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Social Justice And Changes To Small Business Practices

Social Justice, RacismMonica EdwardsComment

Alright, here's an idea. Imagine a company. Any sort of company you want. Doesn't exactly matter this is hypothetical. 

Now, imagine that 95% of the workforce is white people the other 5% are minorities. Already you are probably thinking, okay that's kind of not right but whatever I'll do it. 

This is a big company by the way, that you should picture, not a small mom and pop operation. So couple hundred if not a thousand employees at this place of business. Still with me?


Now, at this company special leniency is given to the white employees. Damaged equipment? Well, this is a teaching moment to explain to you why it's not a good idea to do that. Lied about a situation you were involved with to avoid getting in trouble? Also a teaching moment, no big deal. Late all the time just because you are late, sure that's understandable, not everyone can be there on time. Just TRY SO HARD not to let it happen again. Wait you did? Oh well, try again tomorrow. 

Promotions for the white employees? Hell yeah, we got those too. Don't know the job? Can't answer phones? Have no grasp on basic math or time telling skills? Are you utterly unsympathetic to your underlings? Do you just want to text your friends all day and not do your job? Totally cool with us, you're an attractive white girl! Of course, you deserve a raise! Sit down over here, play with your cellphone, be rude to everyone, and blame all your problems on one of our few minority scapegoats. After all, that's what we hired them for. 

Wait, is it the same for the minorities at the company? Let's check that out. Nope, there is no way this company tolerates tardiness, lying, accidents, or any level of mistake regardless of how much (or how little) the minority is at fault. Everyone has the same workload, everyone has the same setbacks, everyone has the same problems, how dare you try to pretend you are any different. We're just going to skip the warning and terminate your position. There's the door, don't expect a reference. 

Now, this all seems like a pretty fucked up situation doesn't it? What does it also seem like? Blatant racism towards minorities. This isn't hard to see, at all. In fact, a business with this model would barely last 6 months without 800 lawsuits and Al Sharpton showing up to scream about white privilege, this, that, and the other. Except, this is a real business, and this is really happening. How are they getting away with it? Well, when you flip the situation around and it's a 95% minority workforce with only a 5% white workforce, it's completely fine. In fact, there's a huge chance the government will offer you incentives to do this because they want to promote diversity in the workplace.

How do I know this is real? How do you know I'm not just bullshitting? I work at a place like this, or rather, worked. I actually found a new job. I'm not going to say where this place was because as a white person to point this out...well you get my point right away, don't you?

This is an impossible situation once you realize what is going on. First and foremost I would like to state that I do not believe all the employees where I used to work are bad workers (regardless of race). I also do not think the employees who fucked up did so because of their race. I was never uncomfortable going to work despite the very odd ratio of white people to minorities. I never had any actual issue with my coworkers. Never had any complaints if I was assigned a teammate. Were there slackers? Sure. Was it because they were another race? I don't think that's a factor. I think some people are slackers and some people are good workers with a good work ethic and I think this spans across race into how you were raised and what your morals are. 

That being said, this is a no win situation for you if you are white and you cannot speak up for any reason without instantly being branded a racist. This means that even if the business is doing this (and they totally are) there's no way to expose it or deal with it. Hell, there probably aren't even reasonable laws against it and with government incentives for what is technically considered a small business (since it's not a chain or national yet) will give you money to do this. 

I watched this place routinely award special leniency to minority people who fucked up while white people who fucked up in a similar (or less serious manner) were terminated almost immediately. I watched as minorities got promoted, even though once promoted, it was very clear they didn't understand the job they were doing, couldn't do the job they were given, or were just utterly incompetent at what they were doing, yet it seemed they could still do no wrong and it was only the people under them who were the "bad employees" that was, if they were white. This was a continuous problem to a point where when I started there were a few more white people but they were terminated faster than you could blink an eye and at the time of writing this and leaving for another job they are down to (at least in my area of the shop) 2% white employees vs 98% minority. 

How do I report this? Well, I don't. There is no one to report this to. As much as this technically is racism and wrong, you just can't do anything about it. Now, I know what people are thinking cause it's going to be one of a few things.

Poor little white girl, you can't experience racism! 
Poor little white girl, minorities experience racism all the time, boo hoo you experienced it once

Here's the thing though, racism is just racism. If I worked at a company where the reverse was true I'd be just as pissed off and I'd think it was just as unfair. The only difference is that, guess what? That doesn't exist, and if it ever does come into play, it only exists for a year AT MOST before the company is slammed with lawsuits out the ass. Hell, that scenario could be far less drastic and the business could still be accused of being racist. The other way around? Not a chance in hell. 

I've checked around (at least via word of mouth here) this seems to be a more common practice for certain businesses than I was aware of. Would I call it common? No. It's also not uncommon because other people know about it and just kind of nod their heads and go, "Yeah, that's how it is." 

As much as I agree that workplace diversity is important, just as any activity that is diversified is important because it's great to have people from all walks of life working together since everyone can offer something different, this weird solution of treating white people like shit to bend over backwards for minorities, won't fix whatever racism people believe there to be right now in the workforce. I cannot deny there are racist companies out there, I mean towards minorities, and that's awful. However, it's not nearly as prevalent in a true sense as it once was. 

Let's take the case of a young woman (a few years back) who sued Abercrombie for discrimination because they told her she couldn't wear a head covering to work. For one, I don't know why the fuck she even wanted to work at the whitest of the white stores ever, I don't even want to work there. If you are someone who sees racism in everything and fears racism and backlash the one fucking place you don't fucking apply to is Abercrombie. I think this is just common fucking sense. Everyone in their right mind knows that company is white washed as fuck and it's probably best to stay out of it.

My point is that she applied there, when they told her she couldn't wear a headscarf, she made it a national issue and took it to the supreme court and probably won a lot of money. Moreso, I doubt someone like her ever actually wanted to work at Abercrombie, what she wanted to do was prove a point and/or make money off of racism. A racist situation she inserted herself into on purpose to get attention. Not racism that blatantly happened to her as a byproduct of being Muslim. 

There's a difference between her walking into an Abercrombie store and being discriminated against and her applying for the whitest fucking job in the world and being discriminated again, let's face it. Yes, both are fucked up, but there is a difference. Of course, even saying this is going to get me shit on. 

My point, in all of this, is as follows. The social justice push for the entire concept of "white people are always racist and always the devil no matter what they do" mentality has seemingly resulted in a huge backlash where it's not only okay to behave in the manner that this company behaved, but encouraged by the government. Thousands of frivolous lawsuits pertaining to racism and thousands of people finding racism where there is none just so they can play the race card and have a civil suit have rendered companies completely retarded. To a state of utter fear that if they so much as rightfully discipline a minority employee they may be sued. 

Like I said, I don't believe this is all companies, I do think this is happening more commonly than people consider, and now that I've seen it myself I know that if I'm right there is no way to speak out against it, report it, or shut it down. Not as a white person at least.