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Stop LYING about Trumpcare You Idiot Liberals!

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

For the past, God I don't even fucking know how long, liberals have been having a tantrum about how Trumpcare defines rape and pregnancy as a pre-existing condition. When multiple sources say that's not even true. Seriously, look it up on google, takes about 10 seconds to do that shit. You will find multiple and valid sources that say, "Hey no, wait, the bill doesn't specifically say that". Do they care? No. Hell no. Doesn't support their "women are victims and we live in an evil patriarchy" narrative, does it? 

But the bill does allow insurers, in limited circumstances, to charge more for a health condition that existed before the patient's coverage starts if that person has had a lapse in insurance. Because of that, there might be the potential in some states for a pregnant woman to be charged more for coverage. (Source)

This? This right here? This isn't even a NEW thing. Women who are pregnant are at most risk for health issues, and their babies. It also says if you had a lapse in insurance and charged more. Not completely denied insurance because you were raped or had a baby or whatever the hell. I keep seeing this happen over and over and over. 

Recently there was a video that went viral of a teenager screaming at a reblican representative about this. When he wouldn't answer the question she told him he was a liar and something something feminism. The point is that she's wrong. She is absolutely wrong. The few things she got right were completely blown out of proportion. However, what happens in this situation?

Well, just like mattress girl (who lied about being raped, profited from it, and got a trophy) this young woman who threw a fit and yelled at a man over a healthcare bill she knows nothing about, and researched entirely on social media, is going to get a big ass crown for being queen of the "badass bitches" for yelling about something she's completely ignorant towards.

This, right here, is proof positive that social media is destroying minds and making people more ignorant. The entire #IAmAPreExistingCondition hashtag is one massive joke. It's a pool of people who reside in their echo chambers, get all their information from libtards and antifa, and don't even attempt to read what's in the healthcare bill or even find out facts about the healthcare bill. If they did that, it would destroy their entire world where they aren't victims and have nothing to complain about. 

I can't exactly claim this Trumpcare is for the better, I can't claim it'll be the worse thing in the universe, but is it literally defining rape, STDs, and pregnancy as uninsurable conditions? No. Not in the slightest. Shut your dumb mouths, do 30 seconds of research on google, and stop praising ignorant spoiled white princesses for acting like absolute bitches towards people who know way more about laws, politics, and Trumpcare than she does. For fuck's sake people!