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Debunking A Feminist Twitter Rant (Nickie Michaud Wild)

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I found this "interesting" rant on the whole diaper pin, I mean, SAFETY pin thing that black SJWs are calling racist or ableist or some kind of 'ist' as well as meaningless virtue signaling. This WHITE woman (Triggered) is defending the concept of the safety pin and saying it's OKAY to wear *Gasp* while also managing to sound somewhat like a nazi with her wording by the end of it. (Link to twitter thread is archived here)

Here's a twitter thread on the "right" way of doing things post election. I've seen a lot of people saying "the safety pin is bad because it s virtue signaling and doesn't actually do anything."

Well it really doesn't do anything, despite what you go on to try to explain, it literally is the least you can do. Just about as lazy as writing some kind of feminazi manifesto on twitter. You are virtue signaling by writing this (and it means nothing) and people wearing safety pins to symbolize being a "safe space" means nothing. 

Symbols change your way of thinking. Imagine all the suburban cis married white ladies who have seen outward racists acts this week. I've read a zillion of em. 

What? What does this even mean? All the cis married white ladies who have seen racism. Okay first of all this woman's definition of racism (as well as the rest of the SJWs) could be something as simple as explaining crime statistics in Chicago and how it's mostly black on black violence. Yes, that's racism to these types of people. Whatever 'outward act of racism' she's talking about...well I'd like to see it defined. There aren't "a zillion" of these a week. Also why do we need only imagine cis white women? Do white men not witness these alleged acts of racism? Do black people....oh wait never mind black people can't be racist. By saying that I am also now a racist. Fun. 

The pin has reminded them that they need to stand up. It's changing the way they think. If you never saw racism before, you'd think it doesn't exist. 

Literally NO one thinks racism doesn't exist despite if they've seen it or not. This is fucking America you idiot. Every last one of us in recent history was raised with Black History month. An entire month dedicated to explaining slavery, civil rights, MLK, and all that shit. Trust me, even people who "haven't seen racism" knows that it exists. I don't see people being racist every day, and I still know that there are racist people out there. Also, these cis housewives you are talking about, where are they standing up? To whom? Or are they just wearing the pin and pretending like it's activism. Can you show me one source of a cis white married housewife who wore the pin and stood up to racism then directly credited the pin as a reminder to stand up to racism? And I mean real racism, not the SJW type of "micro-aggressive" racism you talk about like when a black person is the only black person in a room of white people. 

MSM cable news covers BLM as mindless rioting!

That is because the vast fucking majority of it IS mindless rioting. If it weren't BLM would never even get on the news. Even when it's NOT mindless rioting it's stupid shit like BLM members hijacking presidential nominees speaking platforms, demanding to speak for 15 minutes, BEING ALLOWED TO, and then pretending like they are still some sort of victims of oppression. The so called "Peaceful protests" of theirs has a lot to do with blocking traffic which is fucking illegal. Maybe you better look into this shit because even if I agree the news sensationalizes things, BLM is part of the problem. If they don't want to be portrayed like mindless rioters they should stop mindlessly rioting. Remember the black woman who ordered the black people to go and burn down the white neighborhoods? Remember how CNN tried to cut that out of their broadcast? If ANYTHING the news is trying to portray BLM as the "good guys" because at this point they should really have no more credibility than the KKK. 

The media is our lens to realities other than our own and it has failed us epically. So now they're on the verge of actually seeing. The veneer of politeness has cracked.

The media is anything BUT a lens to realities, are you shitting me lady? Regular media is heavily biased towards the left with some channels being heavily biased towards the right. The news is, and has been, for a LONG TIME, biased and more interested in ratings than reality. If you mean SOCIAL media well that's just an echo chamber of SJW propaganda, silencing anyone who does try to use the facts. Also, what is this "politeness" you speak of? The moment I've ever tried to discuss anything with you, you've blocked me, and then went on to write essays about how I'm some kind of narcissistic, gaslighting, abuser. Because you seem to think it's possible to gaslight people over the internet. That's how stupid you actually are. You are the last person to be an expert on what reality is or isn't. 

And many are seeing this for the first time. Don't forget this. As to ideological purity, I've been interrogated a few times this week. The other side doesn't do this.

This is where it gets creepy. She's been interrogated a few times this week for what? Purity? Her purity in what? Being a feminist? Being an SJW? What happened in her interrogation? What would happen if she was found NOT to be pure enough? What requirements does this cow have to meet to continue to march on in her SJW/Radical feminist cult. What does this crap even mean? 

You hateful? Great! You're in! Even gay folks like head of PayPal and Milo are accepted as helpers because they hate most of the same people.

This is literally not how anti-feminism, MRAs, or egalitarians work. At this point a shit ton of people hate Milo and are calling him out on his crap. People have gotten annoyed with his obvious FAME before FACTS mentality. People think he's obnoxious. No one is "accepted" based on how "hateful" they are. Extremist MRAs are continuously called out when they do stupid shit. Extremist Anti-People will get called out if they say/do stupid shit. We are not in the business of protecting people. Not nearly to the level that feminists are in the business of protecting shitty feminists like Anita Sarkeesian or Brianna Wu. No. Trust me honey, this isn't happening the way you think it is. Besides, a person like you thinks being hateful is saying something like "There is no sexism in gaming". Which there isn't. Facts are hateful to you people. 

Now make no mistake. When they've outlived their usefulness, they will be the first to be purged.

Purged? What? Excuse me? This is another very weird and nazi like statement. Explain to me how we are going to "purge" anyone. all. Despite all the uproar against Milo he's not been "purged". I mean she doesn't even seem to be aware that there is a movement against Milo within our own movement. Yes he still has his supporters but, I really don't get what she means. A lot of people already think that Milo has "outlived his purpose" or whatever. The difference between us and people like her is we don't believe Milo should be censored or banned from speaking. Even people on "our side" who don't like him don't think he should be censored. Does she even keep up with what's going on with him or is she just throwing darts at a phonebook to pick names to shit all over? 

But their coalition of hate is much more inclusive than our coalition of love. Ok. That's it.

I'm seriously confused to what this means. Like at all. Our "coalition of hate" is inclusive because we don't think people should be judged by race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or anything like that. We don't sit around checking for "purity" of people. We think people should be judged on behavior, not physical attributes. We rely on facts and statistical data. We believe in free speech and the right for anyone to use it even if they wanna say stupid shit. Milo isn't the president of all the anti-sjws. Neither am I or anyone else who's big like Lauren Southern or Blair White. We are "all inclusive" because we believe everyone should have a voice and be able to say what they want. Meanwhile, feminists like you are segregating into different groups by race. You are saying white feminists are less important than feminists of color. You are saying that men can't be feminists while also saying they can be feminist. You have all these weird rules and specifications and hoops that people have to jump through in order to be in your group, which has very little to do with love. It mostly has to do with hatred so extreme that it deludes you into thinking you are helpful people, when all it really is, is bigotry and racism of the highest order. You people are so incredibly delusional you write twitter rants like this explaining "the right way" to wear a fucking SAFETY PIN because...GOD only knows. Trust me, Nickie, no one is more hateful and deluded than you in all this. You and the rest of your moron followers.