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The Horrors Of The DoubleTree Hilton Hotels

Monica EdwardsComment

I started work at the DoubleTree Hilton Independence Hotel in Ohio on June 6th 2016. I was terminated September 9th 2016. Wrongfully terminated. It was very obvious that I was forced out because the bitch supervisor didn't want me there. Not because I actually did anything overly wrong. I didn't even get a warning for something that normal people would see as an understandable mistake. 

First of all lets start with the fact that when I started at the hotel I had a different manager. Won't use her real name because she was awesome. I'll call her Jane. Anyway, Jane showed me the job and walked me through everything. The other front desk girls were amazing too and very friendly. I got along with basically everyone and there wasn't much of an issue. Showed up every day, did all the things on my job list, left. I stayed late at night several times because I was asked to do it not because I was required to. I came early several times to help out because I was asked, not because I was required to. 

Then management changed. Jane left and Heather was promoted into her position. Now, Heather is a really fat fucking asscow who doesn't do her job right. At all. Pretty much everyone complained about her. This of course makes sense now that every person working on that shift quit when Heather became manager. Either they changed shifts so they wouldn't have to deal with her or straight up left. Several of them I heard complaining about her under their breath all the time. No one there likes her. I mean for legitimate reasons. Since that point when she was promoted in, lots of shit went wrong. 

1. Heather was saying yes to guests for ridiculous reasons when she should have been saying no. For instance, a wedding party wanted to be shuttled out of the way one day. Heather, instead of telling the guests the hotel doesn't do that, promised them they could. Of course this meant me picking up a shift. Not a big deal but as it turned out she really didn't need two drivers that day. She also should have told them no, considering the location of this wedding reception was more than 5 miles outside of the hotel radius. One of the rules Jane taught me was we can't take people more than a 5 mile radius outside of the hotel for rides. Tell them to call a cab otherwise. Heather seemed to not at all know this rule existed. 

2. Heather was constantly complaining about my uniform but also managed to never order me one. Three weeks passed between the time she mentioned my uniform was a problem to the time when she got me one that fit. She also made fun of how my shirts fit me with another employee and laughed at me right to my face about how "It looks like you have no tits". Which is awesome. 

3. On more than one occasion (even though I tried to inform management that I COULDN'T do this) I was ordered to take people WAY outside of the hotel radius. Then after I left I was yelled at for doing it when they were the ones who told me to do it in the first place. One day I was asked to take a woman way outside of the city (45 minute drive) to drop her off at another hotel. When I pointed out that wasn't right, no one cared. When I was 45 minutes away I get yelled at. Yes this is my fault apparently. 

4. One of the other drivers, who never showed up in uniform (but also NEVER got shit about it) kept telling people the airport was only 10 minutes away from the hotel. Which it isn't. It's 20 minutes. AT LEAST. Then if you factor in rush hour traffic which I was driving in, it's actually about 30-35 minutes. Well because this guy told everyone it was 10 minutes, guess who got yelled at by guests because it actually wasn't 10 minutes? Me. That's who. When I reported this to management nothing was actually done about it. 

5. Eventually enough is enough so I write a letter to the GM, Lindsey, who is a total fucking bimbo herself and never returns calls. Anyway the letter gets to her and things start to change but this is when Heather realizes she hates me and is going to get me fired. Heather starts inventing rules I have to follow that aren't even in the employee handbook because she wants me gone. 

In the end, this is what happened. I had two call offs and then I was late. I was late due to a mistake that Heather made on purpose because she knew it would get me a third infraction and would lead to my termination. Basically she asked me to start coming in at 3pm instead of 4pm as a favor. She said it would only be temporary. I started coming in at 3 instead of 4 because I was asked even though there was NO REASON for me to be there. None. They weren't having me drive and considering I could get ALL my work done without coming in an hour early I'm not sure why she needed me in at 3pm. Also the schedule still said 4pm even though I was coming in at 3pm leading me to believe the situation was temporary as she said it was. 

