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Rebuttal To Another Cliche Feminist Rant

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Feminists love to come to my youtube channel and leave walls of text as a response to what I say. 99% of it is all the same crap. I'm not surprised that it's all the same since they are of a hive mind. Brainwashed into believing all of this is true. Since this rant is so long (and repetitive) I'm going to destroy it bit by bit. 

You do realise that without feminism you wouldn't even be allowed to voice this opinion of yours right? Right now there may not be as much oppression as there used to be but without the feminists that existed throughout history you probably wouldn't even be allowed to speak, let alone voice your opinion.

There's actually no way to prove this. It's also doubtful that any of this is true. At least in my own country. Dating way back into the 1800's women had a ton of rights that feminists just seem to ignore. Women were allowed to vote before feminism, as well as own property, hold a job, and so on and so fourth. Were there limits for females back then? Yes, but women weren't even slaves in America or considered as such. They were treated as lower class for a while but that changed without feminism. My point being that slowly over time it would have kept changing until we would have gotten to the point we are at now. It has a lot to do with our society being a democracy and the fact that our constitution allows freedom of speech. Nowhere in the constitution does it say only men have free speech. Also I cannot recall a period of time after the constitution was drafted and signed that there was mass prosecution and incarceration for speaking freely. It doesn't matter, because right now I am covered under the constitution and that's not going to change. A constitution that was written by men, not feminists. Feminism didn't do jack shit for me and even if it did, well you don't get to take credit for something you were never a part of. 

Historical sources in every Ancient civilisation show that the societies believed women to not be human but objects to own and possess. Without feminism women would still be considered as objects.

Once again, I'm going to point out there is no proof of this. Since I already mentioned that women had a lot of rights before feminism ever happened (at least in my country) and were already not considered objects back then, how did you come to this conclusion? Also you are really skipping over the part that throughout history males were considered disposable because a lot of this shit had to do with class/money. Back in the day if a man was poor he didn't get much say in anything either. Back in the day a lot of rights that people had, had a lot to do with if they owned property or made a certain amount of income. Still, in my country and that's what I'm speaking on as of now, women were not considered objects nor were they slaves, even when we first got here. Look into it. 

So, whilst the issue may not be as prevalent in todays society, it's important to still acknowledge it. If this MAJOR aspect of all of human history is ignored and isn't acknowledged then we will fall back to what it used to be.

Okay so this is not a major issue now but we still need to acknowledge it. Why? We are not "going backwards" nor will we go backwards. Are you insane? Do you actually believe this? Judging by how this is written I'm guessing this woman is British or from the UK. A place where a female has ruled as queen for how long? A place that has had several female prime ministers for several countries. Yeah, sure, ignoring these issues is going to take us all backwards. Listen lady, no one has forgotten that bad shit has happened in the past. Trust me on this. However since it's not happening any more there really isn't a need to dwell on it. I also promise you that me or any other women not abiding by the cult rules of feminism is going to take us back to what it used to be. That's fucking retarded. 

You and I live in INCREDIBLY privileged societies where we do not have to worry about these things but there are still parts of the world that do. Take the Middle East for example.

Okay she dropped the third world women are oppressed card. Not surprised. I wonder what she does to help third world women other than whining on the internet that women are still oppressed in third world countries. She's already admitting that she's privileged and that I'm privileged. Since that's the case why not go help these third world women that you claim need the help so much? Oh right because you don't actually want to go to a place where you have no rights. You fully recognize that you have the freedom to do and say whatever you want where you currently are but if you go to these places you risk death. Unless you are actively helping third world women you don't get to bring them up to justify why you are a first world feminist. End of story.

I feel sorry for you. You have no compassion for those who actually require feminism and you are downgrading a revolution that could do so much to help those women.

I feel sorry for you because you actually believe that. Who says I have no compassion for those women? You think that I don't believe it's horrible that women in the third world have a shitty life? Where did you get that idea? You jumped to that conclusion all because I said first world feminism isn't needed. Because of this you assume I have NO compassion for anyone? Also, those women don't NEED FEMINISM. What they need is some sort of equality movement and FYI egalitarianism would help them just the same (and far better) than feminism. Not to mention the fact that I see absolutely no feminists going to help these women. Who do I see going to help these women? Humanitarians. Which feminists hate. It's either that or Christian missionaries go to help them. Name me one feminist organization that specializes in going to help third world women that is a first world run organization. What is that? None of them? Even if there is ONE well it's just one. You need to face the fact that the majority of the third wave feminists are only interested in bitching about first world problems and pretending oppression of other women means that they too are oppressed. 

