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The FannibalFamily Are a Bunch of SJW Mental Patients

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It was drawn to my attention by a friend that yet another fannibal has decided to attack me, but of course in the most cowardly way possible because they have made sure to block me first. Oh, report AND block me. Seems their reasoning behind it (and the tweet they reported) had to do with supporting Trump. Her/his name is AllegraLoveLace on twitter and tumblr respectively. They also are super into advocating bullying and harassment of me (are heavily involved in praising Monica Morais for doxing, threatening, and stalking me) but has a high level of disconnect on how what they are doing is bullying as well. Of course they wrote a twitter essay about me, lets explain how this is wrong because they (like the rest of the fandom) are SJWs and Feminists:

Actually there are a lot of people who hate the fandom they just don't speak up about it since the fandom is super into doxing and sending death threats to people who speak out against them. Also they try to get people fired from their jobs for speaking out their opinions of the show. This is why most of them stay silent. I've stopped caring but trust me, there are lots of people who hate you and your little show. Also being dedicated to Anti-feminism isn't a BAD thing seeing how feminism ruined your show and is really fucking up the rest of the world. Okay moving on.

Internalized misogyny and gamergate? Two buzzwords in one tweet? Well you've outdone yourself. I'm not even an AVID Trump supporter. I've said that I voted for him and that I don't think he'd be as bad as Hillary. That's about the line in the sand I drew. AVID Trump supporter? Honestly she's mad about a tweet I made about a tumblr post that said that all trump supporters are RACIST/SEXIST/HOMOPHOBIC and pretty much I questioned how this is possible since gay people, black people, and women voted for Trump. Which makes me an "AVID" Supporter I guess and deemed worthy of reporting to twitter because that's obviously the most offensive thing you could say to anyone about anything. Meanwhile, her friends are posting my personal information online and trying to call my place of work to get me fired. Huh wonder WHY I'd hate these people? They definitely are libtards and SJWs though.

I don't hate season one, which I'd repeatedly said but you're a libtard SJW so why did I expect you to listen to anything that contradicts your own victim narrative. No idea. I don't hate fannibals just because. I hate fannibals because they have been stalking me, harassing me, doxxing me, and attacking me for three years over the opinion that the show went downhill and is awful. They hate me because of my political affiliations which really have little to do with the show. I hate fannibals because of this overreactive bullying behavior which they justify as...I don't know...activism, while pretending what they are doing isn't harassment and making sure to block me from ever talking to them because they are cowards. That's what I hate. Don't misconstrue it.

I find it interesting that they repeatedly ignore that I am not heterosexual. That they think I hate the show because it's "queer friendly" which it really isn't. The only gay relationship they showed was horribly fucked up and abuse ridden and poorly portrayed lesbian relationships. This included giving the lesbians a baby that was in the stomach of a pig to cut out and cry over then showing lesbians as having raped a man for his sperm before killing him. Not the kind of lesbian representation I'd personally want if I were them but it's okay because the two women who are the lesbians in the show are "hot". As for "Hannigram" well that never happened and they never became official beyond a tweet Bryan Fuller made which isn't canon so how queer friendly is the show? I'd say 2/10 at best. 

In any case the fact that these people sit around all day reporting my accounts for being anti-feminist, or having opinions are far worse than I am. Other than being feminist slacktavist assholes, they are also people who dox, bully, harass, stalk, and come very close to breaking the law to attempt to enforce their view points. Of course I'm going to have a problem with this and when 98% of a fandom ALSO behaves this way well why would I not generalize all of them. It's been very rare I met a fannibal who ALSO wasn't this level of fucking SJW retarded and you probably won't meet many of them. A lot of them are racist fucktards (but they are black so they think they can't be racist). They think they can't be offensive to trans people because they have ridiculous trans headcanons for characters. They are all just shitty SJWs who also HAPPEN to like Hannibal so no shit I'm going to hate them. Especially since they single handedly destroyed a show that could have been a masterpiece with their politically correct nonsense.