Then I go on vacation. Heather uses this time to change the schedule to 3pm instead of 4pm knowing that when I come back I will have no way of knowing that she changed the schedule. When I come in at 4pm as I usually would and had since the start of the job, Heather writes me down as a "Tardy" and uses that to get me fired because I had two previous call offs that weren't medically excused. She also tells me (I swear this is true) that even though one of my calls offs was medically excused it "doesn't count" because I didn't call it in 4 hours in advance. The funny thing is that the employee handbook says I need to only call it in 2 hours in advance (and I did). 

Heather also suddenly started saying that text messages were not a valid form of calling off. However she accepted text messages on more than one occasion as calling off. She also NEVER brought it up to me that I couldn't do that. Until she did. Because she knew that it would put me in a situation to get me fired. 

When I pointed this out to the GM (Lindsey) she ENTIRELY glossed over it. She would give some stupid answer like "I'm not discussing this with you". Why not? Oh because you KNOW it's bullshit. That's why. She damn well knows I'm right about ALL of this but she won't discuss it with me because Heather is her stupid little prodigy and HOW DARE she mention that Heather is fucking up all over the place which she is. 

Heather was a fucking MORON. Most of her day was spent in her office eating junk food and talking trash about coworkers with other coworkers. She always KNEW she had to order stuff but never managed to order it on time. She was constantly promising guests things she shouldn't have been promising them. She would also double schedule me like "You need to pick up X person at 6:30 at the airport BUT AT THE SAME TIME You need to be at the hotel at 6:30 to take X person to the airport" which was impossible. Then when I couldn't DO the impossible she yelled at me. WHY WEREN'T YOU AT THE AIRPORT/HOTEL? Um maybe because you should have TWO drivers on this shift but you only have one. Then when the driver can't do her damn JOB you get pissed off at her because you suck at your own job. Heather also literally wanted me to DO HER JOB. She told me that I should be at the front desk at ALL TIMES if I wasn't doing anything else. Problem with that? I wasn't trained to do ANYTHING at the front desk. Sign people in, answer phones, NOTHING. So apparently I was just supposed to stand up at the front desk NOT HELPING ANYONE. Part of Heather's job is to be at the front desk. I know this because that's where JANE was ALL the time when I started working there. 

Heather would routinely complain about having to be at the office until 2am but she barely did any fucking WORK at the office. She also would leave REALLY EARLY most days. Then she would give one of the desk girls complete authority over me. Which she had no right to do and the desk girl would publicly humiliate me under the order of "HEATHER SAID I COULD DO THIS".  Don't even get me started on the time she tried to schedule me for a 12 hour shift without asking. Or the time she notified me of a shift changed literally as I was walking out of the door. OR waiting until 9:58pm to tell me I had to stick around to pick up some asshole at the airport coming in late. 

The actual hotel is in ruins. Bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, you name it. Not to mention people smoking weed ALL the time you could smell it through the entire building. They were AWFUL at cleaning rooms. Pulling the sheets up over dirty beds without changing them. There was a situation where someone checked out and left the shower running, but the door was locked, so they had to break down the door. The pool shut down in the middle of summer and had green water in it for like a week until they drained it. The wifi almost NEVER worked for any of the guests. The hotel "business" center was a joke and 90% of the time (including during the RNC) the computers didn't work. They seriously need to realize that management is the reason their hotel sucks so fucking hard. You can even look up reviews of the hotel. It's like a 3 star ranking at best when it should be about 4. There are PLENTY of shit reviews about this hotel and ALL of it is true. EVERY LAST THING IS TRUE. I saw it happen myself!

At this point because of Lindsey's pea brain logic, they have lost 3 desk girls and 3 drivers. Instead of considering MAYBE it's management that is losing these people, instead of the people themselves. It's absolutely infuriating to know I was fired from a job because the cow manager who is 25, still lives with her mother, and does nothing but eat crap food while talking shit about the employees got to keep her job. That is instead of the competent employee who always did her assigned work, went out of her WAY to help, and showed up every time she was asked. What the literal fuck Hilton hotels? Get your shit together or else this is just going to get worse.