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The Horror Honeys (Feminist Horror Production Company) No, Seriously

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Today I stumbled upon a wonderful gem of a website or whatever called Smugplant productions. This led me to another website called What is that you ask? What is any of it? Well, these are feminists writing horror. It's literally horror written by feminists for feminists to cater to an ideology that already widely condemns horror as being sexist/misogynist/racist and whatever the hell else you want to throw in there. Seriously just google up general opinions feminists tend to have about horror. I've even done a video on why horror movies are not sexist. 

I did this video because of the outcry from feminists about sexism in horror movies, which is huge. It's a well-known topic because there are way more feminists that complain about it than that ever try to defend it. In any case, these websites were brought to my attention because they are the "sponsors" of a scam convention known as FannibalFest. I run a website with a bunch of other people to expose them as frauds (which they are) and one of the mods sent a message to Smugplant to attempt to warn them of this. Whoever replied was a total cunt for no reason and bashed her verbally for the warning. She alerted me to this and I looked more into them. With how they treat people just trying to send them friendly messages (and other females no less) it's no wonder they are totally popular. Oh wait, they aren't. 

It seems they have minimal attention going to literally any of their projects, which isn't surprising. They have a Patreon set up that makes $122 dollars a month and I'm really not sure what for, because all of it seems like super specialized horror for women who don't even like horror in the first place that isn't even real horror. 

Their Patreon page boasts that they are women who have spent their lives devoted to horror, but if they had wouldn't they also not be feminist? I'm utterly confused as to how this production company is supposed to work. Not to mention their logo is false advertising of what they actually look like and could very well be seen as objectification by their own feminist standards of "beauty" and how women don't need to be all curvy and thin. No, I'm serious. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.18.49 PM.png

They pretty much have pin up girls in their logo but if going by their video is any indication none of them look like anything close to being pin up girls. In fact, they all look exactly how you'd think a feminist would look. 

I'm not exactly sure how Bob's Burgers and a girl with a pink unicorn proves anything knowledgeable about horror. I guess they really are total "geek girls" though, these are their receipts? Maybe? Of course, you also have to have the Harley Quinn girl but isn't she only for the Male Gaze? Did anyone teach these feminists how to feminism? 

Look, I know it seems like I'm being shitty but the whole idea of a horror company run by women for women to express the ideology of women in a feminist way is not exactly logical. If anything, feminist horror is an OXYMORON because you can't have both. We are talking about the people who spam hated the shit out of Bryan Fuller for killing a woman on his TV show when the woman asked to leave. Even after the woman made a statement that Fuller wasn't sexist they attacked her telling her she didn't know what sexism was (or racism for that matter). 

So we are supposed to believe these same people in this same ideology can make horror better? A new type of horror? I'm really confused as to how this is supposed to work other than some sort of self serving freakshow where they can later "blame the patriarchy" when they don't succeed in horror because of something something misogyny. The truth is, none of their ideas are even that good. I know because I've seen the summaries of their alleged horror films that are "in progress" or have been produced. Look for yourself.

Also their Pateron brags about how they all spent so much time learning HTML and Coding and this that and the other but at very least Smugplant productions sucks as a website with their coding. The type is insanely small and the color scheme is awful. Hell, I barely know basic HTML and I could still do a better job than they do. Admittedly I'm lazy but if I had to make a website using HTML I could do it because I've done it before. 

Curiously, labors of love eventually become money pits piled high with movie stubs, collectables receipts, hours logged writing and designing, dropped HTML code, chocolate covered coffee beans, and forgotten pillows. But we don’t mind, because we are devoted to our words and our love of all things horror.

I don't know how Smugplant is related to HorrorHoneys but they all pimp each other out so it literally seems like 4 "production companies" run by the same group of like 10 women, at most all circle jerking each other over what great horror fans they are but when you go through their actual material and what they have to offer it's basically nothing. At all. Seriously. Even the video they use to promote their Patreon is HORRIBLE production values. How are they even making money with that shit show of's basically a slide show that was probably produced in Windows Movie Maker. Do they know anything about editing film? Hell, I certainly do and I'm not even talking about my own youtube I'm talking about my fan edits. Lets see how they stack up side by side. 

On the left you can watch the video that they are using to pimp out their production company and skills with horror I guess. On the right you can watch a fan video I made as a tribute to a horror movie character, Mark Hoffman from the Saw movies. For women who allegedly have devoted their life to horror, writing, movies, production, and what the fuck ever, they can't even produce a good video to promote it. Meanwhile, as a hobby, I slap together a fan edit based on utter devotion to a character from a franchise I adore and also met this year. Yeah, any excuse to bring that up I will. 


At the end of the day, this is just a bad idea. It's a horrible futile effort of women trying to do something for women that women didn't even ask for. The only market they are catering to is the small market of women who give a shit about this enough to throw a couple bucks their way. Since they all 4 support each other it wouldn't be very surprising if all of them are the only ones supporting the Patreon but I don't know. I've attempted to listen to some of their pod casts but I found it more preferable to jam a pencil into my own ear than to put up with these harpies chattering about stuff no one cares about. It is admirable in a way that women want to do their own businesses and whatever but history has also shown those have been repeated failures because women do not get along with other women. I'm a woman, I like horror, support horror and as many people know I have written a horror screenplay that has been sent out to an actress for review. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't. What I don't think is that I can run an entire production company based on the fact that I have a vagina and an idea (as well as a smart phone and a basic editing system on my Mac).

The entire idea is laughable to a level of insanity and the fact that anyone thinks this could possibly work and turn out very well kind of baffles me. I'd have never known about them had someone not been a giant cunt to a friend who was trying to warn them about being scammed (to which they replied by being complete bullies and proving they don't know how to read legal documents, good start for a company, am I right?) but now they are trying to force this new feminist genre of horror down people's throats. The last thing horror needs is to be changed more to cater to a group of women with an ideology that hates horror. It's bad enough out there with the current reboots, remakes, and formulaic drivel I already have to put up with and review on my horror blog. Can we just all agree that feminist horror is something no one asked for, ever, or even really wants?