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Trump Military Trans Ban

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Alright, where to start because no matter how I phrase this, people are going to call me transphobic and I'm not sure I give a fuck at this point. 

To start with, I am not morally opposed to transgender people joining or serving in the military. I don't care. Just like I don't care if gay people are in the military. Except, there is a long ass list of legitimate medical and psychological reasons why trans people should not be allowed to serve. 

Let's start with the fact that like it or not, gender dysphoria is a mental illness. Since other mental illnesses are already an exclusionary factor for plenty of people attempting to joining the military, why should this not be included? Dysphoria which is the criteria for being transgender does include mood issues (sorry). Various other problems, one of them being depression. Depression is a mood disorder. This is a disqualification right off the bat. No one is trying to be mean and hurt your feelings here but there are logical reasons for this. If you are sent into active combat where supplies are limited and are already on SSRIs or other mood stabilizers and you can't get them out on the battlefield, what then? This includes anyone from bipolar to transgender. End of story. 

If we are going to ignore that and the fact that various psychological conditions already preclude people from joining, trans or not, lets look at the other problems. 

First of all, how do you decide what standards an FTM or MTF should meet? Like it or not they are biologically the gender they were assigned at birth, despite hormone treatments. Should an FTM who is legally male be given exceptions because they cannot possibly physically live up to a male? Should an MTF be given harder qualifications because they are biologically male? How do we decide what standards are set for them and how they qualify? This sets a lot of problems in motion about fairness and ability that, though they would be rare considering how many trans people are actually intending to serve, would still be problems. 

Also, sexual assault is already a problem in the military. Which people very well know. Male on male, male on female, and I don't doubt female on female. Now, imagine an FTM who is housed in a male area but still has a vagina. Do you think that won't become a problem? Where to they house someone like that? Not to mention an MTF who still has a penis. Though after significant hormone treatment it doesn't work anymore, I guarantee you this will also cause several hundred problems. Do all the trans people get their own special housing now? because it's going to be a couple hundred at most, and why should they? 

Finally, and most importantly, the government in no way should be paying for gender reassignment surgery. There is a huge stupid point being made about how the military pays for viagra for soldiers and it's "unnecessary" or some shit when in reality, from what I've been able to find there a good reason for this. The reason being that a lot of the erectile dysfunction symptoms have to do with PTSD or other effects of being in combat. Yeah. So if the military caused the problem they have a responsibility to fix it and I'm sorry, part of that budget goes to viagra. Would you bitch about the VA hospital treating depression with pills? What's that you say? Yes? Oh right because you're an asshole liberal and something something "we didn't start this war". 

In anycase, the reality of this situation is well, what it is. Morally, I don't give a flying shit if trans people want to serve, but we all know that this enters into a whole other area of logistics and special treatment issues, not to mention the assholes who sign up specifically to demand that the government pay for gender reassignment. Which people forget isn't a one and done process. Men need breast implants and several surgeries on the penis to complete transition. Women needs mastectomies and several surgeries on the vagina to complete phalioplasty. Are we really going to pretend that this ultimately won't add up to millions and take these soldiers out of combat for a significant amount of time while they have the surgeries? Why should the government pay for any of this shit when it's not directly related to actual combat. 

The final and most important thing here is this, none of you goddamn people even gave a shit about this issue until you were told you couldn't do it. The vast majority of people complaining seem to be virtue signaling asstards or transtrending tumblr bitches who don't even care about the military in the first place. Shut the fuck up and realize this pretty much has less to do with transphobia than it does with all the other issues that come with it. Grow up.