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But they still call themselves "Feminist"

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I was in traffic today, had a long drive, and I got to thinking about the "not all feminists are like that" argument. I have already talked about that before but, there's one thing I didn't address. Not sure I possibly can without talking to a feminist and you know how awful that can be. Plus, one of them would have to talk to me and actually take it seriously. Maybe I'll get lucky and find one to have a conversation with. Until then I can only really speculate and say how I feel about this whole thing. 

I have friends, or at least have had friends (before they decided I suffered too much internalized misogyny) that use this argument. The NOT ALL FEMINISTS one. NAFALT for short. They tell me that the GOOD feminists don't act that way. The REAL ones don't. Now, obviously if you know me or watch my videos or come here regularly, you know what the problem is with that argument. They don't seem to understand it. What I'd like to ask them is this:

TERFs: Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists. From what I can research this type of feminism has existed since the 80's and maybe even the 70's. They've been using the name this long. Jamming it into their trans hate. Feminist is there, right at the end. But they aren't really feminists? Yet if you asked a TERF if she were a feminist she'd say yes she was a feminist. All for women's rights and probably vomit back up the definition of feminism. Yet you ask one of the NAFALTs no this doesn't count. TERFs have been around since the start, though. Since when feminism kind of meant something. How are they not real feminists? Explain that to me? In fact they are more "real" feminists than third wave feminists considering this was a time when feminism stood for something. So explain that to me. 

Political Lesbians: You will only find these women in feminist circles. The women who hate men so much that they have decided to be gay. They can't stand to be around men so they have made the choice to be a lesbian. A political statement. This is ONLY a feminist thing. Well guess what. They've been around a long time too. They can be traced back to the 70's and 80's. A lot of the NAFALTs would call them "Not real feminists". How are they not? What defines them as non feminist and what are they if they aren't feminist despite using the title?

Radical Feminists: We all know these exists and once again, feminism is right in the title. This has been a movement since the 70's as well. Since I guess regular feminism wasn't hardcore enough for some women. The likes of Valerie Solanas surfaced and wrote the S.C.U.M Manifesto. Something which radical feminists even to this very day follow and agree with. People like Andrea Dworkin who claim that giving birth is rape (or some such) she was around LONG before 3rd wavers and I don't think she's going to die out in popularity any time soon.

Basically, what I've done here is listed three types of feminism that existed since the 70s. Three types that include feminism (or feminist) right in the name. Now, if you go by the NAFALTs (which not all of them are) these aren't real feminists. However, TERFs, Radical Lesbians, and Radical Feminists STILL exist today. They didn't crop up over night to claim the name of feminist. They didn't form their stupid groups and then try to appropriate the label. They have existed for decades and still exist now. As mentioned before, if anything, 3rd wavers aren't the real feminists. Though at some point feminism stood for something it hasn't stood for that in a long time. 

  1. You don't need equal pay for equal work any more, you just don't do equal work
  2. There is no rape culture in America as debunked by 
  3. 1 in 4 Women aren't raped on college campuses (maybe now they are saying 1 in 5) and that's STILL blowing it out of proportion.
  4. Victim shaming for rapes is a thing of the past as now women can be raped just because a guy LOOKED at them, and people take it seriously. 
  5. You can vote, get any job you want, have any education you want, own property, marry who you want (male or female or otherkin) and you have the right to spout your annoying opinions ALL over social media. 

What do you need feminism for? How are these other women NOT REAL feminists? When did you all "Good feminists" get together and decide that literally ALL these other groups were FAKE and should be ignored? I'd like to know and I'm sure they would too, because all of them would still call themselves REAL feminists. Despite your claim of them being pretenders to the throne.