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OH MY GOD! Fuck You, CNN!

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I just got an article that came up on my phone about how white people are white supremacists by default if they voted for Trump. Seriously. Their generalization of the situation is that all white people who voted for him but did not take part in Charlottesville still "allowed it to happen" or some bullshit. I'm actually serious here. 

But it’s the ordinary people — the voters who elected a reality TV star with a record of making racially insensitive comments, the people who move out of the neighborhood when people of color move in, the family members who ignore a relative’s anti-Semitism — who give these type of men room to operate, they say.

Are you shitting me right now? Because people who don't say anything about white supremacy or spend their entire lives dedicated to ANTIFA certainly support this behavior right? Also, I realize that this is extremely "racially insensitive" to say but the fact of the matter is a lot of neighborhoods drop in property value and safety in a lot of areas when people of color do move in. These are facts. 

Now, the majority of sources you can find on this are basically ones that blame white people, but no one considers the opposite side of this either. There is literally nothing stopping black people from well, maintaining the wealth of their own communities. At all. The thing is white people who are also property owners tend to take care of their property, pay their taxes, and maintain the value of their own homes, or increase it. This isn't to say there are no black people who do the same, or people of other races. Certainly, there are plenty of minorities who believe in the same values of paying taxes and keeping up good areas to live in. Then you have the problem of the minorities who don't believe in doing this. To blame white people for moving out when minorities move in entirely on the decline of a neighborhood is downright shitty. 

Is it now the job of white people to maintain an area with their tax money so minorities who don't maintain the area can benefit from it? I fail to understand this logic. What exactly is preventing minorities from doing this themselves? Why is it the job of the white people to stay in an area with poverty, or where poverty is moving in, to pay taxes and keep it up? This isn't even racism. This is pure logic. If there was a wealthy black neighborhood and a bunch of poor white trash motherfuckers started to move in, the black people would move too because the property value would drop. Just imagine this scenario:

Person A is an upstanding citizen who pays their taxes, takes care of their house, has a full-time job, and is a good member of the community.

Person B somehow got help from the government (or some other way) to afford a home in person A's neighborhood. Person B doesn't take care of their property, leaves crap everywhere, doesn't work and survives on benefits alone. 

Now, removing the race from that equation because this could literally be any race living next to any other race, explain to me why Person A wants to stay there and live next to Person B, especially if Person C, D, E, and F move into the neighborhood as well? At this point, Person A is realizing their neighborhood is trashed, the value of the home THEY INVESTED IN is much lower (due to no fault of their own) and is pissed off. This has nothing to do with race, this has to do with how people behave and it can seriously be any race that does it. As much as there are ghetto areas there are white trash, country hick, trailer park areas. This doesn't exist for ONLY one race. I mean Jesus Christ. Really? 

That was the twisted formula that made the Holocaust and Rwanda possible and allowed Jim Crow segregation to survive: Nice people looked the other way while those with an appetite for violence did the dirty work, says Mark Naison, a political activist and history professor at Fordham University in New York City.

So now, apparently, because a very small segment of the population is of the Neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology, this is the next Holocaust? Rwanda? Really? Okay I'm sorry but the vast fucking majority of white people, regardless of if they voted for Trump OR NOT, absolutely do not agree with Nazis, the KKK, Racism, Segregation, the Holocaust, you name it. Are you really trying to say that because white people "Allowed" Nazis their RIGHT TO PEACEUFULLY PROTEST, they are also allowing the next holocaust or something to happen? And why the fuck are you jumping to such extreme conclusions? What did the Nazis do? ONE of them, ONE, freaked out and hit a people with his car. Though it's not excusible in any way they weren't organizing or committing genocide or EVEN TRYING TO. You can hate it all you fucking want but they literally got a permit to protest which they are allowed to do and the violence didn't even start until ANTIFA showed up and started throwing shit at them. 

You have to have millions of people who are willing to be bystanders, who push aside evidence of racism, Islamophobia or sexism. You can’t have one without the other,’’ Naison says.

Okay okay, you mean actual racism, islamaphobia, and sexism OR WHAT THE LEFT TELLS PEOPLE are those things? There's a vast difference between opinions people have, words people say, and actions. There is a vast difference between biases people have and how they let those biases effect their behavior. Not to mention the outlandish things the Alt-Left brands as "Racism" or "Islamaphobia" or "Sexism". 

The fucking Alt-Left thinks it's RACISM to say "All Lives Matter" instead of "Black Lives Matter"

The fucking Alt-Left thinks it's ISLAMAPHOBIA to not want to FREELY let in refugees or point out legitimate flaws in the Muslim Religion.

