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The Charlottesville Mess

Extremism, Hate Crimes, Racism, Social JusticeMonica EdwardsComment

Right now a state of emergency has been declared in Charlottesville due to a violent white nationalist protest. First and foremost let me state that I do not support white nationalism or these riots or this violence in any way, shape or form. That being said, is anyone that shocked? Are we going to sit here and pretend something like this wasn't going to happen? It's like everyone did everything they did for the past three or four years and have complete blindness as to why there might be this type of retaliation.

Even worse, we have the left trying to blame literally all of it on Trump and saying they in no way caused it because of this, that, and the other. No, I don't think all of the left is saying that or washing their hands of it but God do I see a lot of liberals trying to pawn the blame off onto Trump as if he's literally Hitler. Except for this sort of mentality has been building for ages and it's either because of the left of the extremist black nationalists who make their intentions towards white people pretty damn clear. How do people think Trump got elected in the first place? Because everyone is a nazi? Because that's not how that happened either. 

Tensions have been building for a while and it's mostly due to the riots, vandalism, and destruction of the black lives matter groups or the people marching in so called representation of black lives matter. Starting in Ferguson where Mike Brown "didn't do nothing" and was killed "unfairly" with his hands raised in the air while trying to surrender peacefully. The misinformation about what actually happened there spread like wildfire via social media until it became the new "black vs white" mentality and "anti-cop" propaganda. Even though the evidence shows an entirely different story, no one cares about that. What they care about is a white cop killed a black man. They don't care if it was justifiable self-defense. They care that it happened. 

They then, go on to ignore the massive amounts of black on black violence in places like Detroit and Chicago. When an unarmed white man was killed a month after Mike Brown by a black police officer, that only made local news. That was an actual case of what you could call police brutality since that young man was not armed and shot anyway. No one cared. No one cares about the few murders we have had of black people killing white people just because they are white. The Facebook incident where the mentally disabled white teen was held and filmed by four black people, well it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to call that a hate crime and that made national news. Most of the statements on that were "oh these were just stupid kids doing stupid things". Had the reverse been the situation it would have been branded a hate crime in 30 seconds or less. 

They get rid of the Confederate flag as well. They try to outlaw MLK plaques in Colleges for not being "inclusive enough". There are colleges instituting segregation but to keep white people out. We have the massive liars at Missou and the invented KKK attack stories. We have the chants for killing police officers and the gross misrepresentation of police brutality any time a death occurs. Even if the death is justifiable or the person who was shot was acting criminally, nope, he's innocent. We have video evidence of a black woman screaming to go burn down the white neighborhoods. These events all piled up, made national news, over and over and over. This anti-white rhetorhic which was excused as completely okay because "something something slavery happened". We have safe spaces, anti-white spaces, segretation is trendy, and the only person you are "allowed to hate" is the white man because white people can't experience racism. 

Now, as I said I don't agree with white nationalism and I never have, however think of it this way. Say you ARE a white nationalist. Right? If you are already a racist white neo-nazi type and you just spent years watching all of this happen on national news, what the fuck do you think you are going to do? You watch a white woman get shot on the air by a black guy who left a manifesto stating he wanted a race war. Really? The left had nothing to do with this? This was all Trumps fault? The left is just so peaceful and awesome and never did anything wrong and the fault here lies within the fact that racism is so damn strong this was going to happen anyway? No. Wrong. 

This was all built up and pushed by the narrative that the left created and the voice that the media gave oragnizations like Black Lives Matter. It is not excusiable, they shouldn't be doing it, riots are never okay no matter what the fuck race or issue anything is about, but if the left cannot possibly see the HUGE role they played in this, we are all fucked. The left did create a monster by pushing this narrative. By repeatedly rioting, looting, vandalizing, and assaulting people. This is a huge problem of the left. I am sick of the denial and I've only seen it for one day now. 

Extremists are extremists. End of story. None of this behavior is excusible. End of story. But if we do not examine the actions that led to this behavior and have one group trying to entirely wash their hands of it as if they played no part in it, game over man. Let the race wars commence because apparently the left wants to have them far more badly than the right.