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Bryan Fuller: SVU is A Disgusting Premise For A Show (and cannibalism isn't?)

Bryan Fuller, NBCHannibal, Anti-Feminism, RapeMonica EdwardsComment

There's a Hannibal cult gathering going on (Sorry "convention") and someone was live tweeting the answers of show creator Bryan Fuller from a QnA Panel. To which he allegedly said SVU was a disgusting premise for a show. Which I know has to be true because he's said this in interviews before, and he has also went on a rant about how Game Of Thrones is "awful" because of how many women get raped. Well several problems with this.

First: I am wondering why anyone is asking him about shows he has no fucking part of. I can understand idiot fans at a QnA asking but there are literal news outlets who for some reason call up this asshole and ask him what he thinks about rape in Game Of Thrones? Barring that, he just apparently TELLS them what he thinks and he some how gets articles written about it? Why? Why does his opinion mean jack shit when it comes to shows he has no involvement with? Who's reading these articles like "Yes this man who has had 3 failed TV shows is completely correct about rape being an awful plot device". Someone as failed as Fuller should be forbidden from saying the words "Game Of Thrones" let alone getting an article about his shit opinion written. 

Second: Was he watching SVU? Like...does he know what actually happens in it? Or did he just guess? Considering he's a huge feminist cuck and one of the biggest pussies basically ever, I can't imagine he could watch a realistic crime drama (he can't even write one) without getting triggered. Now, I fully admit that after about season 6 or 7, SVU got entirely too ridiculous. The plots overreached and were just awful. Especially the GamerGate episode written for someone like Anita Sarkeesian. That's another story for another time. SVU is about getting justice for rape victims not exploiting them. Like...seriously? 

So this is allegedly what he said, right? Why would you find this show disgusting? Do you find rape victims disgusting, Bryan? Do you find the justice process for rape victims disgusting, Bryan? Do you find that police investigating rape in an accurate as possible to real life way disgusting? Or is it really, what you find disgusting, the fact that they also portray men as victims and no only women?

You see Fuller is of the mind that the only time rape is "bad" on TV is when women are raped. Men? Well that's just fair game which brings me to the third problem.

In season three of Hannibal, here are some plot points:

  • A man raping another man to get his sperm so two lesbians could have a child
  • A man eating the penis of another man and attempting to feed it to two other men
  • A taunt about another man getting raped in prison 
  • A man tied up, naked, like an animal in a cage and branded with an iron 

All of this happened in the show that Bryan Fuller himself created/wrote. In fact, the whole penis eating thing was based on fan art that he always crows about. A picture depicting Hannibal eating Will's penis. Which apparently is not at all disgusting or weird or exploitative. Why? Because it's all about men.

To him, apparently, men cannot be exploited. Men cannot be trotted around like the pieces of meat he trotted them around as in his own show. In fact the death of Mason Verger was incredibly phallic in imagery (an eel swimming down his throat to choke him to death). This was completely fine but when it came to giving a female character a canon death she rightfully should have had (and he bragged about doing for three years) he suddenly decided that the woman was "too smart" to be killed, chose a random male character, and gave him the death instead. This was after a scene where this man was tied in a chair mostly naked and had his lips ripped off by another man. 

So what Bryan Fuller would have us and his viewing audience believe is that Law And Order: SVU, a show that deals as gently as possible with the subject of rape and getting justice for rape victims, is far more disgusting than the premise of his own show. I realize Hannibal Lecter as a character existed before Bryan Fuller but by all accounts, Hannibal Lecter was a rapist. In the way that in the third book her drugged Clarice to convince her into doing things (including sexual situations so yeah, rape). He chose a book (Red Dragon) where a huge part of the killer's motivation was sexual and cut that out nearly entirely because well, the victims were women not men. In his mind...some how, doing literally anything to men on screen, up to and including eating their penises and making jokes about it, is a completely non-disgusting premise for a show. A realistic crime drama that seeks to (somewhat) educate people on the legal process pertaining to rape victims and sexual assault, well that's just heinous. 

The icing on this feminist hypocrisy cake is that Raul Esparza was a regular character in Hannibal and by the end of the run of SVU, Raul Esparza was a regular character in SVU. Seems Bryan either forgot this or doesn't give a shit about the actors he hires to work on his show. Considering he attempted to blame the failure of Hannibal on Mads Mikkelsen's accent, I'd say he just doesn't give a shit about anyone but his horrible self.