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I've been doing this for a while. The Anti-Feminist/Anti-SJW thing. I've been through a shit ton of online and real life harassment for it. Luckily it's basically stopped but bringing that to light may boil it over again. I don't know. I mean they are still doing it, I just don't pay attention to it any more because I don't care. By they I mean the usual suspects, EDF, People on 8chan, KiwiFarms, whatever. They aren't going to stop doing it. I mean there's been months of me not acknowledging them at all and they are still posting about me on occasion. No, I don't actually go looking to find these posts. Usually they are found accidentally because I browse these sites on randomly for other reasons OR people link me to them and I am like "Meh let them say what they want" because whatever. There is one thing I don't understand about all of this though. 

So in my corner you have, you know, the Anti-Feminist/SJW people right? We are all basically egalitarian or some form of that even if we use different words for it. We hate special snowflakes, radical feminists, and basically everyone on tumblr. Okay understandable. 

In the opposite corner you have the radfems, the SJWs, and all the stupid transtrenders and otherkin bullshit. The kids that are so desperate not to be straight and white that they invent genders to be or claim gender doesn't even exist. They have to be offended by everything and they are triggered by everything. Everything that any white person ever does is evil and needs to be stopped. Unless they are trans/gay/whatever. 

After that point, somewhere in the middle of the room you have EDF/8chan/Kiwifarms/Reddit (at least certain subreddits) who make fun of the SJWs and Radfems. Just shit on them all the time, plan raids on tumblr do whatever to harass these people. At the same time though, as much as they claim to hate those assholes a lot of them have tumblr blogs (and I don't mean just to troll). A lot of them have art accounts on DA where they are trying to pimp out their art. They make fun of these websites and all the drama on them while being on these websites and participating in the same exact drama like it's real life. But they also hate these people. 

They also hate people like me. They shit all over egalitarians and political activists for wanting equality. For wanting to stop the things they already complain about but also completely take seriously since they are still mostly all using these websites they claim are shit. So for some reason they have created other websites to shit on the websites that they think are lame but not too lame to also take seriously and have blogs on. Then they complain about people like me who are also somewhat on their side and hate the SJWs and Radfems. 

I can at least in some way understand where the fuck the SJWs are coming from. Not exactly what the hell their logic is but, okay, with any sort of group or whatever you are always going to have the idiots like the SJWs. The people who think everything is offensive or needs to be changed. You will also always have the opposition. The people who tell those people to calm the fuck down and get the fuck over it. Yet now there is a third group that claims to hate drama, while also creating drama, then laughs at the people who are involved in the drama they created because they love drama while claiming they totally think drama is the dumbest shit in the world.

If you read some of these websites, every other word on those pages are "Faggot" or "Tranny" or something about dicks/cocks/whatever. All of them talk like 15 year old boys (or younger) they call everyone a faggot and everyone a tranny and think this is edgy I guess? I dunno. Like they are trying to in some way prove they are better than these other people because they use offensive words or tell racists/sexist/gross jokes. They hate everyone but themselves, they claim to hate drama, but all they do is create problems for themselves and other people. Then they use it to pretend they are I dunno...kings of the internet when in actuality everyone hates them. They also seem to brag about the fact that everyone hates them, so they know everyone hates them and they are proud of this? Or something. They think it's cool?

But if you look at how any of those websites are set up, ANY of them, they are all based in anonymity. I mean more so than a place like tumblr or twitter. People accessing them are advised to be super careful not to use their own real names or contact information and a lot of those places will teach you how to use a proxy or whatever to hide your IP address so you cannot be traced there. The vast majority of people like me (and people like I dunno Anita Sarkeesian for example) don't hide like that. Obviously Anita (and myself) aren't openly posting our addresses online and shit, but we aren't hiding our faces or using proxies to cower behind, while also claiming to be warriors of the internet. I don't even claim to be that powerful of a person but I can't say the same for Anita. If anything she thinks she's God. I digress. 

I know that some of my followers are part of these communities. A lot of them use reddit or 8chan or kiwifarms or whatever the fuck. This is why I'm posting this, because I'm hoping someone can explain this mentality to me. I know as of now the "power" of EDF is minimal. The only people who care about EDF are the people on EDF (the only people who care about tumblr are people on tumblr) shit like that. Also despite the owner of EDF claiming EDF has never been sued for what they do I have found a few lawsuits on the books for them, and that's the actual reason it was shut down the first time and someone else had to buy it and take over. I also recently read he had been arrested for...well God what crime isn't he committing by posting child porn on that site but that might be a rumor. 

