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YouTube Demonetizing "Hate Speech" Crap

Monica EdwardsComment

I was reading this article which details what videos are and are not okay for YouTube's monetization program. They pretty much have said, "anything we don't like will not be advertiser friendly". Other than covering not being kid friendly and targeting horror content because it's "vile" and "disturbing" they have also put up this gem of a definition of "hate speech" and what it covers. 

Anthing that "promotes discrimination or disparages or humiliates an individual or group of people on the basis of the individual’s or group’s race, ethnicity, or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other characteristic associated with systematic discrimination or marginalization."

Which is basically open to interpretation and can be anything. Just recently, as I was putting up a video about the London Bridge attacks, I also put a note up that said "YouTube will demonetize this video" with it. A day or so later I got a notice saying that it wasn't advertiser friendly and if I feel the decision was made in error....yadda yadda yadda. This is something I already knew would be demonetized. They aren't going to allow any sort of political commentary or for people to monetize any new clips even if it's for an educational purpose. Especially not war time footage or real events. Not surprised, because war, truth, and current events aren't friendly to the people living in their bubbles where they pretend nothing is wrong with the world except the evil, white patriarchy. 

So, at the bottom of the article I linked to, there is a mess of a comment section of people getting all butt hurt, but not about YouTube. About content creators 'whining' that they are losing money and they aren't entitled to get paid. Apparently it's just super easy for all content creators to make a patreon and make money that way. Not true. The super fucking popular people with over maybe 500 thousand subs have a chance to make money that way but middle of the line people or start-up channels with 1K up to 50K subs, don't have the audience and because of that they will not have room to grow. This leaves crowfunding not an option for them. No, I am not just "bitter" because I'm one of those people, I'm pointing out that the simple answer the comment section uses repeatedly to "just get a patreon" isn't helpful for about 99% of creators. 

Then you have the people arguing that no one is trying to censor free speech and anyone who says that YouTube is doing that is an idiot. Now, here's the thing. YouTube is a private company who is allowed to dictate what people can or cannot say. As much as I hate it, it's the truth. YouTube is also a private company who can decide to cater to advertisers if they want. It's sucky but it's true. The problem, which YouTube (and most commenters on that article) fail to realize, is that YouTube is what it is because of third party content that it's users are uploading. Individuals and third party creators. Sure they have CBS and "official" people, celebrities and the like uploading. In some cases I'm sure these people even have contracts with YouTube to get promoted and put out a certain number of videos. These, however, are not the vast majority of video makers on YouTube.

As such, a very LARGE part of the user base is outside and independent people uploading content. This means that YouTube really wouldn't be YouTube without the people who started doing this in the first place. They wouldn't have a place to put ads. They wouldn't have the web traffic. They wouldn't have any sort of way to monetize anything without the people who create using their website to upload. As much as I agree YouTube has every right to stop monetizing videos because they are a private business, I also think people miss the whole point that 99% of the content isn't Google or YouTube created, it's other people. If the vast majority of the traffic you get is created by other people, then you kind of need to think about what you are doing because this means loss of content, loss of creators, lose of ad revenue. 

Of course since there is "no other place like this" currently, people are going to continue uploading there. For now. Eventually, with this broad sweeping (mostly punative to the the conservative and independent minded egalitarians) people will straight up leave. If a big name channel like Rob Dyke or PewDePie find another area of the internet to host all their crap, and go there because they can monetize there (and speak freely) YouTube is going to see a massive drop in traffic and in ad sales because people are going to pull their add money out. There is even a push now to create something like that because of the crap that YouTube is going through with it's creators. Even though advertisers have the right not to have their product shown along side something they find "offensive" they also need to realize that people getting frustrated with them and YouTube's policies will show them a decline in traffic, sales, and business. 

For years, and I mean, YEARS, there have been True Crime TV shows, Medical Dramas, War Shows, Action Shows, and Thrillers. All on your wonderful TV. Guess what plays right next to any of these shows? Advertisements. Obviously they are usually geared towards the key demo who is watching these "non-family friendly shows" but advertisers aren't pulling away sponsorship from The Walking Dead because "OMG Content not family friendly". It makes no sense that they would want to do that with anything else. Of course, you wouldn't want an add for your Church on some bordering on porn YouTube video, fair enough, but is there not enough Christian Vlogger content where you might want it? How is it that suddenly, no advertisers fucking ANYWHERE want their ads on ANYTHING unles it's kid and family friendly because that's not even how it works on TV or in movies with product placement. People drink Goddamn Pepsi in horror movies where people's heads explode. 

Then we have to point out that this is really only going to apply to one group. The people who are egalitarian or antifeminist. That's who. The Trump supporters and the conservatives. That's who. The super Christian people. This is the real target demographic (Followed by True Crime and Horror channels like Rob Dyke). This is the content they want off of YouTube. Mostly because there's a push from the liberal ass leftist extremists demanding that no one have any sort of opinion on anything unless they are bashing white people and/or men at the same time. A NeoNazi channel is far more likely to get kicked off of YouTube than a Black Panther who sits there all day talking about exterminating white people. An AntiFeminist channel is far more likely to get kicked off of there before someone like Anita Sarkeesian. However, feminists techically fit "hate speech" under the YouTube definition. Against a certain group of people. YouTube will never see it that way. The moment YouTube heavily descriminates against Black channels that hate white people or feminist channels that hate men, they will get a huge backlash for being racist/misogynist. They'll never get that far. 

Basically, YouTube is saying this:

We don't want anything but the liberal left to have opinions on our website because everything else offends people and this risks pissing off advertisers and all we care about is money. 

Is it awful for a business to care about money? Of course it isn't, but it is awful for a business which has mostly third party creators, to make such an asinine policy that they fucking know it will drive certain people away, in droves, because they don't like the opinion of those people. Is it true censorship in the way that it violates the actual amendment? No. It is a form of censorship and a form of streamlining content specifically made for a minority group because that's what's been prioritized in today's society. 

People like me, or the other smaller channels, we don't have the option of setting up a huge patreon or crowdfunding system. As much as I agree that we don't deserve to be paid just because we had an opinion, we do deserve to be treated fairly by policies of this website which we know, from the start, are going to be completely unfair and biased. If YouTube actually intended to censor radical man hating feminists and "Kill all white people" minority videos, maybe I'd be like "Oh okay well they are being fair in their policies" but we all know this isn't what's happening. 

I personally don't do my vidoes for fame or to become extremely wealthy. I don't do it for an income or a career but the people who have invested significant time, effort, and money to build their "business" or brand via this site, this is gonna suck for them. Unless they happen to be an all white male hating channel. Ironically, Google AdSense is who monetizes my website. The same content in written format is apparently super advertiser friendly, but don't put it on YouTube....right?