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Working Class vs College Idiots

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I had an observation about where I currently work (and of course other places I have worked through the years). At this place there are a mixture of white people and black people. We all just get along. There isn't anyone I've had any issue with yet. At very least we are all civil to each other. Say hi and small talk. Some of them I am more friendly with and some of them I just barely ever see because they work in different areas of the building. Which is fine too. I really don't have bad things to say about anyone I work with (other than a few logistical criticism that have less to do with attitude and more to do with possible improvements to the business). I was thinking about why this probably is the case. 

I mean, according to SJWs, I imagine the work place should ACTUALLY be something like a mad house? Women, especially women who aren't white, are oppressed. They are paid less and everyone is very aware of it. The white women are treated slightly better and make 7 cents more than the non-white women BUT they still make 30 cents less on the dollar than men. The men are big brutes who aren't at all considerate, especially not the white men. The white men sexually harass everyone, constantly under estimate minorities and women, and are very super sexist and misogynist. The black men hold no positions of power (nor do the black women) and the biggest head honcho in charge is the white male. If I had to guess this is what an SJW thinks is any given work place on the planet, this would be my guess.

What actually happens at work? People fucking work. That's about it. I can't deny people have issues. I can't deny that individuals hate other individuals for individual reasons. These things happen. For the most part, though, everyone knows they are there to do a job and they do their job. They all know that the pay isn't great (in certain roles) but they need the money and are appreciative for the job. They all hate aspects of the job but realize that it's worth it in order to sustain their lifestyle. Take care of themselves. They are all adults and do adult things and even if they don't want to complete a task they do complete it because they know it's a damn job. That they could be fired or quit and will be replaced and management won't really give a shit about getting rid of them. 

Nearly my first day on the job I made friends with a black woman. Me and her apparently had very similar and smart ass personalities. Every time she was in we'd hang out together when we went to go smoke. Talk about random shit. When she found out I was looking to move she suggested a place in her building. When she left (for a different job) we exchanged phone numbers. Didn't matter to her I was white and it doesn't matter to me that she's black. What mattered was we had a lot in common, we got along, and we made work a lot less stressful because we looked after each other. This is what happens. I talk to everyone there that I come in contact with and it's pretty neat. 

Have I worked jobs where it wasn't like this? Yes. Was it based completely on race or racism? No. What SJWs fail to realize is that in the real world, the working world, people don't give a crap about that petty shit. They give a crap about earning their paycheck and finding a way to make their minimum wage job enjoyable so they can get through it. That's about it. I am in a position that isn't very high up, and I'm aware of it. I end up doing a lot of jobs that I'm not even sure are in my actual job description. Do I bitch and moan when I'm asked? No. Do I constantly argue with my manager about this, that, and the other? No. I do my job. I am aware of my position and I am very polite and agreeable because this is how it works. 

Now, if you noticed, the majority of SJWs are one of two things. Either they are currently students of some sort (High school or college, sometimes younger) or they are living with their parents with a youtube channel. Some are luckily enough to be so famous on youtube they don't need to live with their parents but they basically do nothing but make bitch videos about this crap oppression they invented. My point here is that none of them have any actual real world experience working at any job. They don't know that uniforms or dress codes are mandatory at work if you want to keep a job. They don't realize that many races work at one place and completely get along and do not give a shit about SJW nonsense. Due to the harassment I have gotten on twitter (people threatening to call my boss and tell her what I do) I had to tell my boss what I do first. You know what she said? "Oh". Yeah that's it. "OH". Not "OMG YOU ARE AGAINST WOMEN'S RIGHTS WE NEED TO FIRE YOU RIGHT NOW!" It was "As long as you don't bring it to the work place I don't care what you do." 

That's right people. That's how it is. When you have a minimum wage grunt job, the managers don't care about your personal life (Nor should they, unless it's something that you seriously need to miss work for). They don't care what you are doing online or your hobbies. I realize to save face businesses have fired people for what they do on social media. This isn't nearly as common as you think. The last three employers I had were fully aware of what I did on my free time AND DID NOT CARE. Their answers were ALL the same. "Just don't bring it to work". I don't know every work place in the universe. I can't predict every manager, boss, CEO, or anything else. What I can say is, as of now, most of them do not care. What they want is for you to get along with other people, do what you are told, behave appropriately for the job, and show up on time. 

When I look at these SJWs who have not entered the real world I wonder what we are facing. Even though they are the generation behind us, there are still people like me who are going to be taking over leadership roles before them. People who don't think bossy is a bad word. People who are aware that women aren't paid less. People who don't believe that sexual harassment is looking at a woman and it's perfectly fine to say whatever you want on your blog as long as you don't act that way at work. See the thing here is that, we are more than likely facing a wave of unemployment. Either these kids won't want to work, or will think they don't have to work because YAY GOFUNDME exists. Or they can totally make a living on youtube. They are getting throw away degrees like gender studies. They aren't even attempting to apply themselves to anything and believe that money should be handed to them for existing. 

This is probably more than likely the case, the anti-feminists and anti-SJWs are going to be the ones to take over the world. They will be the people who understand that a job is a job, and sometimes you have to do shit you don't like to survive. Meanwhile, the special snowflakes who believe they are deserving of everything for doing absolutely nothing will be forced to grow up or have a rude awakening when they find themselves without a roof over their heads.