I don't exactly get this. A bunch of people who are I guess "professional trolls" who spend their time going around, harassing people, bullying people, and then acting like it means goddamn anything. Especially when they themselves are WAY too afraid to show their faces or say who they are. All the shit they do isn't illegal. It's bordering on illegal, it could leave them open to civil suits but it's not illegal. They even know this. That's WHY they do it. That's WHY their brand of harassment is so fucking annoying because they know all the rules and they use them to their advantage. But what is more cowardly? Behaving that way or putting a face to the work and things you stand behind? Plus I also fail to see how behaving this way makes you literally ANY better than the people you are hating on. 

Just recently...okay recently as in about 3-4 months ago, I found that someone posted a link to my secondary site on 8chan. Not unusual this has happened about 6 or 7 times since I started that site. I don't run it any more.  I mean it exists but it's not updated or whatever. Sometimes I go in there and change up the layout of the page but that's about it. The purpose of the website is to find people who have information by providing my own information. Some people here know about it. It's called It's a website that provides proof to criminal activity with the intent to catch a woman who is a criminal. Now, whenever this link is posted to one of those stupid sites I can see that. With how these people operate, they can't be unaware I can see where the traffic is coming from. Either they don't know that I can see that (doubtful) or they think that I am too stupid to read traffic maps or track what's going on over on my own website (more plausible).

Their main complaint seems to be that my website is too "LOLCOW" or something. That it has SOOOO much drama and if I just "got to the point" they could take it more seriously. Okay but see that's not at all true either. Know how I know? If I just "got to the point" as they seem to want they'd be sitting on their stupid forums calling me a liar. Yeah, it's a huge catch 22 situation. For instance: 

There is a post up about how I believe this woman I dealt with is severely schizophrenic and then I provide proof as to why I believe this. The post is long because there is a lot of proof and there is a lot of explanation. (You can read it here if you want). 

Now the people who complain about this say:


Really? Because this is what would happen if I just summed it all up and got to the point. If the webpage was literally just one page with a list like this:

  • This woman is mentally ill
  • This woman is a scam artist
  • This woman is a rapist
  • The woman catfishes girls
  • This woman brainwashes girls into thinking they are trans
  • This woman is violent/abusive

And I just listed only the key points of the argument like they CLAIM to want. The very first thing they'd do is demand proof. "How does she even know this? Where is her proof? What's going on? She's such an LOLCow". 

So these people create their own impossible to please them situations, go on to complain about them, and they damn well know that there is no way to win in either case for the person they are attempting to harass. They set up these traps and these loopholes in an attempt to get that person's attention. Then, when that person comes to confront them they just harass that person more. They are desperate to be a part of that person's drama while making fun of that person for having drama in the first place. They make sure 100% there is no way they positively cannot cause drama by also claiming to hate drama.

The only thing I can conclude in all of this, with the SJWs and with the "LOLCow" People is this. They are SO bored and they have life SO easy that they have to invent problems. It's quite obvious that's what the SJWs are doing and then you have the opposite of that, the extreme opposite of that doing the same damn thing just on the other side of the coin. You can also tell the majority of them are young teens/young adults because they are SOOOO obsessed with doing this and in some way thinks it makes them SUPER BADASS. The SJWs believe what they do makes them warriors and the Chan/Kiwi/EDF people believe the SAME EXACT THING. Which just makes both of them look utterly fucking stupid. Both sides will also claim that they "totally don't care" if they look stupid because they hate XYZ so much, or they are "trying to make a point" or what the fuck ever. 

When did we get to this? Why have we come to this? To a point where children have such an easy Goddamn existence that THIS is what they do for "fun". That they literally create drama for entertainment and then either cry "UNFAIR" or laugh at people who cry "UNFAIR"? When will this every stop and why does this concept exist in the first place? I fully understand by acknowledging that I'm watching these people that they will think they won or whatever the fuck but I don't care any more. I don't get WHY they are so entertained by me. I don't get WHY they are so obsessed with me. I don't GET IT. For someone they claim to hate, find ugly, think is a tranny, and is mentally ill/gross/anorexic/a crack addict/annoying whatever, they sure do stalk me around a lot and make DAMN sure to write 100's of articles about how "boring" I am. 

Honestly, as great as the internet is and can be, it was also a gigantic mistake to let certain groups of people access it regularly. If anyone has any incite on this specific form of behavior, please feel free to let me know because I am truly puzzled by why it exists in the first place. 

Note: I do not think this applies to ALL of 4chan/8chan/Reddit. On each of those sites there are always subsections dedicated to this type of behavior. Reddit has some decent areas to browse and so do the chans. It's only ONE are of each of these places I'm referring to which is usually called something like "Cow" or "LOLCow" on Reddit it's just /r/Drama. The entirety of KiwiFarms and EDF seems to be this bullshit, but I'm not willing to look into it long enough to find out.