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The Climate Change Whine

MillenialsMonica EdwardsComment

Once of the biggest complaints I've seen about Trump as president, from the millennials, is that he doesn't believe that climate change is a real thing. I suppose my first response would be "so what". 

Okay? Who cares? How is this going to effect you, or the way he behaves as president? Even if he decides to, I don't know, make it completely okay to pollute the air and rivers and whatever else, it's only for 4 years and at most 8. Which, by the way, probably won't happen anyway. It doesn't seem like his top priority in anything right now is to make sure that businesses pollute as much as possible. 

My next question and/or response would be something along the lines of: What are you, personally, doing to help with this climate change that you are so concerned about? 

How have you gone green? Do you recycle absolutely everything any time humanly possible? How many trees have you planted? Have you sold your car in favor of riding a bike? Do you go out and pick up trash? Do you cut up every six pack before you throw it out? What exactly are you doing, on your own, to reduce your carbon footprint? 

Hello, World!

As much as I don't doubt some people complaining about this are doing these things, I'd be willing to bet money the vast majority of the liberals whining about this (especially the millennials) aren't doing crap. I was on tumblr recently where I saw something (a sponsored post) about climate change. In the notes section, I saw a bunch of people "YEAH YOU GUYS THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!" 

They, they, they. It's THEIR responsibility. It's something THEY need to be aware of. This is not OUR fault, the GOVERNMENT needs to fix it. Isn't that always the thing? That the millennials need someone else to do it. That they want to sit back at home on their computers and with their smartphones, tweeting about how much someone else needs to change the world because they didn't screw anything up. If all these thousands of morons whining about this crap actually took steps, collectively, to go green and to recycle, and to make sure that they were as organic and careful as possible, there would actually be a huge difference. Instead, they want it to be taken care of for them because it's just too hard to do it. Right? Anything they want needs to just be handed to them and that'll be that. 

As for my stance on climate change? Well, I think it's debatable. I think there is enough research to consider that climate change or shift could be a natural occurrence. The changes in the climate have many natural causes and manmade causes. Is it helpful for us to dump harmful chemicals into the air? No. But it's not 100% manmade, considering that on earth there are many things that cause different gasses and other things to be released. The fact of the matter is that the climate could have shifted naturally over time just because it shifted and that's the way things work. At the end of the day, what the fuck does it matter what President Trump thinks about climate change? What are these people who whine the loudest about it, doing to change it? I'd be willing to be it's little to nothing. If it's so much of a problem that Trump is literally Hitler for not believing in it, how about you start doing your part to fix what you can, instead of waiting for government officials to do it for you?