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The FannibalFamily's Half-Cocked Plan To Frame Me For Rape

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Yesterday I wrote this article about the Hannibal fandom wanting to legalize rape. What it seems is that it was all a plot to frame me. Here's what happened. 

First of all, I don't know Ro, nor did I know her at any point before she made that page herself to set me up. You can check any of my twitter, facebook, or tumblr history (since I know the fannibals obsessively stalk that shit) and see very clearly I never had any interaction with Ro, The-Winnowing-Wind, or Moondancer1626. Ever. 

Who does Ro have very public and sometimes real life friendships with? Well, I'll tell you. She's friends with Monica Morais and this dates back years. Remember her/him? The one who has doxed me a thousand times, sent me death threats, pretended to be me, and harassed my family while also trying to get me fired? Yeah. She's good friends with Monica.

She's also good friends with someone named Nickie Michaud Wild. Remember her? The woman who sits on her twitter and tumblr wanking over Mads, writing essays about me and my mental state while also trying to explain to people why I shouldn't be allowed to spend my own money on conventions? They apparently know each other in real life and go to fetish shows together. That's how close of friends they are. 

 RevNickie Was Nickie Michaud Wild's Twitter Name Before DocNickie Archived  Tweet Is Here

RevNickie Was Nickie Michaud Wild's Twitter Name Before DocNickie Archived Tweet Is Here

It's kinda creepy that Nickie is taking 20 year old girls to burlesque shows and whatever seeing as how she's a 45 year old woman but whatever.  The point is they know each other and it's more than just via twitter. 

Both of these women (one of whom I am sure is a man) have long histories of harassing me. You can read more about FannibalMonica here and read more about Nickie here

Now after that page was put up, Ro used that account to come to my personal facebook and harass people so we'd be sure to notice that she was doing this. 

As you can see from these comments here (click on them for more clarity) this is one of the admins of my page informing me that she had come to our page to comment and asking if I thought she was a troll or not. I went to look at her page and it was obviously an attempt to frame me. At first it seemed like an attempt to make it seem like I advocated the legalization of rape, so I let a comment on her page that I didn't at all advocate that, nor did I endorse her, nor did I know her. 

It was at this point that I remembered FannibalMonica saying that she had "taken down more famous youtubers than me" so I was like "Oh what if she has something to do with this?". Thinking that had to be the case since Ro used her own pictures, contact information, and linked to very active accounts. I contacted Ro. I said, "Did you make this page? If not someone stole your name and pictures. If you did it's kind of idiotic to make a page like that with your real contact info." She immediately blocked me. Now that's even more suspect. If that were me and I had no knowledge of it happening I'd definitely at least be like "WHAT THE FUCK?" or "I'll take care of it, thanks" even if I hated the person who told me. She didn't even say that. Nor did she make any posts about it on her blog, twitter, or other social media. Just silence. 

Then I find a few tweets between FannibalMonica and Ro's friends that yes, indeed, it was a set up. The set up was to get Ro to use her own name, pictures, and personal information. Make the page herself, then wait for me to notice it. The moment I noticed it, she took it down, and started to tell people I made the page myself in order to harass her. A person I have had no history with until the moment she made that page, is now believe to be a victim of my harassment, when it's very clear she set up her own harassing. 

What is Ro doing now? Nothing. Literally nothing. You'd think that the point of doing all of this would to be to whine on social media about how she was victimized. To go all around to everyone who will listen and tell them that I'm such a bully and this that and the other. She's not saying anything to anyone. When people approach her to ask her about it, as soon as my name comes up, she blocks them. Ro is trying as hard as she fucking can to pretend NONE of this happened because she knows that I know that she's guilty. Not only do I know that, I also know that her friends Nickie and Monica were involved in setting this up. Why they did this? I have no idea. Who this girl is? Well I don't know that, but I do know that it takes an insanely mentally ill cow to set up a page to harass herself to pretend to be victimized by someone who's never said jack shit to her until she bullied herself. 

Ro appears to be a rabid feminist too. There's a weak ass attempt at a feminism side blog for her on tumblr which can be found here. Why she did this is unclear. It's possible that she had some plan to call the police on me and tell them that I tried to get her raped. Which would have never worked seeing as how the police would easily be able to tell that I never made that page and she made it herself, which would get her in trouble for filing a false police report. I don't know what the end game of this was. Maybe it was for Ro to go on and pretend that she was a victim. The problem is that once she realized I figured out what she and the others were doing, she got cold feet. In the mean time, there's a small group of retards who actually believe I did this, as if I would literally be THAT FUCKING STUPID and they are plotting their revenge. Well, I hope their revenge is far better than this half assed attempt to do...whatever because I'm getting severely fucking annoyed with this crap. Either talk to me like a fucking adult or shut the fuck up. THIS IS A FUCKING TV ShOW! YOU ARE ALL MENTALLY GODDAMN ILL AND YOU NEED TO GET A GRIP ON YOUR LIVES!