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I've said this a million times in a million different ways but this is the last time I'll say it, I swear. I am mainly only writing this because if people ask the same question in the future I can link them to this and I don't have to type it all out again. I get asked this same question so much it bares archiving a response so I don't have to keep explaining it and in that way, I also never have to address it again because people can just look at this article. Good? Good, because I'll never have to bring it up again once this is written and we can all be Punky Brewster. 

The question I continue to get, over and over, is "Why do you keep on engaging the Hannibal fandom (especially your stalkers) just ignore them they'll go away hurr durr".

See, normally, in normal cases of trolls who are there specifically to get a response from people (and if they stop responding the trolls get bored and leave), that's how it works. For instance, there was this whole shit storm with those crap holes from Encyclopedia Dramatica like 4 years ago or whatever. The moment I stopped giving them attention, well they got fucking bored with me. Though you can still find the page if you want (and I wouldn't recommend it because that website is a virtual STD that you will get 800 viruses from and even if you didn't 99% of the information on me is made up by trolls) no one talks about me anymore. It's because I stopped caring about their shit. Mostly because I know basically everything on that page is a lie, including the really obvious "sexy" pictures of me that aren't even OF ME because they got the wrong person, which is hilarious they think I look anything like her, but I also HATE that person so I'm fine with her being on their shitty fagatronic website. 

So, I have proved my point already. Those specific brands of trolls like Kiwifarms and EDF and whatever, those people, usually (not always) but usually if you stop giving them attention they get super bored with you and move on. End of story. This is not the same as the Hannibal fandom. Especially not the specific stalkers that I can name. The ones I talk about most. Monica Morais, Nickie Michaud Wild, and Rotem Rusak. 

I'm going to try to lay this out as simply as possible for people because, despite telling this story a dozen times, no one actually seems to comprehend what I'm saying and this is the last I'm going to fucking say about it so this is the last you get. Either learn to understand what I'm saying or stop asking your questions. 

About a year ago, Monica Morais gathered her other two idiot minions (one of whom I'm sure is a pedo and the other I'm sure is her concubine) and they all started to troll me. It seemingly started because Monica Morais is (or was) a member of the tattle-crime cult. The one that my website exposed and subsequently got the leader to run away and hide (taking a lot of people's money with her). Now, Monica apparently gave this woman a lot of money (for some dumb reason but a lot of idiots did) and this made her (or should I say him because she is obviously a he) very butthurt. She attacked me on a private twitter account where all I did was roleplay, sending me death threats, this that and the other, because I wasn't the real Freddie Lounds.

It seems she believes the leader of the tattle-crime cult is the real Freddie Lounds and I was trying to impersonate her or something, with cosplay, which is retarded. Freddie isn't a common character to cosplay but other people than me do it. The point is what she was actually upset about was that my website put up enough proof of what this original woman was doing to send her running scared. This should be the very first key to them that everything I said is accurate because even though they don't believe it, the person who it's about (Frederica Avery) DOES believe it because it's all true. Which is why she ran off and hid, with thousands of scammed dollars. 

Okay, so at that point (this was about 2 years ago, almost 3 at this point) Monica Morais got my account deleted for "impersonation". Remember how this was a roleplay account? Yeah, this is how delusional this one is. I went back to my main account and was like, "Fuck it you people are insane." It didn't stop there. Monica attacked me on that account, got others to do it, and then took it to the next level. She stole pictures of me, doxxed me no less than 10 times, made an impersonation account with the hate group she formed, sent me death threats, and anyone who tried to defend me she told them that they actually were me on a "fake account" because I couldn't possibly have friends or followers. She tried to demand proof from my 3000 or so followers at the time that ALL of them were not me on fake accounts.

She also started a rumor that I was biologically born a man, homeless, jobless, and addicted to meth. Then heroin. I'm definitely a tranny, though, she knows this. She told everyone I was banned from events that I have proof of me attending (as in video proof) and tried to convince people I abuse my pets. Nickie Michaud Wild wrote essay after essay about how I was psychotic and also gaslighting people over the internet. Which isn't even possible. Except since she has a Ph.D. in NOTHING and calls herself Dr. Wild (her Ph.D. is seriously in sociology and she calls herself a doctor) people think she knows what she's talking about. In that way, she helped Monica spread these lies by "confirming" them. 

