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Menstruation, Female Gamers, And Blogging DON'T MIX

Monica EdwardsComment

I was linked to this utterly absurd and gross article tonight on facebook. It is about alleged female gamers and how their periods cause them to behave with gaming during "that time of the month". Yes I wish I was making this up but no I am not. It's apparently completely serious. Not even sure what possessed this woman to write this and I'm not even sure most of it is true. If it is true then why? WHY would you ever decide to portray women in that light? I can only imagine that since she is writing this and trying to put a "positive spin" on it she's going to be someone who identifies as a feminist. I mean check out the picture that's in the headline of the article:

Also the title right there, Bloodrayne? Really? When was the last time that game was relevant to anyone? Don't get me wrong I'm not saying people still don't like it and no one still plays it but this is a really old reference right? Very dated? Does this girl even know what she's talking about? Or did she think it would work because it has the word "blood" in it. Last I checked, there was nothing new in the Bloodrayne franchise for what? 10 years? 15? 

So letting that slide lets talk about the contents of the actual article written by some "Freelance" lady named Teagen. 

Unsurprisingly, I haven’t been able to find much written about periods in relation to video games. When you take an industry that’s largely dominated by a patriarchal mentality and add a topic that is often still considered to be taboo and ‘gross’, this is to be expected.

Oh what do you know I was right. Feminist. So you can instantly take points away here. There's not much written on this because for one, no one wants to read it. At least no one who actually games wants to read it. I certainly don't want to read it and I'm a woman. Also who cares? And since when did you feminists even want to admit anything is wrong with you while you are on your periods? Right? But now you are complaining that there is not much written about gaming and menstruation while fully admitting that you tend to play WAY more violent games while on your period. No this is exactly what she said:

..when I am being fuelled by a blood-induced rage on certain months, gratuitously violent FPS games are the only way to satiate me. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is an aptly named favourite, which I think goes back to the notion of comfort. This game is reminiscent of the old school FPS titles of my childhood, so it feels like a safe and familiar space to release the tension.

Honestly it seems like she just found another video game with BLOOD in the title and chose it out of a hat. Considering the other video games she mentions that she plays when she's "being all emotional and sad" I doubt she's ever played this one. It doesn't seem this whiny chick could even get through Wolfenstein Old Blood. I've played it three times to completion, I know what's in it. On her normal days she's playing RPG games with way, WAY less violence. Then suddenly she has UNCONTROLLED RAGE when she's PMSing to a point she needs to shoot Nazis in the head? But she's normal the rest of the month? Isn't this just further promoting the idea that video games some how fuel violence or something? 

Then she says "The FPS titles of my childhood" but neglects to actually name any titles. Like Doom? The original Wolfenstein? Duke Nukem? Really? You couldn't name anything from your childhood? Oh right because you didn't PLAY any of those things. No you were playing Pokemon or something. Not knocking Pokemon I'm just saying I highly doubt from the contents of this article she's ever played a FPS game. 

For me, PMS can manifest either before or during the blood bath and can transform me into a raging harpy or a crying mess. It’s super fun, especially when I have to justify or explain it. Interestingly, I have found that my penchant for certain genres will change depending on my period-induced mood.

It's super fun when you have to justify or explain what? Your PMS? Or being a raging bitch? Or explaining to people how your period forces you into liking violent games that you'd never like at other times of the month? Because you are too busy crying over how emotional Dragon Age is making you? (Don't get me wrong I actually like that game I'm just trying to make a point here). What I really don't get is feminists of ALL people are the ones constantly trying to convince their periods do not effect their emotional state of mind. I already talked about this not too long ago. The article where I explained why menstrual leave is an insult to the entire female gender? Well so is this opinion article. It's utterly stupid. 

Since she already said that the patriarchy made the topic of periods taboo and gross (and not you know both men and women equally because periods are actually gross) I think it's safe to say she assumes what this sign says as well. Then she goes on to write an article about how periods actually do make her a screaming harpy in an attempt discussion on games and periods? Or something? Because...feminism? Like what was the point of this at all? To prove how much of a NERD she is? How awesome of a gamer girl she is? What? As a female gamer who knows other females who game I can honestly say I have never once talked to my fellow females about what we play when we are on our period.

Further more, I play FPS games through the month. My favorite video games are survival horror or violent FPS. Most people who read this website or watch my youtube already know this. As I've said before there's nothing wrong with not liking those games. However I don't think your period suddenly changes your mind on these things either. I also think that she googled random popular FPS games and jammed them in her article. It seems obvious she doesn't know THAT much about them beyond the fact that OMG VIOLENCE happens in them. At least if you ask me. So what was the point of this? Of any of this? To get paid? Yeah I'm guessing that's most likely. 

Look, Teagen, you freelance writing "Geek girl". You aren't doing any of us actual female gamers a favor by pretending to be a gamer girl and writing shit that an actual gamer girl would never fucking write. Do us all a favor and shut your dumb mouth. Not only do you make female gamers look stupid, you make females in general look stupid.