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The Psychosis Is Rampant In This Fandom

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As you may have heard (or not) not too long ago I made a vague tweet about nothing and one of my stalkers who I hadn't acknowledged for over a year, came out of the woodwork to tweet harassment at me assuming that the tweet was about her or I even gave enough of a shit about her to know she'd been sick. Which neither thing was true. Read more on that here but that's the general summary. 

So the point is that I had not interacted with her in over a year. Not said anything publicly, not tried to engage. Nothing. In fact, I pretty much assumed it was over since she'd gone silent and so had the other one. Allegedly. I was wrong. What was actually happening is when one of them, Monica Morais blocked me from his facebook, he was posting about me. A lot. Which I wish I hadn't found out but the actual problem here is that he stole one of my youtube videos and re-uploaded it to his facebook so a big ass group of them could make fun of me. Which meant filing a DMCA. 

To make sure that he didn't do that with any of my other stuff, I was forced to scroll through his completely psychotic facebook and then I find no less than 4 posts making up lies about me. Which is incredible. They apparently need to lie about me to feel better about themselves.

For the record what had happened when I went to the hotel for one night had nothing to do with "being homeless". My home was attacked, probably by one of them. In this group. In fact according to this list I know 4 of them live in my city and I don't doubt one of them is insane enough to do it either. However, even at the time I wasn't unemployed so that's a lie, and I wasn't even homeless, I left my house. For one night. Because I felt safer doing that. Maybe I'm an idiot fine. However, even in the case I was jobless and homeless. Why is this funny? At all? I wouldn't laugh about any of them being jobless and homeless (and i never begged for money either). I'm kind of surprised this guy isn't homeless he's certainly jobless with how much time he has to rant and rave about me on facebook, twitter, and tumblr. Not to mention the entire club they started called The Kiwi Mafia. Oh yeah, that's a real thing. What's the story behind that you ask? Well let me explain. 

Basically over a year ago one of them was harassing the shit out of me for like 2 months about dumb crap. Then one day I see her make a tweet about how she's totally allergic to kiwis and if she eats one she'll die. Keep in mind this is over a year ago. So I said she should go eat one then because I was sick of her crap. Cue tons of butthurt whining about how I told her to kill herself. Well, then they seriously, legitimately formed a club called the Kiwi Mafia. Yeah, I wish I was making this up. A year ago. This happened and they kept doing it until now. 

The guy who's harassing me is on the left in black and the obvious wig. He goes by the name Monica which he thinks he owns and I'm also not allowed to be named? Whatever. He thinks my name is Eve and it's not, but he's very steadfast in this delusion of wrong information he won't stop calling me that either. Like this is high level delusional. But anyway now they keep telling me to go eat kiwis. Keep in mind, they have been saying this for a while and I just ignored it it took me a minute to figure out what the fuck it was even a reference to.

Anyway so on his facebook he had stolen a youtube video of me and re-uploaded it as his own and there were like 100 comments making fun of me while he bragged about how he stole this video and I was so pathetic but he actually didn't care about me because lol I'm a loser or something. 

He also routinely brags about harassing me on my YouTube channel which he doesn't do because he's been blocked from commenting there, but even if he wasn't, why brag about that especially when you claim not to care about a person? So I had to scroll down to make sure there weren't any more stolen things from me. Then I find a post about them planning to attack me if I show up at a convention (from last year)

This is a real conversation and you can see it here. I did archive it but there's not exactly a way to actually archive comments, however while it's still up you can go there and see it yourself (logged in or not just go down to click where it says 5 comments you can't see all of them but you can get the general idea). 

Now, here's the thing. They think I'm bullying/harassing them because I have opinions they don't like. Opinions about the show, or opinions that they are all fucking psychotic. The thing is, this literally all proves they are psychotic. That there is a group of them and I am not paranoid. I never said it was a large group or thousands but there's a decent amount. Even if I was harassing them (which maybe I'm kind of poking the bear a bit here or there) it's not to this level. Further more, if the small amount of what I do (which is BARELY anything is harassment) how the fuck is this not also harassment? They all know it's happening, they can all see it, like I said a group of them is doing it and to them this is completely justified behavior but when I have an opinion like the show sucks, or Bryan Fuller is a talentless hack, or the FANDOM IS INSANE well I'm a bully. 

I know I shouldn't keep giving this attention but posting it gets it into internet search results and quite frankly that's what I'm interested in, besides, I do feel it's necessary to fucking show people the level to which this behavior extends because it is fucking insane.