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Anti-Ally is Pro-Oppression

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Once upon a time allies were a good thing. Then the liberals went full retard and decided allies were a bad thing. By allies I mean for LGBT people (at least in this specific instance). We won't get into how Black Lives Matter hates white people even if they are being spineless morons and apologizing for their whiteness. In any case now apparently it's either BAD to be an ally or you CAN'T be an ally if you aren't gay. Yes this is what they are saying. Why is this the case? You see because libtards believe that it's impossible to have empathy outside of your own self. Which I'm not surprised over at all considering the fact that they are immature and can't seem to empathy for anyone. 

For instance, they are always demanding "MOAR GAY REPRESENTATION". They don't care if it's a good character. They don't care if it's a good actor/actress. They just want the gay person for the sake of a gay person. Kind of like how in Hannibal (yes of course I will use this as an example) they chose the worst actress fucking EVER to play a lesbian. Sorry, Katherine Isabelle sucks and can't act for shit. Disagree if you want but you aren't changing my mind. Even if she could act (and she can't) the character was so morphed and warped from what it originally was, it made no sense. Did tumblr care? Hell fucking no. Margot was pretty and she was rich and awesome so YAY LESBIAN REPRESENTATION! They didn't even care that her lesbian story line made positively no sense. Or that it included rape and murder. They just wanted a lesbian there no matter how awful the portrayal was. 

Then of course you have the tumblr people are unhappy with a gay character unless a gay person is playing them. They go around and complain up and down that X character can't be gay because the actor isn't gay. Then they whine that there are like SOOOO many gay actors out there why are they not casting them? I don't know how they just happen to know these statistics but this is what they say. It's kind of like how they claimed that Jared Leto was, I dunno some kind of bigotm for winning an oscar while playing a trans role. Apparently there is just a long list of trans actors out there that totally could play the part. Yet, if you ask them who they had in mind for that part they can name one person and only one person. Laverne Cox because apparently she's the only trans actor that exists (this is sarcasm but my point is this is the only one they can ever name because the don't know shit). If you need a trans woman in a role, well Laverne Cox is the go to answer. Not only is she trans she's also black! A double whammy minority! WOO!

I'm wondering how they really fail to realize quite a few things here. For one, TV shows could just very well not included gay characters. For two, even if they did include them hetero actors could just straight up refuse to play a gay character. Right now we have straight people (and yes, also gay people) willing to portray something they are not for the sake of telling a story. Also, to assume that there are automatically going to be several thousand gay actors out there super talented for every part is ludicrous. Not to mention, a big name actor like Jared Leto playing a trans woman would get that movie way more press than a no name actual trans person. The story is spread more and the message is more powerful. Apparently this is a bad thing because Leto isn't trans. 

Then, they go ahead and abuse the living crap out of allies. They tell straight people they can't be allies because they have NO idea what gay people go through. They demand that straight people apologize for their straightness, feel shame, and go around all bummed out because they are "normal". When I was in the Hannibal fandom there was a huge group of idiots demanding that they make Freddie Lounds gay because the show was (and I quote) "so heteronormative and boring". Yeah. They didn't care if it made any damn sense (which it didn't because the creator originally planned on her having a boyfriend and being straight, but changed his mind because of tumblr) no that didn't matter. What mattered was apparently the show was super fucking boring because there weren't any gay people. This is utterly fucking retarded because the whole entire show centered around the gayest relationship possible (which Fuller wouldn't at all admit to being gay even though it was massively fucking gay). 

What tumblr (and other anti-ally people) seem to ignore now is that when you want to win a war you need everyone on your side. You need everyone who is willing to fight for you. You need numbers. Something like a vote for gay marriage needs A LOT of people voting in favor of it. Before the law became federal and it was passing in all those states, guess what, straight people were voting for it too. Gay people alone were not bringing up those numbers so that you could legally get married in those states. That is absolutely not what was going on. Without straight people who are allies to fight for LGBT people you do not have near as big of a voice as you do alone. 

Right now, libtard gay people are super intent on isolating themselves from straight people. Just like black people are intent on isolating themselves from white people. Especially white people who don't bow down, lick their boots, and apologize for slavery (which the vast majority of white people have nothing to do with). Acting in this very way denotes that they don't want to win. They don't want to have equal rights. Anti-Ally behavior will only always prove one thing. That these special little snowflakes WANT to be oppressed. They will choose oppression over freedom any damn day of the week. To ignore and reject allies in a war for equal rights is only to assure that you do not get equal rights. How progressive are you when you want to exclude the people who want to help or will fight on your behalf? And why is this behavior seen as more acceptable than actual equality? Something damn well needs to change because I personally hate mentioning that I'm at all a part of the LGBT community because of what it's turning into.