is proof positive that they don’t want anything of the sort. There was even a tweet going around on how there should be some kind of registry of misogynists and sexists like the author of this memo so companies know NOT to hire men like him. 

What the literal fuck is going on here? How the fuck can we operate as a society if the only think we allow now is the same think of these women. Women who don’t value facts and logic. Women who walk around wearing vagina hats and preaching about the completely manufactured wage gap? Why in the hell are people taking the most insane group of ideological retards more seriously than anyone who uses well sourced arguments and science? How fucking bad does this have to get before free speech and everything we hold dear becomes completely restricted and monitored by people who are triggered by clapping?