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My Stance On "Queerbaiting" Isn't Going To Change (No matter how much you Guilt trip me)

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Alright so once again some moron left some moronic essay in my YouTube comment section and once again I'm not going to publish a damn book someone wrote. This is basically a blog post of stupid vomit and it doesn't need to be on my channel. For the record anyone who writes essays like this even if they agree with me, I don't like it. Namely, because it takes up a hell of a lot of space and if you really have that much to say start a blog or your own channel. My channel isn't a platform for you or publicity, especially not when you are being SJW and stupid. That being said, some kid (and it must be a kid with how all of this is phrased) left this rant on my channel which luckily got trapped in a spam filter (because it's no better than spam) and I wanted to address it. 

I'm confused by the fact that you're lgbt but you're not shocked by queerbaiting. I don't mean it in a bad way, I just don't understand how you're not offended by the way showrunners treat queer characters and mostly their queer audiance.

Right away, starting with the guilt trip of how she totally can't believe that I am in the LGBT community but am not SHOCKED by queerbaiting. First of all, not sure what the fuck there is to be shocked about. Really. Secondly, what is there to be offended over either? Why do I fucking need gay characters to fucking give a shit about a story? Why is this a priority of mine? If my like of a character or person for that matter depended completely on their sexuality and that it matches with or represents mine, I'd pretty much hate fucking everyone I came into contact with. This is stupid logic and this is exactly why I don't like people like her. By the way I know it's a her because the name is Alexis. Moving on. 

I've come to terms with being queer at the end of my teenage years, thanks to some tv shows with good lgbt representation, but I had to watch so many tv shows and movies during my childhood in which the only character I could identify myself with decides to kill themselves or get killed/get aids.

Okay well this means you are young. Right now. For some reason you are also pretending that there was never any good representation for queer people in the past when there was. There were several great gay characters on a show called ER and literally all of them were fucking doctors and not just doctors, trauma doctors, one of them was a fucking firefighter another a reporter who was famous. It was also a hit fucking TV show that ran for goddamn ever. So lets not play the "there was never any good representation until recently" game because it's not a thing you are going to win. Oh also, none of those characters on ER who were gay also died of AIDS and for the record there have been storylines of completely straight people dying of AIDS over many TV shows and movies this isn't a gay exclusive thing. You are pretty much watching like three TV shows and expose yourself to nothing if you think this is the vast majority of what was out there in way of representation before or during your teenage years, sister. Also, once again please explain to me WHY you needed a character to be gay to identify with them? I only ask because as an LGBT person this was never EVER a qualification for me, as a teen or even now. How can you not identify with personality BEFORE sexuality? Why is this so fucking important to you or anyone? 

Just take the year 2016 and see the proportion of lesbians/bisexual women were killed off in all tv shows and compare it to the proportion of straight woman killed off during the same period. You may see an extremely slight difference.

OH MY GOD WHO FUCKING GODDAMN CARES THIS MUCH TO FUCKING CATEGORIZE IT AND MAKE STATISTICS SHUT THE FUCK UP! Also I don't even know what you mean by EXTREMELY SLIGHT difference. It's either extreme or it's slight it's not fucking both. 

Representation may not matter to you if you're a grown-up but it matters a lot to children who are coming to terms with their sexuality. They need to see the characters they identify with being happy and treated like straight characters are.

She literally used the word "grown-up" here so I don't believe she's in her "late teen" years unless she means something like 16 and she considers that to be late. Also, I had very few gay characters to teach me goddamn anything growing up and I turned out far more normal than the baby SJWs who exist now whining about queerbaiting which isn't even an actual thing. Idiots demanding two straight male characters be gay for their amusement or characters be insanely poorly written just for the sake of representation because who cares HOW they are portrayed as long as they are there right? No, I think I'm doing just fine, Alexis. 

As for queerbaiting, we're mad about this because it's simply a way for showrunners to attract an lgbt audiance.

No YOU'RE mad and the other baby SJWs are mad, not the entirety of the queer community. Stop trying to act like you are the queen of the gays and speaking for everyone when I know for a fact plenty of gay people or other LGBT people DO NOT think like this and fucking hate people like you. 

They create chemistry between two characters so that the lgbt community starts to watch the show and they let us root for the couple during years and years without giving us what we want.

