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YouTube and Demonetizing Crap

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Today I was checking into my YouTube channel as I usually do once or twice a day to see if there are any new comments. Mostly because the spam filters don't work correctly and usually I have to manually approve one or two comments. Not a big deal. Anyway at the top there was some banner that said, "If you are losing ad money you may have some questionable videos that we can't monetize" or some such, not the exact phrasing but you get the point. I click on the banner to see the videos that I am not allowed to monetize because they aren't "family friendly" and/or "advertiser friendly". There was a time in my so called YouTube career that I never got anything demonetized. Times have changed. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are 2 entire pages of videos that cannot be monetized. Two. I can request a review on each of them but, even though I intend to do that, there's very little chance of YouTube saying "oops my bad" and monetizing them anyway because I always have things reviewed and I think maybe like one video ever was allowed to be monetized after I had it reviewed. 

I'm not trying to claim that I was going to make thousands of dollars off of these videos or this some how impacts my livelihood cause it doesn't. However, I did used to get at least 200 a month from ad revenue from Google. It's not life changing, but for someone like me who is in really bad debt and constantly working to pay it off, 200 dollars was a lot of money to put towards that debt, every month. There was also a point where my view count and subscribers were only getting higher and higher and higher and then, the algorithm change. Even when my channel was growing, and quickly, I still can't claim I'd have ever become a mega superstar or turned this into a career. I mostly don't want to turn it into a career or be well known for it. I do it because I think it's the right thing to do. However, considering the extensive backlash I've already experienced it still makes it easier to want to do these videos if I have some sort of monetary income. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not begging for donations. Donations are nice, and I greatly appreciate them, but that isn't the point of this. The point is that, well let me try to give an example. 

I know there are other channels similar to mine, lower on the sub count and not as many videos or whatever is going on. As I mentioned before, making money off of this eases the blow of having to deal with the real life fallout of making these videos. It makes the idea of doing them far less frustrating. As much as I wasn't going to make tons of ad revenue off of these view counts anyway, I still would have made some. As I already stated, I used to get about 200 dollars a month from YouTube and ad revenue. My point, I guess, is that changing this system to basically flag everything almost immediately and then make a person request reviews and then denying them 99% of the time anyway is meant to discourage people like me. 

As I've also said before, I don't believe I am entitled to payment just because I have an opinion. I realize that. However, I also realize that Google or YouTube or both of them doing this is really stupid of them to do. The people who have actually made a career out of this are going to suffer the hardest. Except, they are lucky enough (for the most part) to have people donate to them on patreon or something where I'm not as lucky because I don't have as many subs. Would I like to make more money doing this? Hell yes. Will I keep doing it with or without the money? Sure! The problem is that one of the easiest ways for me to get money doing this without begging my subs to donate is ad revenue. YouTube is taking it away. Even on videos as innocuous as a kidney stone and I even have one that says DON'T BAN FEMINISM which I titled in order to trick the idiots at YouTube or at least attempted to. Didn't work. 

As of now, YouTube isn't out right blocking and censoring people like me but how long before they do that? To me, or anyone else more popular? When you have a website where the vast majority of your content that even generates you ad revenue in the first place is due to the efforts of third party uploaders, and then you make it massively hard (and arbitrary) for them to be able to monetize, don't you then eventually that will become a bad business plan? Like the whole broad sweep of getting rid of horror content. Even from channels that aren't political they just have true crime and horror. Nope, YouTube thinks that's not "family friendly" suddenly. When it totally was what, like a year ago? So now, not only am I met with the mild annoyance of my own shit but I am far more annoyed that some of my favorite and insanely popular true crime and horror channels are suffering. 

Evidently, what YouTube wants is to become a streaming service for Alt-Left propaganda and children's cartoons and that's it? Ultimately it is their own choice but it's a bad idea. Especially when how they were running things before appeared to be working just fine for everyone. YouTube or Google or both have tricked advertisers into thinking they shouldn't want or don't want their ads on videos of a certain genre because...reasons? Though this isn't affecting me to some ginormous level it is affecting others and it will continue to do so until YouTube either realizes its mistake and reverses its policies or completely crashes and burns altogether. It's frustrating to go through this but even more frustrating to watch channels I love go through this because the SJW opinion is favored now over logic and reason. 

I know I ask this question a lot but how long are we going to see this feels over facts mentality rule supreme before companies realize that it's far more the minority opinion than the majority, and just stop listening?