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If There's No Criminal Investigation, It's Not A Rape

Rape, Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Not too long ago I wrote an article about unreported rape statistics. To briefly summarize I asked how can there be a known number of unreported rapes? If they are unreported then they are unreported. Yet, RAINN.ORG has a very specific number on this. 68% is what they say goes unreported. I don't think there can be a solid number on this and I still don't think there can be. Since I've been getting stupid comments on that article explaining to me "how this is possible", I still don't agree with the logic. 

What these people are claiming (and I don't know if it's true or not I haven't looked into it) is that these alleged rapes get reported to doctors. They get reported to medical professionals or other people who are bound by confidentiality and cannot report them to law enforcement. I can't believe this happens but what I can't believe is that these are actual rapes (or should be counted as such). Why is that? Until a criminal investigation is done, how can you call it a crime? Rape is a crime. If it isn't being investigated and brought to a judge and a jury then you don't get to say a crime was committed, sorry. 

For one, I believe that this statistic is put out there as a scare tactic. It also seems like a huge number of rapes which also don't seem possible given studies that rapes in the US are on the decline.  There is also a lot of problems with that statement. There is also the problem that the statement of 68% of rapes go unreported could very well cover men who aren't reporting it, but who would you attribute this to? Women. Why? because it's always feminists yelling out this statistic as if it's only applicable to women. It's kind of how there is a really high rate of false accusations towards men. They don't even know the actual number but it could be as high as 10%. Some say it's only 2%. Sometimes it's 8%. The point is that they don't have an actual number. It also seems that to get the statistics they count the accusations and not the actual convictions, which is also a problem. There seems to also be a huge misleading issue of not at all counting male victims. The system is fucked up but we all knew that. If it's true that 2, 8, or 10% of rape accusations turn out to be unfounded, you need to add that to the 68% as well. So that drops that down to 66, 60, or 58% going unreported. 

Still, after that, there is no criminal investigation. An unreported crime is an unreported crime. If law enforcement doesn't investigate it then how does anyone know how valid these claims are? If someone stole your car and you never report it to police, was your car really stolen? Maybe in the sense that you didn't give permission for your car to be taken, but if you don't report that crime to police how will they know? The fact of the matter is that with how prevalent false rape accusations are right now, and with how fond feminists are of using false rape stories, this is just another fear mongering tactic. If someone were to tell you this "unreported statistic" for any other crime would you believe it? No. You'd question why people weren't reporting 68% of theft, murder, or anything else. You'd instantly question "Who is dumb enough NOT to report a crime?" but when it comes to rape, we just automatically believe this?

I'm not saying none of the people who choose not to report rape aren't actually raped. They may very well have actually been raped. However, the problem in this lies in the fact that there is no investigation done. No evidence. We also have a myriad of proof to show that women lie about rape, quite a bit. How are we to believe that ever last one of the 68% of "unreported rape" is true if no one is investigating it? I am still calling bullshit on unreported statistics. You can't prove there was a crime if there is no formal investigation, no matter what criminal act was committed.