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The Hannibal Fandom Wants Rape Legalized

NBCHannibal, HarassmentMonica EdwardsComment

Before you say anything...this is the message they are showing to the world. At first I thought it was a troll page only meant to harass me and that the girl on the page with all of her contact information and everything was being framed. As it turns out, no she really just wants to legalize rape and also promote Hannibal at the same time. Since her fannibal family is joining her in liking and supporting the page I am now announcing that the Hannibal fandom is in the business of legalizing rape. 

I do not endorse this behavior nor do I endorse the idea that rape should be legalized. However, this girl does. Her name is apparently Rotem Rusak and she has several social media accounts which you can contact her on if you are of the mind to. She is linking back to my page saying I endorse her when I absolutely do not. Since Facebook doesn't seem to think wanting rape legalized is a problem (but Trump support pages are) well I'll let you do the math. The Hannibal fandom has gone entirely too far with this. Since Rotem here stands by her statement of rape legalization and so do all her fannibal friends I'm going to have to just call them plain psychotic and disgusting at this point. Here's a link to the page if you want to see it, comment, or report it.