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Here's What The Women's March Accomplished!

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

All across the board, over social media and even in real life, I heard the same question over and over again. What was the women's march about? What did it accomplish? I was having a really hard time thinking of that myself. I searched long and hard and I came to a few conclusions on my own. 

For one: It certainly made feminism look massively outdated and pointless. Bringing that many thousands of women together to do basically nothing shined a spotlight on how stupid it all is. It caused people to ask the important things like, "What rights don't women have, can you think of one?" and "What do they want?" and "This is nothing more than a huge public tantrum." Statements like these coming from people who I know are not any sort of political. They still didn't grasp the concept. There was no real message other than women whining, which made them look utterly ridiculous. 

For two: It proved that Trump is a very powerful leader. How so? Well he got arm-chair warriors and slacktavists out of the house for probably the first time in months. I mean, they really didn't accomplish much of anything but they were moving around and doing more than just posting in a hashtag on twitter. Even Obama didn't achieve this level of motivated women to storm the streets and do...something? So, yes, we can chalk all of this up to the powerful leadership that Trump has demonstrated after only ONE DAY in office. Kudos!

For three: It most definitely showed everyone the necessity of men and the work they do. Why? Well you can go take a look at the massive piles of trash and litter they left goddamn everywhere. Men will clean that up. Clearly, feminists can't be half-assed to do anything beyond think of themselves and whine. This is where the idea of male disposability gets tossed out the window. You tell me what woman is going to clean up the mess left by all those self entitled children? Because I guarantee you 99% of the clean up force for all that litter will be male. Thanks men, for doing the jobs you do every day! 

For Four: It proved that when feminists really want to, they can all come together and knit hats. It proved that all women everywhere are super good at knitting things. I mean damn, it seemed like everyone had one of those damn hats. If anything this also shows how great women are just naturally at home bound activities and other projects. They really should stick to knitting, you know, cause it's obviously a man's job to clean up after them, drill for oil, mine for coal, and fix cars. Damn they sure can make some fucking hats though. Imagine if they put that skill to use to make gloves and hats and scarves for all the homeless men of the country. No wait...that wouldn't be feminism now would it? 

For Five: It gave much better insight into what celebrities are the biggest douchebags of all time. Did you think Bryan Fuller was a white knight feminist cuck before? Well now he's even more of one but with a pussy hat? Did you already think Madonna was a walking bad of SJW and STDs? Well guess you get that but with a pussy hat! Congrats, celebrities, for joining a meaningless cause about nothing to celebrate your complete and utter stupidity in order to make sure all the attention remains on you. 

For Six: It showed how much feminists really give a shit about who's actually leading any of their movements. Take Linda Sarsour for example. The woman who has made several confusing tweets about Sharia Law and seemingly being in favor of it? She was one of the leaders they all revered. Even SNOPES admits they attempted to contact her to clarify on her tweets but she has yet to respond. Curious. Or how about the obviously white and special snowflake feminists screaming ALLAH AKBAR for...some reason? Or maybe I should mention Donna Hylton, a GREAT feminist leader, speaker, and formerly convicted of torture and murder? Well who GIVES a shit as long as she's not white and in favor of feminism, am I right? 

At the end of it all, this is basically what the marches accomplished. 0% of anything in the way of any sort of women's equality, but 100% more awareness as to how goddamn fucking stupid feminists are. At least this public protest brought their stupidity to the forefront of everyone's mind and with any hope this can and will be the beginning of the end.