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The Gender Jail Sentence Gap

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

In the US males are fifteen times as likely to be imprisoned as females are. There was a study done by an assistant law professor at the university of Michigan who found this to be true. They also found that men were 63% more likely to receive sentences than females were, for the same exact crimes. 

Studies have even found that judges are more likely to judge women less harshly for the fact that woman are more “kind” and have better caretaking abilities. A whole motherly aspect kind of thing. The notion that if a woman killed she probably didn’t mean it, or it was a fluke or whatever else. 

Take a really infamous case of Casey Anthony and her child. Casey getting a not guilty verdict despite mounds of evidence against her. Tons of witnesses as well. The complete and total disregard for her missing daughter over the days she was missing, and total apathy towards the situation, seemingly until being arrested. I won’t go over the details of the case here since it’s well-known (and easy to look up) but trust me when I say it’s mind blowing that this woman was found not guilty after just a day of deliberation by the jury. 

Recently, there was a case of a woman named Andrea Walker. Her baby found in a ditch. Andrea left the baby home alone to take her five-year-old to school. She maintains ignorance of knowing what happened to her baby or how it got there but obviously, a baby didn’t just walk by herself to a ditch and fall in. The evidence in the case was murky and it was hard to determine much of anything with what they had, and despite Andrea pleading guilty to the first-degree murder charge she won’t see jail time.

Even if Andrea didn’t directly kill her child (which I find hard to believe) she’s still responsible for the death of baby Aniston considering how negligent it was to leave the baby unattended, or rather, in the care of a five-year-old. Something she apparently has a history of doing as there were also reports of her leaving a three-year-old in the care of a seven-year-old. If this woman directly killed her child or not, it’s apparent she probably shouldn’t have kids at all, and will still never see the inside of a prison. 

Even if you take just these two cases, ones where evidence is pretty concrete that the mothers at very least played a part in the deaths of their children (even if they didn’t directly cause them) the non-guilty (or no jail time) verdict is laughable. However, since women are seen as more sympathetic figures by judges and juries they are seen as having been “punished enough” by losing their child. It seems it’s not ever considered that a mother who would kill their child in a malicious way, couldn’t possibly feel punished in the first place. 

This sort of sympathy would never be doled out to men. In fact, it’s even more likely that a man who didn’t do anything would be convicted based on evidence or even a really good story that they probably did it. Men are by far seen as less sympathetic to a jury than women, especially minority males.

You also would have to take into consideration the routine practice of arresting and convicting men on rape charges with no more than a story of them having raped someone (and little to no evidence in a lot of cases). You will also find that there are women who have been caught molesting or raping young boys who get no jail time at all. Such as recently in the UK where a woman who had a history of molesting an 8-year-old boy walked free because the UK definition of rape is still biased and pretty much says only men can rape. 

I was sent a study about the death penalty in the UK before it was abolished which outlines the following statistical data:

 In the 66 years (of the 20th century) in England and Wales, where the death sentence could still be passed, 1,485 people were sentenced to be hanged by civil courts for murder and 755 were actually executed. The remainder, effectively half of all these, were reprieved (49.2% in total). 1,340 men were to hear the dread words of the death sentence and 741 of them were subsequently hanged, equating to 55.3%. In the case of women, 145 were sentenced to death but only 14 hanged, a reprieve rate of just over 90%. (Source)

When feminists cry for gender equality, is this what they mean? No, of course not. They are perfectly fine with the ease at which women get away with rape, murder, and other crimes because they are seen as overwhelmingly weak and sympathetic. Too pitiful to have committed these crimes on purpose and if they did, they didn’t really mean it. Feminists constantly attempt to spread the idea that woman are just as strong, smart, and cunning as men. Except when it benefits them not to be equally strong, smart, and cunning. Feminists don’t want any sort of equality when it comes to the gender gap in prison sentencing because the last thing you will ever see is a group of them in vagina hats outside of a female prison demanding women serve longer jail sentences for the same crimes as their male counterparts.