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Why Show Creators SHOULDN'T Cater To LGBT Special Snowflakes

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I was browsing around on tumblr as I do a lot and of course I saw a post that irked me. It had a lot of notes too. Which irks me more because we all know at this point (with what happened to the show Hannibal) listening to LGBT minorities on that website ruins shows. Yet for some reason, people are still doing it. Here is the post:

Now lets discuss all the logical reasons why this is utter horseshit and why no one should listen to anything that this says. Before anyone balks at me, keep in mind I'm in the LGBT community myself so I'm not a straight girl getting all butthurt over nothing. First and foremost, above all else, I do not want this person or 40 thousand notes of people to represent me. There are several good reasons why, so I'll start with the first and work my way down the list. 

1. Okay so what? This never happens in real life? Gay people don't die and leave their partners behind? Death never allows for character growth? Why should this be seen as a bad thing? Are all gay people in relationships now immortal? This is the kind of representation you want? Why? 

2. And...? Actors don't ever want to move on? Contracts don't ever end? Characters don't ever out live their purpose? Gay people in real life don't ever leave to do something else? Break up with their partners? What's wrong with this? Why is this a bad thing? Who does it harm to portray this?

3. Once again, this also happens? Also aren't you people all about bisexual characters? Oh and not forcing sexuality on people? Why are you forcing it on characters? If a queer person breaks up with a same sex partner and moves to an opposite sex partner (which also happens in real life) why is it bad? How can this be upsetting?

4. So what? You want them to be all gay and in your face all the time? 24/7? I got news for you, actual GAY people don't even want you all up in their business all the time. You do realize that despite all your whining and crying, gay people are a minority. A lot of people (as in actual key demos they are marketing to don't want to watch this) and also, guess what, a shit ton of people who are complaining about this on TV aren't even GAY. They are just people who fetishize gay relationships which apparently on tumblr is completely fine if you are doing it to two men OR you are a woman doing it to lesbians (you can't be a man who does this unless you are also gay but then you also HAVE to be into ONLY male ships because god forbid anyone objectifies a lesbian except for other women/lesbians) right?

5. I'm sorry that YOU saw sexual chemistry between two canonically and not going to change straight women but guess what? If they aren't lesbians they aren't lesbians. End of goddamn fucking story. You know Janeway and Seven Of Nine had AMAZING sexual chemistry. Guess what? They weren't written to be lesbians. Oh fucking well. This isn't harming gay people, this isn't homophobia, you didn't write the show, you don't get to demand they change characters for a minority of rabid shippers. When you do that you get Hannigram and no one fucking wants HANNIGRAM except like 5 FUCKING IDIOT PEOPLE!

See, the thing here is that this apparently is all homophobia according to them. This is bigotry and something they invented called queerbaiting. I've talked about that before. Basically queerbaiting is an invented form of oppression where a minority in a fandom gets together and decides Straight Character X and Straight Character Y are actually gay. Since this minority has decided this they are correct. If the writers don't agree with it they are homophobes. If other people in the fandom don't agree with it, they are homophobes. Then they decide to write petitions and harass the writers/creator about how gay these characters actually are (even though canonically they aren't) and the writers have an unholy special snowflake turd storm on their hand. 

You know, you people are always begging for more representation and accurate representation. However according to this criteria list it seems the show you want is this:

Two really hot women (cause you never want them to be realistic as in fat/plain or straight up ugly) fall instantly in love during a well plotted out show. The show drops all the good storylines to focus on these hot women doing it all the time (and also) being all fluffy and romantic around the house and shit. The other main characters get no screen time because they are straight. Also the show goes on forever, the lesbians are immune from death/harm, no one has anything bad ever happen to them, there is no conflict, and everyone lives happily ever after.

You know who would watch that show? Goddamn no one, including lesbians. Hell, you wouldn't even watch that show. You'd be straight up fucking BORED. You know why? Because your entire source of entertainment as of this moment comes from:

1. The angst of not having those characters together that you create by inventing terms like queerbaiting

2. Watching the show in order to complain about non-existent problems like homophobia and queerbaiting. 

From the fandoms I've been in and personally know. Lets take an example from a show. Law and Order: SVU. Where people shipped Olivia Benson and Amanda Rollins. In the course of the time this show was on. Apparently what people would have wanted to happen is that Benson and Rollins fall in love. Neither of them could ever get hurt or put in harms way. The other interesting characters don't have any more story lines. The cases go ignored so we could totally watch their home lives together....yeah. This is what they would have wanted according to that list up there. Two straight women and a show about their cats. Because suddenly they are lesbians since 5 fucking people in the fandom wanted that shit.

Please, for the love of God tumblr. Stop doing this. Stop saying these things. Stop ruining good TV shows with your crappy ass gay fucking faggotry. No one but a small minority of people want this and it leads to cancellation. If you don't believe me, ask Bryan Fuller.