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After careful consideration, I have decided to move the vast majority of my content to I encourage others to join me there as it is a great platform that is true to their word about free speech. The vast majority of my content on YouTube is demonetized as soon as it's uploaded. Some of it takes a few days for YouTube to catch up to, but everything eventually gets demonetized. There are few videos left that can make me any sort of ad money and I'm getting heavily annoyed by this. 

Now, for the most part, this won't affect a lot of you. I will be uploading my videos there and I'll be linking them to other areas of social media like my facebook page or You will still be able to see my videos if you want, just not on youtube. Just to make a statement, for a month, what I am going to do is only leave up the videos that currently make ad money. I just want people to be aware of how much I've been demonetized and why I have decided to leave the site as a video platforming host. 

If you join me on via that specific referral link, you can help support me. That's it. If you are already on Minds then feel free to subscribe to me. Via the website, I am now offering reward tiers and things if you are interested. I'm trying to increase my revenue, for obvious reasons, and I would like to offer the chance to anyone else who wants to support me. If not, as usual, there will still be content there and it will be added for your free viewing pleasure. However, over at Minds, I intend to do things like make info graphics and add more articles and research that you can't find on my other websites. Here is a sample of that work which I have done so far:

This way I am providing more information than just videos, and if you sponsor me or donate to me for support you will be able to choose topics for videos, infographics, and articles. I'll even throw in free research for you so that you will have sources to back up arguments and save you a bit of time compiling them if you wish. The following is the donation and reward tiers so you have some idea of what you will get for backing me with your money:

  • $1 - A personalized thank you note from me as well as an infographic on the topic of your choice (with sources listed, obviously)
  • $5 - A personalized thank you note from me as well as a written and researched article done for you on a topic of your choice, with infographic, sources, and links included. The infographic can be about the same subject as your article or an entirely different one altogether. Up to you. 
  • $10 - I will make a video for you on the topic of your choice which will be at least 7 minutes long, and of course a thank you at the end of the video for being a sponsor.
  • $20 - I will make 2 videos for you on the topic of your choice at least 7 minutes long each or one really well-researched video that is at least 15 minutes long. As well as a thank you and personal shout out or promotion to your own material.
  • $50- At this level the reward is pretty much up to you, you will get everything included that you want plus something additional in nature. Terms to this are negotiable.

The reason I have currently been so slow updating my account and whatever is because while all of this YouTube stuff has been going down, I've had to make some massive consideration of changes and where I wanted to move to in order to continue my ranting, articles, and whatever else. As many know I was banned from Twitter for trying to explain that ANTIFA wears masks (which apparently is super wrong to say) so I don't have that either. THe following accounts are what I have for social media and I would highly recommend them as they aren't nearly as leftist and censoring as what is currently being used:

Obviously, I do not intend to give up, I just more need to figure out how exactly to keep going and this seems like the better option given that I am not interested in constantly fighting with YouTube over what is or isn't "advertiser friendly". I appreciate everyone's support so far, I appreciate everyone's continuing support and I will continue to provide materials with no support, regardless, but it is definitely nice to get funding if people are willing to be that generous. Thank you for your loyalty on YouTube for the past five or so years but the company has made it pretty damn clear they want people like me to move on so that's what I'm going to do. 

Note: Almost all of my videos that have been uploaded to YouTube will remain up, as I said for a month I am only going to leave up the videos YouTube has allowed monetization towards, as a testament to how difficult it's become to upload on the website. After a month the vast majority of my videos will return, monetized or not, just keep that in mind. Oh and as of now my horror channel and content is monetized just fine so if you are into any of that stuff feel free to just subscribe over there, however, I don't do any political things in that area and it's probably only a matter of time before they shut that one down as well.