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Failure To Advocate For A Trans-Children Movement ISN'T Transphobia

Social Justice, Social Media, TumblrMonica EdwardsComment

Every 16 year old on the planet right now (or at least a very good majority of them) could be diagnosed with bipolar disorder due to hormonal, psychological and emotional immaturity during the teenage years.

No psychiatrist (who actually knows what the fuck he or she is doing) would diagnose a 16 year old with bipolar because the majority of those teens mature and mellow out by the time they are 18.

Any mental illness ANY of them whether it’s bipolar or some kind of dysphoria whatever, has to be present for at least a year after the person is legally an adult and the symptoms have to interrupt daily life and be persistent, they also have to effect functioning and disrupt a person's daily life.

If this happens, only at this point can official diagnosis of whatever they have can be made because it presents in adult hood and obviously was not cause by a hormonal imbalance as a teen or psychological immaturity,

Are there rare occasions when a young kid or teen is SOOOOO fucking bipolar that they HAVE to be diagnosed and medicated? Yes.

Is this common? No. The same stands for trans people.

But apparently to ignore dysphoria in an 8-12 year old which like it or not is a MENTAL DISORDER is fucking transphobia, when in reality by the criteria of diagnosing psychological problems, everyone should wait until adulthood OR as close to being an adult as possible. This is to ensure that the person gets the best treatment possible, understands the consequences of said treatment and mistakes are not made that the patient will regret. 

It is not politically incorrect, bigotry, or any sort of "phobia" to want to ensure a person, especially a child or young adult gets the correct medical treatment and diagnosis for a disorder before beginning to shape their lives around a new identity and even provide them with medicated treatment or surgery. 

If your child or any child is really presenting as that bad, with actual dysphoria (not: ewww I don't like dollies I wanna play with boy stuff and have short hair) maybe you need to worry. As of now it seems any little girl who doesn't like the "normal" girl stuff is suddenly transgender (same with boys). This is forcing a life long problem onto them which they may not have when they reach adulthood just like it would be to claim or diagnose your child as schizophrenic because they have nightmares or an over active imagination. 

If you think it would be ridiculous to instantly diagnose a teenage girl with bipolar just because she's dramatic like every other teenage girl, and you know most likely she'll grow out of it, then it's ridiculous to do this to kids with gender dysphoria, which like it or not is a psychological issue. I get it people, you want "mental illness awareness" for whatever reason. Except that's not all you want, what you want, for whatever reason, is for literally everyone to have some kind of mental illness, get special attention and pats on the back for it, and be rewarded for "continuing to live" because it's "such a struggle". 

Meanwhile, over here in the real world where people really have mental illnesses, we are wondering why the fuck you want such a severe label or diagnosis for a minor issue like being sad sometimes or somewhat having a distaste for seeing gross pictures, or believing somewhat in minor suppressions. Your little stupid quirks aren't mental illnesses, no matter how much you want them to be. A child not conforming to gender norms isn't gender dysphoria as much as you want it to be. Stop doing this. Please stop doing this. You aren't creating mental illness awareness you are making people fucking sick and tired of other people with genuine problems and everything is 100 times worse for the people who are actually suffering, all because you think you can develop PTSD because someone tweets a mean word to you on social media.