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Debunking A White Knight Rant

Anti-Feminism, MillenialsMonica EdwardsComment

Guy comes to my channel (YouTube) and leaves an utterly deplorable idiotic rant about why dress codes are bad and sexist and whatever. I am not putting his long ass, horribly formatted comment on my youtube, but I will put it here and add my rebuttal to it. Enjoy:

"removing sexism from the equation as that can of worms is a bitch to close and weakens the argument as a whole"

That's how he starts the rant, by the way. He started it basically mid-sentence. Anyway he wants to remove sexism from the rant about how dress codes are not sexism. Which they aren't, but then goes on to explain how they are actually sexist without managing to actually use the word sexism. 

"as a boy in highschool"

There's your first problem. You are in high school and have no idea how the world works. Also, is anyone sad that he's a male and he's trying to martyr himself for the feminist cause, because I am? Is he aware of the war on boys at the educational level? How many males drop out from high school and/or fail to graduate because the curriculum is geared way more towards female students? Does he even know how feminism has already impacted his ability to be educated and his chances at a future? Probably not if he's about to defend dress codes for women. 

I believe dress codes are bullshit and shoudn't be enforced since old wrikly ass people can't tell us who we are on the inside

Guy can't spell simple words and is in high school. Okay I know that's a strawman but I still want to point that out. Skipping over that part of the argument, what the hell does your outside appearance have to do with who you are on the inside? Forcing you to dress in a certain fashion will not change your personality. That's not how it works. It also doesn't "Tell" you who you are on the inside. It tells you how you are going to have to behave in the real world to get a fucking job. 

"what are cloths but the manifestation of yourself on the insde"

No they actually aren't. I wear a uniform for my job every fucking day. It doesn't change who I am on the inside. What I believe, what I like, what I do. This in no way changes anything. Yes, I agree clothing and accessories express your individuality but they in no way are a 100% representation of who you are on the inside. I'm sorry I'm still really upset with his spelling at an allegedly high school level. 

"since school is for kids to learn socal interaction what better way to learn that is to be yourself"

School isn't there specifically for you to learn social interaction. Yes that is PART of school and it is important but honestly how many high school kids are "themselves". Conformity is a huge part of being a teenager for many teenagers. Unfortunately I wasn't one of the conformers and that caused me a lot of shit, but my point here is that it is what many students do. The vast majority of kids that age aren't acting "themselves" and the whole point is to try to fit in. Or at least fit in enough that you can make certain friends and be in a group. No one is a complete individual in high school and if they are they don't have many friends. I speak from experience. 

"me personally being a punk rocker guy I never had many issues with the dress code so that gives me clarity"

Okay so you are telling me you are a "punk rocker" guy but you haven't had "many issues"? Which is bullshit. In my high school the punk guys had SOOOO many restrictions on what they could and could not wear. A ton of them. Especially when it came to hair, pairings, and visible tattoos. How much of a "punk rocker" guy are you if you haven't had "many issues" with the dress code. Also if you haven't had many issues why the FUCK are you here complaining? 

women or men sould wear what they want since it isn't a schools job to get kids prepared for the future, the schools only exist to educate on things that arn't social in nature

He literally states right here that it isn't a school's job to prepare kids for the future just to educate them. On things that aren't of a social nature. Really? Because literally NONE of what you learn in school prepares you for higher education which will also prepare you for a job? For the real world? Really? You do not learn ANYTHING in school that teaches you how to run a fucking cash register? Proof read shit? Follow instructions? NONE of this is useful in the real world? 

"since why would schoos train kids for the real world with a dress code but not on important things like taxes" 

Last I fucking checked schools taught you how to do math which also taught you how to fucking do your taxes. I know there is some stupid tumblr/twitter joke about how school doesn't teach you how to do your taxes but it's NOT THAT FUCKING HARD. No one ever taught me specifically how do do taxes and guess what? THEY FUCKING SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU ON THE FORMS! When you go to do taxes the fucking forms show you WHAT YOU NEED. It's not even THAT HARD. You need only a very basic understanding of math and then an understand of how to read so you can write down what's in the right boxes. That's it. You do not need a damn CLASS on taxes. The only time you will need this is if you have a massive salary, have a lot of assets and investments, own a shit ton of property (or any property) and so on and so fourth. If you have those things you also have money to hire a guy to do taxes for you. End of problem. You honestly do not need a class in goddamn taxes for a job at McDonald's. I can tell you that much. And once again dress codes ARE important. Hence why I mentioned the fact that I HAVE to wear a uniform to work every day or else guess who doesn't get to work? 

"if anythig parents should be the ones to prep kids with dress codes as that isn't a high priority to schools"

You are now saying your PARENTS should tell you how to dress? Well your goddamn parents are going to tell you "Guess what little Billy, when you go into the working world you will HAVE to wear a suit and tie for most jobs. If not that, you will be either provided a uniform or a strict dress code. Follow that shit." Is this guy for real? This is WHY schools are telling kids to dress this way. 

"what I find the most bulshit is that not the studen'ts don't make a big deal about it"

Okay great but JOBS DO! Not to mention the fact that they may not make a difference where YOU go to school but guess what? Even where I went to school (and it was a fairly nice area) kids got mugged and beat up for what they wore. Mostly because other people wanted to steal what they were wearing. Depending what city you are in and what area certain colors are gang colors and can be dangerous to wear. I know one of the inner city schools here switched to uniforms to avoid both of these issues. Use some goddamn common sense. Even if that weren't the case do I need to bring up WORKING and dress codes there again? 

"its the teachers shootig their class in the foot with a humiliating and time consuming prosses of getting a student to change"

THE WHOLE POINT IS FOR YOU TO CHANGE! TO GROW THE FUCK UP! TO BECOME EDUCATED IN WHY YOU CAN'T GET YOUR WAY ALL THE GODDAMN TIME! THIS IS THE POINT OF SCHOOL! As I've said before, school isn't a fucking social club. It's not a hang out place. This is not the place you go to party and have fun. This is the place you go to learn so you can get a damn job, pay your damn taxes, and support your damn self. I know Bernie Sanders promised you it would all be free and fun with 15$ an hour minimum wage but this isn't how the real world fucking works. Also clearly teachers aren't providing you fucking ANYTHING if you can't spell correctly. 

See, even when I was a teen I understood this crap. Did I think dress codes were unfair. Yes. I still do. I would LOVE to wear anything I wanted to my job. Especially now that it's summer and it's really hot and I have to wear long black pants ALL the time. It's just not how it works. Yeah. Life is VERY unfair. GET USED TO IT. I mean I could either dress how my job wants me to dress or not fucking have a job. Which seems like the better option? Hopefully when this little turd has to get a job he starts to understand WHY all of these things happen in high school. If not, he's just going to be a "some what punk rocker guy" bum begging for change on the streets. I don't know when kids got this stupid and self entitled but this is a huge part of the reason WHY things are going to hell in a hand basket.