Also, you mention feminist that hate men. The simple fact is, this never was and never will be considered feminism and that is not feminism. If you look up the feminism definition it clearly states how its goal is EQUALITY between genders and not one above the other. Hence that entire argument is irrelevant.

Oh look the "not all feminists" argument. I won't go into this a ton because I've already gone into this time and time again. What it boils down to is that, yes they are feminists. If they are using the label of feminists they are feminists. It's not that hard to figure out. Further more, who gets to decide what a real feminist is? Why is it you? Not to mention the fact that "real feminist or not" these women are still calling themselves feminists, still speaking for feminists, and have the loudest voice to portray feminists. Ergo that makes them more feminist than you because they are getting all the press under the guise of the label FEMINIST.

As well as this, your argument about 'radical feminists' is just silly. Really? Radical feminists? There are extremists in literally EVERYTHING. To belittle such an important movement because of a MINORITY within the group is just uninformed and silly.

They are not a minority. I can prove this because of the ungodly amount of money that was donated to Anita Sarkeesian. I can prove this because of laws that have been passed that only favor women and punish men. I can prove this because of how much press those women are getting. Even if they are a minority (and they totally are not) they are STILL the ones representing your group (as said before) and YOU are doing nothing about it. It's kind of like how there are Islamic extremists and moderate Muslims. The extremists go and commit horrible acts and the moderate ones do nothing to stop it. Or speak out against it. They just kind of sit there and twiddle their thumbs hoping that eventually it'll stop. The same as the "good" Feminists do. You aren't really providing any help in that area. If you want the radical feminists to stop being assholes, I'm not the person you need to be talking to. I am also not uniformed on this issue. In fact it seems to me I'm WAY more informed on this than you are. 

You speak about how women now have all the same rights as men and yes this is true, but only for westernised cultures

You admit this is true that we all have equal rights now. Then what is your fucking issue lady? By your own admission you don't need feminism. Since you aren't using your precious feminism to help women you claim need it, why the fuck do you still need it? 

It disgusts me that you would blatantly ignore the women across the world that require feminism to SAVE THEIR LIVES simply because you are not in immediate danger as a result of being in a PRIVILEGED country.

Oh right you need it so you always have an excuse. An excuse to whine about third world women who you currently aren't helping, at all. If anyone is selfish and disgusting it you. You know why? Because you repeatedly scapegoat these women who you have NO intention of helping as a get out of jail free card. That's right. You wanna bitch about a first world problem such as air conditioning being sexist? Whip out the "THIRD WORLD WOMEN ARE STILL OPPRESSED" card in order to prove that YOU are oppressed. As if this makes any sense. The fact that half of this rant is you admitting you have equality and the other half of it is pretending to give a shit about 3rd world women BEYOND including them in your rant about why YOU need feminism is gross. YOU don't need feminism, you've already admitted that twice. Either use you feminism to help third world women or shut the hell up. 

Are you really that selfish? Your entire opinion is based on uneducated and uninformed ideologies. Your idiocy makes me want to throw up.

No, YOU are the selfish one. You want to use third world women as playing cards, remain uneducated in your own movement, abuse and attack women who are smarter than you for having a better education, and you already KNOW that you are privileged as fuck and STILL think you get to fight people over it. I am not uneducated, I know more about feminism than you and clearly always will. You are absolutely blind to how fucking brainwashed and stupid you sound. In your rant you used every last feminist cliche I can possibly think of. You brought up women that fought in the past that you had nothing to do with, you scapegoated third world women, and you threw in the definition of feminism. You also berated another female for having her own opinion which is really funny since you claim to fight for women to be able to have their own opinion. You started off by saying "without feminism I wouldn't have a right to say what I'm saying". So either feminism wants women to have free speech or feminism wants to control the speech of women? What is it then sweetie? 

In conclusion this is a very typical feminist rant. VERY typical. I see this type of shit on my twitter and youtube every single day. They all say the same things. All of it is very easily debunked, and yet this is how they think they are going to win? No. If you want to tell me feminists aren't "all like that", you need to only look at the fact that ALL of their arguments are the same ALL the time. If that doesn't indicate a hive mind I don't know what does.