As addressed in the video you left this comment on THIS IS NOT WHAT IS FUCKING HAPPENING. What is happening is you people see two straight males who are also sexually attractive on screen with good chemistry. You are all hormone ridden assholes who have to make everything about sex. You equate this to some sort of sexual tension that you put there from your own minds and all write fan fiction about then collectively decide it's now supposed to be canon that they are gay when this was never the intent to begin with. Deal with it. 

It may sounds like we're selfish crybabies, but we're just exhausted to see how, whenever there is a woman and a man who talk to each other in a tv show, the audiance is expected to want them to end up together, and in 95% of the time, they actually do end up together.

This is because the vast majority of the TV viewing audience is straight. Also, I don't care if this is how it is. Isn't love just love? Isn't a good story just a good story? Why does it need to be two men or two women? Why? Why can you not appreciate a good story with well acted characters and a decent plot above what the fuck genitals they have to press together? 

Everytime a man meets a woman in a tv show, they are going to have a romance, butbwhen a man meets a man (or a woman another woman), they're just gonna be best friends who do everything that straight couples do except getting together.

Not true. Definitely not true. You have absolutely not looked into enough TV or movies to say any of this shit or know any of this shit if you think this is EVERY time. Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson never had a romance. Ever. In the history of SVU. They were just friends. Once again, famous ass fucking show that's either still running or ran for way too fucking long. Same with Olivia and all her other MALE partners on the show. Right there, off the top of my head I figured one out. So, you...well you can guess there are far more because I'm sure there are I'm just too tired to think of any more nor do I care to. 

We are fed up because showrunners use queerbaiting to attract lgbt audiance but will never give us gay main characters and main realtionships because they're too afraid to lose their homophobic audiance, while pretending that they are 100% pro-lgbt rights and love the lgbt community.

The audience isn't automatically homophobic because they don't want to see two canonically established straight men (or women) get together because a bunch of assholes wrote some fan fiction and made some gifs on tumblr and decided that now they MUST be gay because they are pretty and that's the way they want things to happen. The vast majority of people, believe it or not, don't actually fucking CARE if characters are gay or not they watch for the story, dumbass they aren't watching because they are overly invested in the sex people are having. Real actual "homophobic" bible thumping fucktards like you are describing are probably not watching shows like Supernatural in order to get upset about or be "scared away from" due to gayness. Also, once again, you are NOT the spokesperson for the LGBT community. Stop it. 

We don't want to shove our sexuality on other people through medias; We don't want every straight character to miraculously become gay. We just want them to stop pretending that those characters could get into a relationship at some point if they decided from the beginning that they wouldn't.

No that is exactly what you want you idiot. In this same rant you said something about TV show creators specifically creating characters to bait LGBT people and not seeing it through, failing to realize that these characters were straight all along, like Dean from Supernatural. You people pitch a fucking fit that the writers won't make him gay with Cas. The same shit goes for Hannibal, and whatever the else fucking show exists. This is exactly what you want. You want all the straight characters right the fuck now to become gay, this is the whole reason you are here complaining. You are also saying you want them to "stop pretending" they could be in a relationship. Like you are literally contradicting yourself in this one little area by saying you aren't asking for straight characters to be gay but you want them to stop pretending they aren't gay and then start that all off with "we aren't trying to force our sexuality on anyone" cause sweetie this, all of this, it's what you are trying to do. You just disproved yourself. Sorry. 

We just want to be respected as an audiance and as a community.

One again you aren't a spokesperson for ALL the gays. Also, you are respected as a community. What rights do you not have in the first fucking world that all the straight people don't have? None? Oh you don't have straight characters turning gay on TV. How oppressed you are. You know other people in other countries are being FUCKING EXECUTED JUST FOR BEING GAY and your biggest problem is WAH WAH THEY WON'T MAKE DEAN AND CAS GAY ON MY SHOW I WATCH FOR FUN. Shut up. 

I swear to god self entitled spoiled ass whiny bitchy retards like this are exactly what is ruining television and unfortunately we have people around now like Bryan Fuller who use the term "hetwashing" and complain that gay sex on his own show isn't gay enough and needs to be SO GAY that the "straights" get sick. What the fuck ever happened to good story telling, good characters, and good plots? Why the fuck do we need to have SO MUCH GAY pumped into fucking EVERYTHING? When did this change and why for the love of god will it NOT STOP?