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Feminist Camp (No Seriously It's A Thing)

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I'm browsing around twitter and I'm lead to some weird account by a so-called "Transfeminist". Upon trying to figure out what the fuck that was and why it was a thing I find a link to something called "Feminist Camp". Having the idea that it might be cool to attend one of these things to just see how deep in the hole these women are I come to realize that it actually sounds like a nightmare. If you are interested, yes it is an actual thing. Not sure how much it costs but I'm betting they will charge quite a bit. They only seem to have it in a few select cities each year though (thankfully). Lets hope that it's due to lack of interest and funding because even just the summary to this bullshit sounds nauseating. Lets have a look:

See? Told you it was a real, actual, legit thing. Just in their opening little blurb I can't begin to explain how wrong it is. First of all won't help you get a job is in quotes. Literally a degree in genders studies will not help you get a job. Unless you are looking for a basic retail or fast food job. Maybe a barista. Yeah it'll kinda help you then but not a career. No. The only career in gender studies is teaching gender studies and even then, you need more than a bachelors degree. You need a masters and/or probably a PHD and then you better hope that a college needs a professor to teach that. Considering how many people are going for this useless education I'm betting there is a wealth of Dr. Feminine McFeminists lined up trying to get tenured positions already. They beat you to it. Have fun working at Starbucks.

Moving on after that they talk about the "exhausting" work of campus slacktavists. You know the type. The girls who are already painfully aware their gender studies degrees will be useless and are now whining about things that they don't need to earn cause they already have them. Such as equal pay, reproductive whatever the fuck (yeah like women DON'T Have all the privilege in that area) and ending sexual violence. Which of course, I'm sure, has something to do with the totally not at all fake 1 in 5 raped WOMEN on college campus statistic and and totally absolutely 100% includes male victims (Hahahahaha good joke right?). 

Then there is something about being the ONLY FEMALE in a MAN'S WORLD blah blah blah smash the glass ceiling bullshit. Also they say "woman identified". The fuck does that even mean? Do they mean trans people now? Or...people have identified you as female but you aren't? And trust me, I really REALLY don't think a woman taking on a job in an field actually dominated by men has time for this bullshit. Clearly she doesn't because she didn't listen to you harpies in the first place and decided to get a job in STEM where you are always telling her she CAN'T Go because yadda yadda "sexism". 

I love how the next part is phrased "Maybe you just got out of school and realized that your degree is bullshit and don't know where to get a job, throw money at one of our camps! That will TOTALLY help you out!" Then they quickly jump to, "Okay well maybe none of this applies and you are just pissed off about EVERYTHING because you are too spoiled and self entitled to even ATTEMPT to get a job RAWR FEMINIST RAGE" and then something about DEMANDING GENDER NEUTRAL PRONOUNS BECAUSE....Feminism? After all of that they seriously talk about pointless social media debates with your "racist" classmate who I'm sure isn't actually racist they just see BLM for the cult idiocy it is. Also since when did racism have to do with feminism and sexism? Is this feminist camp or SJW training? 

Okay once I got that part and held back my vomit. I decided to look at where these feminist camps would be held. First one is apparently going to be in Seattle but there's no real type of roster or example of what a day at the camp will be like yet. However, for the NYC camp they do have an example of a sample day. Hoorah! 

Doesn't that sound like a total freaking laugh riot of an awesome day? No it doesn't. I also don't even want to know what the fuck kind of comedy they think they have. Lets see. It would have to be non-offensive, non-racist, non-conforming, non-gender stereotyping, no way could offend anyone. Wow. That sounds more like a lecture than a comedy act. 

I seriously suggest you don't watch any of this. It's way more painful than it is funny. Is comedy being used in the sense of the olden days as in "The Devine Comedy" when they actually meant THE FUCKING CIRCLES OF HELL? Cause I watched this and I've been there man. I've fucking been there. Okay so if this isn't bad enough you scroll a bit more down the page and you come to something about feminist camp in Zambia. Which seems to be a bunch of rich white women paying to go to Zambia to pretend like they give a shit about women in Zambia. No seriously they couldn't be doing less to help these women with their money.

Some of this makes sense I suppose but there's nothing of substance there. They go and eat breakfast for an hour. Then take an hour drive to listen to African women speak about education in Zambia. Then there's another half hour drive to be educated on more education with a Q&A session. Then they go to another school and talk about gender and sexuality and shit because that's on the top of everyone's mind in Zambia. Then they go to like a safe house or something to plan some shit or just meet members of a safe house? Unclear. Then they go back to camp and eat food with locals. Wow. This know...just solving ALL the problems. 

I see nothing here about farming, building, clean water, or anything like that at all. They are taking their first world privilege to go dip their white little feet into the third world and pretend they accomplished some shit because they talked with natives and dined with them. Then they can come home and pat themselves on the back about what AWESOME INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISTS they are or some shit. All while never actually HELPING any third world women. They just pretend to help by listening to them talk. Wow. What awesome people these feminists are huh? What's even more...chilling are these testimonials peppered all over the website.

"DESPITE WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS! FEMINISM IS AMAZING!" Okay what media are you watching that isn't saying that? Especially starting in 2013. Maybe BEFORE that there was some kind of "Ha ha feminists are stupid" content. However these days, especially starting in 2013 the ONLY message going out is feminism is amazing. I can't think of the last time a show was allowed to make fun of feminism and still remained on the air. As for Lori over there apparently camp was so inspiring she thinks about it every single day. Yet I cannot see what is so inspiring about whining about problems that don't exist, raging out about facebook racism, and pretending to help underprivileged women by eating food with them and listening to them talk before going back to your first world white picket fence home. 

The sad thing in all of this is it's real. It's just as real as the white privilege conference bullshit that's apparently been going on for 15 years now? I think. This is a place where idiots are going to be brainwashed by more idiots. To listen to "comedy" that actually is more of a lecture. If that wasn't bad enough they seriously now have a program that costs thousands of dollars for HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS to get into BEFORE college ALL about the joys of feminism. What exactly is the point in mind warping young girls into the least productive members of society they can be? Do we really NEED more social media warriors tweeting #EQUALPAYDAY and thinking they accomplished goddamn anything? Why does anyone WANT to live in a society that praises this behavior instead of condemns it. We are headed down a dark path. Dark paths usually start with camps. I think we ALL know that by now.