The fucking Alt-Left thinks it's SEXISM that women aren't CHOOSING TO WORK MORE HOURS or TAKE HIGHER PAYING JOBS. 

These things that the Alt-Left brands as racism, sexism, and Islamaphobia DON'T EVEN FUCKING QUALIFY AS THOSE THINGS! 

We are a country with a few million passionate white supremacists — and tens of millions of white supremacists by default,” he says.

No, first of all there are most definitely NOT a FEW MILLION white supremacists, like at all, you fucking retard. A couple thousand, and a hundred thousand at most who are actively engaging in these so called cross burning, KKK-esque activities. There aren't even A FEW MILLION of those that exist. If there were a couple MILLION of these people, they'd have already started some final solution plan because they would have been able to ESPECIALLY if your other claim of white supremacists by default is true because the other white people would just ALLOW it to happen. Does this asshole actually believe this? I'm amazed!

Across the country, white people withdrew from the ‘public’ sphere and migrated to ‘whites only’ suburbs to evade racial integration,” Billings wrote. “The word ‘public’ preceding words like ‘housing,’ ‘hospital,’ ‘health care,’ ‘transportation,’ ‘defender,’ ‘schools,’ and even ‘swimming pool’ in some parts of the country became code words that meant poor and most often black and Latino. The word ‘private’ began to mean ‘better.

Going back to my Person A and Person B example. Seriously. What the fuck is stopping literally ANYONE in America, regardless of race, from earning enough money to do any of this? I grew up in a very nice neighborhood with million dollar houses and there were black families on my street, Asian families, Hispanic families. EVERYONE got along, no one GAVE A SHIT. This is not a "white people only" issue. EVERYONE wants better crap for their kids, the difference is the people who are WILLING TO WORK FOR IT. Not the WHITE people only, but ANYONE. According to equal rights doctrine in this country literally, every GOD DAMN PERSON is allowed to do fucking everything (within the bounds of the law). 

The problem comes in when poverty stricken families think THEY DESERVE shit without working for it. I don't care what race it is. It's when poor families DEMAND vouchers to send their kids to private schools. It's when poor families DEMAND benefits from harder working families to pay for their shit because they didn't want to put the effort in. This is about the mentality perpetuated in some heritages that certain races on purpose put road blocks in the way of certain other races when that's not even true! What the fuck was affirmative action created for? What the fuck were minority only scholarships and grants created for? There is a shit ton of crap that is available to minorities and minorities ONLY that they can easily take advantage of. Minorities not only have ever equal right in this country but they literally have fucking handouts from white people still upset about slavery and whatever the fuck!

Yet, even with this? There are black people who straight up fucking demand this isn't enough. Recently a leader of the black lives matter movement pretty much demanded white people hand over property and money to poor black people cause reasons. We have websites like that exploit white guilt and have white people paying rent for black people, cooking for black people, cleaning for black people, buying them groceries, literally just because these black people DEMAND it. It's as if they can't see that poor as shit white people exist and have literally NO handouts because every fucking advantage is given to minorities.

Look, this is just bullshit and if I present any more of this article I'm going to give myself an ulcer. No one looks at the logic behind anything anymore. Not to mention, this is entirely ignoring the minorities that supported Trump. He didn't win on the "white male vote" alone, and he's definitely not wrong about saying "both sides" are to blame. This shit, this right here, this fucking article that CNN just wrote and published? Yeah, this is why Trump won. Not because of white supremacy, not because of racism, but because of ordinary people, like me, a moderate, who doesn't take EITHER side, got sick and FUCKING TIRED of hearing about how racist by default we are due to our skin color. We got tired of hearing how Islamaphobic we are because we make legitimate arguments about the Muslim religion. We got tired of hearing how sexist we are because WOMEN CHOOSE TO TAKE SHITTY JOBS. This is why.

The Alt-Left propaganda of "EVERYONE IS FUCKING RACIST" is getting tiring, but what's getting more tiring is the fact that the idea is SO FUCKING PREVALENT and NONE of us can escape it. There is no representation for moderates, and trust me, a TON of them exist. The people who refuse to take a side of alt-right or alt-left cannot be automatically classified as "NAZI" because we refuse to agree with the bullshit "EVERYTHING IS RACIST AND WRONG" propaganda of the left. Stop doing this! This is why everyone is so pissed off CNN, because of this fucking BULLSHIT. Holy GOD! At very least Nazis KNOW they are fucking racist, when the hell are you going to catch up?