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Not too long ago I overheard a discussion of a man and a woman, who, through the course of the conversation I learned were also republicans. This was back a ways, a bit before the RNC when Bernie was still in the running to potentially become the democratic nominee. The man mentioned that his daughter was a Bernie supporter (with a bit of disdain) and talked about how she was in favor of free college. Which he thought was ridiculous, because free college isn't really free. Not in the terms that these kids think it is. This free college concept that Bernie introduced, and the teens and young adults got behind full force pretty much showed me (and the rest of the world) how spoiled and self entitled this younger generation is. 

Though I suppose I technically am considered a millennial due to my age (even though depending on what chart you read I could also be generation Y) it seems like there was some gigantic mentality shift between the time I went to college and college kids now are going to college. So that would be about ten years of time. In ten years we went from a group of young adults who understood that a good education meant paying good money and student loans were just a fact of life. Or, if you didn't want to do that, then you got a part time job, found scholarships, or applied for grants. Very few people complained about this, and when there were complaints it wasn't to the level that it is now. 

Free college is just one of many issues that is going on right now. This is what these people seem to think free college means:


The reality of the situation is that it's only free in the way that while they attend, they aren't currently paying tuition. The moment they move out into the working world, guess what happens? They need to begin to pay taxes to pay for the kids behind them to attend college. Because that's how that works. It's not free, it's all on the taxpayers, and quite frankly, I'd much prefer my tax money not go to some idiot who wants to major in gender studies so they can't possibly get a job to pay back into the fund after they get all their free school. 

It goes deeper than that, though. Much deeper. 

This is something they completely believe right now. The greatest moral failure of capitalists is finding ways to justify withholding what we need to live while it is in abundance for the sake of profit. 

This mentality that everything needs to be free for everyone because food/water/whatever is a basic human right, is part of the issue here. Capitalism is totally evil because people work hard to produce things and then want to be compensated for them so they can go on to support other people who produce things that they need to obtain to live. This is the most evil thing on the planet because what we really all should be doing is working for free and sharing everything right? Fuck capitalism! 

Except, someone like her (or the 20 thousand plus people who reblogged/liked this) fail to realize a lot of problems with a system where everything is provided for free. Here's the thing about the society we live in as of now. 

The reason things like home computers, cellphones, video games, and the like exist is because of capitalism. The reason why some of the best healthcare on the planet is available in the USA is because of capitalism. The reason why so many people come here and want to be citizens, is because of capitalism. Without capitalism, you pretty much slow down or completely stop progress in society. Why? 

Okay, imagine that we go with her idiotic idea that food be provided to everyone for free. Who the hell is going to want to go out and work the fields completely for free, so some lazy asshole like her who basically only "blogs" for a living can eat? In her mind, what should happen is that she walks into a store or restaurant, gets food, they just give it to her, and she leaves to go back home to whine some more about how the patriarchy is destroying the world. It's like she and her followers never stop to consider that without the profit margin that is made from the people producing food they have no incentive to produce it. 

If you were a really good baker and you knew that you stood to make absolutely no money baking things because assholes like her were allowed to just come into your store and take what they wanted, what would your incentive to be a good baker be? Why bake at all? Why make anything for anyone? What pushes you to want to produce anything? 

The same goes with doctors. First of all, becoming a doctor is incredibly hard. Tons of schooling. As much as people become doctors to help other people, there's also a high incentive to become a doctor because of the salary you'll get. You are nearly guaranteed a base pay of almost 6 figures by going into the medical profession. However, in a world (or country) where healthcare is provided 100% free, because it's just a "basic human right that sick people should be treated" what incentivizes a person to go to medical school? What incentivizes a person to be a good doctor? What makes anyone want to do this job where they work very hard to be educated in all the aspects of the human body, only to work long hours for....nothing?

If we ran society the way she seems to want it to be run (or any number of other millennials/young people) there would be no incentive to do fucking anything. To improve anything. To make better products, deliver better services, or be innovative in any shape or fashion. If there is no demand then there isn't going to be a supply. The worst part is, that the people who do the very least (like blog on tumblr and beg for donations via paypal) are the people trying to make the most demands for a socialist or communist society. Does she even realize that in her type of world, she would be forced to work? Assigned to a position because that's what we would need? That the government would just enforce not only who works where but what job they were allowed to have? That the doctor in the hospital doing heart surgery would make the same salary as the garbage man on the street collecting garbage? Why would that doctor want to do anything to help anyone? Least of all her?

I'm constantly amazed that in only about ten years time, young people when to understanding why they needed to pay for school, why capitalism was good, and why we can't get everything for what the hell it is now. Even though Bernie wasn't elected, there were thousands of people (mostly young) going to his rallies. Just about every young person I knew, supported Bernie and mostly because of his "Free college" crap that he always went on and on about. Meanwhile, people my age who just accepted the fact that college is expensive but it's worth it in the long run, sat back and went "What the fuck? Why does everyone now think they deserve free shit and it's unfair if they don't get it?" I've seen honest to god rants on social media about how it's "unfair" that people have to set up a gofundme to help pay for college. That they shouldn't have to do that. That I guess people should just throw money at them to get their social science PHD and then go on to basically do nothing but work as a barista.

The generation of young adults behind me is not only the self entitled "me" generation they are also the "free" generation. I know that just about every generation that exists complains about the one behind them, but honestly, even with as "shit" as my generation was, we at least had a work ethic. We at least understood why capitalism was good. We at least understood that college is expensive and you get loans and that's just the way the world was. We didn't blame the generation before us for "leaving a crap economy". We didn't sit around complaining about something something patriarchy and wage gap. In ten years, society has seen a massive mentality shift from relatively normal and somewhat progressive people, to self entitled pile of shit social justice arm chair warriors who think they need to make 6 figure salaries for sitting on tumblr all day throwing fits because nothing is free. One can only hope that in the next ten years, it gets better, not worse. The last thing I want is to live in this "everything is free" society they are talking about. Especially considering that this would cause all of us to starve.