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When I Grow Up, I want to be an Ignorant Feminist

Anti-Feminism, LGBTMonica Edwards1 Comment

I was linked to an article called "When I grow up I want to be a lesbian" by one of my followers. God, where do I even start with how incredibly wrong and stupid this woman sounds? I don't actually know. I'll just take some excerpts and explain why she's an idiot and if you want to read the full thing you can check it out at this link. So lets get started:

A baby girl is born. It’s a girl! Pink! Baby Dolls! Dresses! Other Stuff! From this moment, the girl is groomed for life as a Heterosexual Woman. She is groomed for a life as a wife and servant for Men. She is groomed to  want to have babies and raise the children of men. She is groomed for Compulsory Heterosexuality, the concept coined by Baltimore native and Radical Feminist Adrienne Rich that identifies heterosexuality as the agent that keeps Females from actualizing their full sexual and emotional capacities, an agent that denies a sexual way of being unrelated to Male pleasure – Lesbian sexuality.

This happens to baby boys too. Blue colors. Toy cars. Little tennis shoes and sneakers and even tiny three piece suits. How are men also not groomed for heterosexuality? How is literally everyone not groomed for that? See the thing is, lady, this is the NORM. The majority of people are heterosexual. End of story. You cannot assume your baby is just going to be gay. Men are taught to take care of women. Men are taught to go get a job and be the head of a household. Men are given the same damn tasks just on the opposite end of the scale. How is this not also happening to men? And don't get me started on the somewhat new trend of sexualizing gay male relationships because guess what, that's happening too. Do you even leave your wordpress blog long enough to look into it?

All of us. Including Lesbians. As Lesbians, we have been socialized since birth – like all Females – to be sexually accessible to Males. As Lesbians, many of us work for years with internalized self-hatred and misogyny before we finally are able to confront our sexual attractions and honor our sexuality. This is a long and – for many of us – a lifetime process, as we are constantly bombarded with cultural messages that Lesbian sexuality is wrong.

Yeah so are men. Men are socialized like this as well. There's a huge stigma for men to be virgins. So much in fact that radical feminists make fun of them over it. Labeling them virgins and neckbeards and whatever. Men are pressured into having sex too. Getting the hot girl. Even being with a lot of women. Also, do you not think men live with years of self hatred being gay? Where is this world you live in where gay men just have it SO EASY? That no one ever tells them they are wrong? Because this happens to them too. What the actual fuck are you smoking that makes you think that this ONLY happens to women and lesbian women? 

Then she goes on in this article to justify political lesbianism. Some diatribe about how since women are all groomed from birth to be hetero they never have a chance to figure out if they like women. That they are so brainwashed by society that they can't possibly figured out their own nature. She pretty much attempts to argue that ALL women are lesbians and should be lesbians but most of them never get the chance to figure this out because society fucks up their brains. At least that's what I'm getting from this article. 

Political Lesbianism is the radical feminist idea that Women can “choose” to be Lesbians, and that such “choice” is a way for Women to escape the shackles of Compulsory Heterosexuality. It enables Women to politically and personally ally with other Women. In effect, Political Lesbianism allows Women a framework to reorder our priorities – it gives Women space and room to maneuver as we navigate the Heterosexual grooming all Women experience. As Feminists, many of us, in exploring our ideas about Woman-hating culture, realize that Lesbianism can bring us to experience deeper connection to and intimacy with other Women, an experience many of us want, need and crave.

She's trying to say that women need to choose to be lesbians even if they aren't sexually attracted to women, because it will bring women closer. Also for some reason every woman is a lesbian but they just weren't given the choice to be a lesbian so they never decided to be one. This is...something an idiot actually fucking thinks. Like people, feminists and ONLY feminists think this way. It's utterly fucking ridiculous. I don't even know if I have any sort of comeback for this. 

Let me give it a shot. Right. So basically feminists want women and their choices to be respected. Which mean that lesbians should be included in this. However apparently all women are lesbians they just don't know they are lesbians? But feminism is the right to choose what you want to do with your own body right? So basically this feminist right here is advocating women who aren't attracted to women sleep with women because they basically just don't know they are lesbians yet. That society did such a great job brainwashing them, that I dunno I guess us females are all idiots. 

Does she not realize how stupid this not only makes feminists look but also women? Gay women? Bisexual women? Does she? Because this makes it sound like being a lesbian is a choice. It makes it sound that if from birth we (females) were all taught that we had the option of being a lesbian then NONE of us would ever end up with men. That some how all women CRAVE being with other women we just don't actually know what we want. This kind of logic is something you will ONLY find in the radical feminist mindset and even worse PEOPLE TAKE IT FUCKING SERIOUSLY! This, by all accounts should be an actual joke but it's not. It's not because she's a feminist and when you are a feminist the DUMBEST shit can fall out of your mouth and you'll get a pat on the back for saying it. 

I see Men on the right attacking Women, by limiting through legislation our ability to control our own bodies. I see Men on the left attacking Women, by demanding that we remain silent in the face of rape and sexual assault by the Left’s leaders. I see Men in the GLBT Community attacking Women, by expecting Women to consider Males as “Women” if those Males say so and by supporting efforts to limit Women-Only Space.

It didn't take her long to start blaming shit on men did it? She insists that all women are lesbians several times over and all women are REAL lesbians several times over. That any woman who loves another woman in any way shape or form (even non-romantically) is a lesbian. She also only blames men on the right (conservatives) for some reason. I guess liberal men are okay though? Also women are the majority voters and guess what sweetie, a SHIT ton of women are PROLIFE and dictating what you can and can't do with your own body. A SHIT TON. So really it's not ALL men who are ALL for abortion. Holy crap. What is this bullshit about men making women consider males as women too? What is she even talking about? Who is limiting WOMEN'S ONLY spaces? You mean like when women want to get into a GAY BAR FOR GAY MEN And they are told no? The fuck is this chick on about? And then she literally says this:

As a woman who isn't straight, isn't in a traditional romantic relationship, and isn't a feminist I HATE women like these. Absolutely HATE them. She basically denies that there are no REAL lesbians just that all women are lesbians and they don't know it yet. She talks about women as if they are all a collection of bimbos who have NO CLUE who they are sexually attracted to. She's so adamant about becoming a lesbian with her stupid, backwards, doublethink one wonders if she may be on the direct path of sexual assault while trying to convince a girl she really IS a lesbian she just doesn't know it yet because society mind fucked her. I hate these people. They actually exist, and even worse, the comment section is all a bunch of ass licking on how GREAT her article is. The long and short of this is: