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Over Exposure At An Early Age (To LGBT Issues)

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This is probably an unpopular opinion but I'm going to say it anyway. I'm all for the rights of well, humans. You know my whole thing is treat people the way they treat you. Age, race, gender, religion, whatever...that shouldn't factor into how you judge a person. Only their behavior. That's what I've always believed and always will believe. It's the basis of equality or at least making an attempt at equal treatment. I wanted to get that out of the way before saying this. 

People really need to chill out on the early age exposure of LGBT issues to children. Honestly I could not be more pissed off about this. Obviously if your kids have questions, answer them. Don't lie or make up a fairy tale, kids are smarter than you think about a lot of things. However, what I am seeing more and more of is parents introducing these concepts to their children on purpose and forcing tolerance down their throats when they are young. Like far too young to even need to understand that sometimes two women or two men fall in love. Or sometimes a man wants to be a woman and gets a sex change. A kid isn't thinking about this like ever, and even if they did it's not a HUGE deal to the majority of them. 

Though I agree there have got to be kids at young ages who know they are trans or experience dysphoria the vast majority of them don't. I think this concept is being shoved onto them way too much now because of political correctness or whatever. I don't ever intend to have children but if I did the last thing I'd be doing is sitting them down to explain that David doesn't want to be David any more he wants to be Julie and this is okay because gender is a state of mind and blah blah blah. A five year old doesn't need to know or understand that concept without them questioning it first. 

The far better approach is to wait until your kid asks you a question. For instance if they happen to hear/see something in the news about Caitlyn Jenner. Skipping the part that a young child probably doesn't give a crap enough to even pay attention, lets say they do and they start asking. That's when you explain to the best of your ability that a 5 year old can understand what went on with that situation. What you don't do is grab your kid one day, sit them down, and randomly explain to them that this is a thing. More than likely if your 5 year old met Caitlyn (or any other trans person), and had no concept of transgender stuff, they'd just refer to her as a woman. They wouldn't be like adults and question gender or masculinity or femininity. They'd more than likely just accept that they were just told "That's a woman" and go, "Okay whatever". 

I was on facebook a few days ago and I found the most BS story ever invented about a son and his stuffed animal. Honestly, most of it was probably true. It sounds like the kid has a lot of health issues and he has a stuffed dragon he takes with him to doctor's appointments. When he gets a procedure the toy gets a bandage or cast or brace on it because it is something that helps comfort him. Totally not unusual and I know this is a common practice to help kids through illness and other things like that. Then the mother (I can't imagine a father wrote this) adds in a whole thing about how one day her son decided the dragon wanted to be a girl. She claims that he just randomly told the doctor that the dragon (I think the name was Dragoo) told him he felt like a girl and wanted to be one. So the doctor took Dragoo out of the room and came back and it had a bow on it and he said the dragon was now a girl. She claims her son said that HE didn't want to be a girl but he was okay that his dragon wanted to be a girl. 

Okay I'm sorry but this sounds either 100% fictional OR the mother on purpose introduced these concepts to her son hoping to get some sort of stupid viral internet story out of it. When you go to look at the notes on this story (on the original post) there's a whole ton of "support" about how AWESOME HER SON IS BECAUSE HE'S SO ACCEPTING OF TRANS PEOPLE. Of course the mother gets to parade around like a flaming pile of douche bags because a bunch of people on the internet validated her. 

Then of course you have the case of the 14 year old (and it seems it was done JUST to make a viral video if you ask me) who's parents gave them hormone replacement therapy for their birthday because they wanted to be a girl. Once again, I'm all in favor of supporting your kid if they are trans. Giving a pre-pubescent person HRT is a HORRIBLE idea. Just absolutely terrible. A lot of kids, like a ton of them are confused about gender identity. Even expressing for a long while wanting to be the opposite gender. That doesn't normally turn out to be a case of them being transgender. My own sister for years and years dressed like a boy, covered her chest, and to look at her you'd never have been able to tell she was a girl. She was into a ton of typically masculine things (colors/cars/toys she played with). She never expressed not wanting to be a girl but she was presenting like a boy all the time because she didn't like girly things. Which back in the 90's seemed to be normal cause a ton of girls I know did this, then grew up and became boring straight girls who got married and had kids. 

It seems, though, these days, a lot of parents see this behavior in their children and jump right from a simple case of "growing up" to a case of OMG MY KID MUST BE TRANS AND I HAVE TO CATER TO THAT IMMEDIATELY OR I'M A SHIT PERSON. It also doesn't help that this mentality is all over the media and thrust in the face of idiot SJW parents every damn day. I'm not denying there are kids who know from a young age they are trans (or even gay) yes this does happen. However before a certain age you shouldn't be SOOOOO out loud and proud about it. Be supportive of course, answer questions when they are asked, but God why are you shoving this down their throats? Why is this a thing? There's a difference between lying to your kids and hiding these things exist and just letting it happen naturally. 

My parents never even attempted to explain to me what trans or gay was, ever. It was never talked about in my family. Especially not trans stuff. My mother is INSANELY transphobic. Like probably one of the biggest bigots I know. Both of my parents are homophobic assholes who like to pretend to be tolerant but are not even close to tolerant. Now, they have three kids (including me). Guess what? Despite my parents being total assholes about these issues, all of us turned out fine. None of us are transphobic, none of us are homophobic, and none of us give a flying crap about that stuff. With how society acts these days you'd think because our parents were ignorant retards (and still are) obviously they'd some how have magically brainwashed us into thinking the same thing. That's not how it works all the time, even the majority of the time. Yes kids can be taught certain values and whatever but what tends to happen is people grow up, stop being children, and form their own opinions. That's what is most likely to happen barring growing up in a super religious or backwards home. 

Tolerance should be taught, I'm not disagreeing with that. You should answer your children's questions if they have them, and do it to the best of your ability without lying or fudging the truth. What you should not do is independently introduce these ideas to your children in order to make yourself feel like parent of the year. It's not working out well for anyone and if you don't believe me, go look at tumblr and see how all the children behave on there. That's about the best proof I can offer when it comes to why I think doing this, is the wrong thing to do.