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Where do I even start with this. I don't want to give too many specifics but I also want to make sure my story is believed. Lets just say tonight the stalkers went above and beyond what was necessary to talk to me on twitter and I still don't know what they want. Twitter also seems to not think a lot of this is harassment because I can't tell you how many times I've gotten this as a response even when death threats were involved:

Yes this is what they sent me. Wanna see the tweets I reported and what I sent them? Well here you go. Apparently all of these tweets didn't indicate any clear violation of the twitter rules. Even with direct links to the tweets and archived versions of the tweets sent to them, they couldn't decide that any of this was harassment:

As you may have noticed, three girls who I have constantly been mentioning as stalkers have come up here. WE (when the original poster says we) means ALL of them. He (or she) means Celine, Monica, and a woman who I mentioned in passing Katherine Dalton (AKA KaterSkater23). This fourth person I still don't know who they are (or really even care to) but they claim they know me in real life and this totally isn't about a TV show. Except any time they fucking say anything to me they ALWAYS included something about the Hannibal fandom, they include these three girls who only know me BECAUSE of the Hannibal fandom (except Celine who started this shit in the SVU fandom and followed me to the Hannibal fandom) and this person always mentions The very first thing they said to me was about and giving her money. Yet they will still claim this has nothing to do with that even though it clearly has everything to do with that. Entirely. Why included fandom people, keep bringing up the fandom shit, and threatening me over fandom nonsense if it has nothing to do with that? Doesn't make sense right?

Honestly at this point I don't know what they want nor do I fucking care. However they keep on getting more and more creepy as time progresses. As you can see here:

However something very strange happened when I mentioned that I was calling the cops, which I did actually do and then later went on to file a police report. I was referred to cyber crimes, a prosecutor, and a detective. All of which has to be done tomorrow, if I have the time. Anyway what happened was when I mentioned the cops and posted a picture of the officer I was talking to, said person deleted EVERYTHING on the troll account. I mean instantly. It was shortly after that point that they sent me my location and started to threaten to call my place of employment which is fucking stupid because I informed my manager what was happening. So even if this dick did try to call my manager it wouldn't matter because she's already on my side with this. 

So this person, whoever they are, admits that Katie, Celine, and Monica are involved with this harassment. Which, no fucking shit, I figured that out from day one. Yet they seem to be butthurt about some stupid pissant TV show fandom argument we had years ago. What is their demands? You want to know? Cause they are fucking retarded as hell:

That's right folks. The man/woman/child who is sending me death and rape threats while also tweeting me pictures of scat porn is telling me to be nice. The person, whatever it is, who has been stalking me and sending me threats for years is demanding I be nicer. That I stop being a cunt. Now either they don't realize the irony of this bullshit OR this is just code for "I'm never going to stop threatening you". I believe it to be the latter. The thing is, when they found out that I did go to the cops they fucking RAN off. No seriously. I can still see the private messages and I can see what they change their account to. This time they got scared and went back to their other troll account to pretend they never did anything in the first place. My point? Well here's my point. This person whoever they are, isn't going to do shit other than threaten me. Ever. They aren't coming to my house, they aren't going to hurt me, they probably don't even leave whatever sub basement they dwell in. Considering all of this has been going on FOR YEARS with Celine, this random nobody (who won't tell me who they are because I guess they are just SOOOO important) and then a few months with the others, if something were going to happen to me it would have.

The truth here is this. These people are going to keep doing the same things over and over. Posting my address online, posting my place of work online, posting that ONE pic of me they totally think is PORN which isn't even porn because I'm in a fucking bikini (big ass fucking deal). That's it. They are so jealous of me they have to pretend to be me. They are so obsessed with me all they can do day and night is look at pictures of me, steal my name (or what they think my name is even though it's been changed) and talk about me. That's all they fucking do. They all have blogs that obsess over me they all have twitter accounts that obsess over me. They all protect their twitters from me so they can all talk about me. These people are just obsessed with me and they are also cowards who aren't going to do jack shit. Why am I writing this then?

I'm writing this to say well...I'm done. Beyond following up with the detective, hopefully pressing charges on Katherine Dalton for what she's doing, and talking to cyber crimes I don't think there is much need to really fear any of them. I don't believe that the mystery man/woman knows me IRL. They couldn't possibly. I've never talked to them, I've never met them, and they have some delusion in their head we had some kind of relationship and some kind of fight and now they have to get revenge. Well, mystery man/woman, Listen UP:

You don't know me, I've never met you, we have never dated, and this is never going to happen. I'm sorry you are so delusional that this is how you spend your time. Though I'm flattered that you are this in love with me (and devastated that you can't have me) you need to stop. Since I know you aren't going to stop I'm just going to ignore the shit out of you AGAIN (since you've had a boner for me for 6 years) and move on with my life knowing that you won't EVER do crap to me. Your friend Katie, however, yeah I'm going to prosecute the SHIT out of her. Hope it was worth it. All over a FUCKING TV show. I mean God DAMN you are all pathetic losers. 

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