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If you Defend Yourself You Are Now A bully...I guess?

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Years ago in the Hannibal fandom I was friends with a girl. Most people know this. We were friends for a year. One day she decided she wanted to be queen of the fandom. She started spreading rumors about me. Seeing as how her blog had thousands more followers than me (even though she used me to promote herself) people just believed her. Not only that but the rumors gained a lot of attention because of this reason. People still remember this shit. Now obviously at the time when people were harassing me over this crap I defended myself, like any normal human with a backbone would do. But I'm being told now this is bullying. For some reason? Also, apparently "no one cares" when actually people do care because they keep doing it. 

What I don't get, honestly don't get, is that me defending myself against people is now bullying and their bullying is...well utterly normal fucking behavior? people not understand if they didn't say shit too me/about me, I wouldn't say shit to them/about them? Cause that's how it works? 

No, I guess according to a lot of people, it's okay for those people to do that. In fact, in any given situation I'm the ONLY problem. Yes. Me. Because I defend myself. Which this day and age is a BIG no no. Yeah because what I should do instead, apparently, is not say anything. Nope. Not even when thousands of people believe that I bullied a kid into suicide. No I should just say nothing about that. Not defend myself. Or when people think I'm anorexic. Shouldn't address that either because hell let them think that. Or when people say that I abuse my pets. Clearly, this isn't even a lie that is easily proved as a lie. No. I shouldn't say anything about that either. People stealing my pictures and writing horrible things on them? Okay sure why not do that too? To report and yell at them, that's bullying.

No there are no people who ever started shit with me for any reason. I mean independently. It was always ME who caused it. There are no mentally ill people. No psychotic people. No. It's just me. I'm always the problem. There is no possible chance that there are nut jobs in fandoms who will attack you for having an opinion. Not at all. I mean clearly I'm the one at fault for writing that "disgusting fan fic" in the first place. How dare I write a story that people don't have to read that might offend them! I'm such an asshole!

There was never anyone anywhere who was ever mean to me. I'm just a bully. I just attack people for no reason. It's all in my head. Isn't it? Because there aren't any people who are on the internet who are mean for the sake of it. There aren't girls in fandoms who cause drama to get attention. Nope. None of that. It's just me and I'm the problem.

If you couldn't tell all of this was sarcasm because I'm really sick of people justifying their CRAP towards me and turning it around to make me look like the bad guy.