It all came to a head when I posted a picture mocking these idiots because basically, they are all radical feminists and SJWs. Sorry, more accurately, 99% of them are. To be fair, once in a blue moon you will come across one of them who is reasonable and willing to discuss stuff with you. Most of the time you aren't. This is thanks to the lies Monica, Nickie, and Rotem all spread around, and continue to. They had my twitter account suspended forever (after also impersonating me at least 3 times and telling people that my actual account was hacked) because they have no lives. A woman named Celine was also involved in this but as much as she's a fannibal, she's more of a person who is so fucking lame that she puts herself into drama that isn't hers because otherwise, NO ONE WOULD PAY ATTENTION TO HER and this group of fannibals is SO PSYCHOTIC all they care about is if people hate me, not how accurate they are or even if they are a fan of the show. Moving on. 

After my twitter account was banned I mostly gave up. I tried to start a new account but since they are stalkers, they found me. It was at that point that I protected all my tweets and basically left. Before that point, like right after I was discovered and they all started to harass me, again, on a new account with like 100 followers, there was one girl who I said ONE Thing to ONCE and then I just voluntarily left deciding none of this was worth my time. Read more about that here if you want, not going to detail what I've already said before. 

Okay so things to remember by this point: 

They have attacked me for about a year and a half, I have willingly protected my twitter and then left basically all together. Got that? Right. At this point, though I am still saying general things about the fandom on other social media like that they are toxic/insane/delusional and that Bryan Fuller is a huge monkey turd, I'm not specifically addressing them. At all. I stopped using their names, I stopped contacting them, I stopped looking at their tweets. I just fucking stopped. I finally decided well, if I give them nothing to talk about they have nothing to talk about since ultimately they are trolls, right? Okay WRONG. See, this is the difference between them and trolls. They are, by every definition of the word, obsessed with me as a person. Not my reactions, not the "attention" I give them. They are obsessed with every detail of my life, every word I say, every aspect of my reality and though I don't know WHY they just are. Fine? Deal with it, this is what mental illness looks like in 40-year-old women and one spoiled white bitch from Manhattan who's 20 and doesn't know what the fuck real problems are. 

For a very, VERY long period of time, I don't say ANYTHING to them directly. I barely think about them because I don't care that much. I keep updating my website, and even when they send me death threats I don't respond. I just keep my cool and whatever. Then recently, after about another year, Monica Morais and her idiot friends get taken down on a bogus harassment violation. It was previously hosted via Google for free so whatever. At that point, really fucking fed up with the fact that they can't leave me alone and keep trying to censor me, I tweeted something along the lines of, "Good move you tards you do realize I can have that website back up in 2 hours right?" and I did. The point is after that, Monica starts tweeting me Kiwi Emojis and referencing Kiwis. Just read about it here

The point is, they took one statement I made last year, obsessed over it for a year while I was silent, invented a real life hate club where they met up and took pictures of themselves holding kiwis, and did all of this PRIVATELY. How do I know? Well, okay Monica has a history of doxxing me, like I said, at least 10 times over the past year or two. Sadly, this means I have to sometimes look at her accounts. I don't usually do that, however, when I start to get an influx of harassment or weird phone calls 99% of the time it's because she doxed me. When that happens I go look at her accounts to see if she has doxed me again. I don't really have a choice other than to have it removed because USUALLY (not always) it stops the harassment. 

Well the harassment started again and I started to get weird text messages, comments, emails, whatever and I thought, "Goddammit this idiot doxed me again". I checked her twitter, nothing, I checked her facebook...she'd posted a lot of shit about me. I mean, over the past year there were several topics made about me, with 20 of her friends joining in. The topics ranged from out and out lies about me to stealing my videos from youtube and lying about me. My point is, that though I had stopped paying attention to them for an entire goddamn year, in private, all of them were still obsessing over me. You get it yet? This is the same shit that happened with Celine when I made a vague tweet not at all about her, that she thought was about her, and then used it as an excuse to harass me for 5 minutes on twitter and block me. No matter what I do, pay attention to them or not, they will fucking obsess over me. There is no way to stop it. It's terrifying but it's fascinating in its own right. 

Keep in mind, I fully, 100% agree that I shouldn't keep poking the bear, so to speak, however, if they are going to do this ANYWAY, why the fuck does it matter? They do this regardless if I give them attention, they do this regardless if I react, they are just going to keep doing this. It's a high level of mentally ill fixation and delusion, one which they will swear up and down isn't harassment because "reasons" because they are FUCKING OBSESSED WITH ME. In this case, this means, that they are not "just trolls" these women who run this group of 20 or so other women ARE ALL FUCKING OBSESSED WITH ME. End of story. That's not trolling at that point, it's a fucking mental disorder. If I can't prevent it from happening why the fuck does it matter if I keep addressing it? If you don't understand my logic by this point, then you never will, but stop fucking asking me that question repeatedly because the bottom line is this:


Fucking deal with it.