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Why Do Haters Give Me SO Much Power?

Monica EdwardsComment

The past few days/weeks...something like that, I've done a few videos that have pissed people off more than usual. Either that or I've gotten more exposure than I usually get and am not yet used to the amount of hate that comes with that. I don't want to give my own self too much credit when trying to make a point. In any case what I've noticed (and it's not JUST NOW that I've noticed this) is that people who hate me, give me far more credit/power than I deserve or have. 

For instance, I've said a few times on my youtube channel (and on here) that asexuality doesn't have a spectrum and isn't more than one thing. You are asexual or you have a sex drive. It's just like you are homosexual (strictly into your own gender and nothing else) or you are some other kind of sexual identity. You can't call yourself 100% lesbian but be fucking guys all the time. At that point I don't know what you are but it's not a lesbian. It's also not an attempt to hate on anyone's sexual orientation. At all. It's just pointing out the facts of the situation. Which is you aren't entirely a lesbian if you are fucking guys sometimes, or only fucking guys (and maybe make out with chicks on occasion). Same with asexuality, either you have no sex drive or sexual desires or you have some and you are no longer asexual. 

Pointing this out apparently gets people super butthurt because for some reason we have reached an era where who you are fucking and what you do in the bedroom is the most IMPORTANT part of who you are. I mean, I get having some level of pride in your sexual orientation (by which I mean, don't feel ashamed if you are gay or something different) but holy hell do we not need everyone shouting from the rooftops at all time who they are fucking. I say this as a person who considers herself pansexual, so this isn't even a "boring straight" person talking. 

Yet, these haters come to my youtube channel and try to knock me down a peg, like I give a shit. Usually when they have a source (rare) it's some sort of opinion blog or obviously biased study about how they are right and I'm a retard. This happens with feminists too you know, it's not just the super awesome ace people who attack me now. I'm just saying that's what happened recently. My point is that for some reason a lot of them seem to think that me, as one person, with my opinion, is oppression? If not that they seem to think me as one person with an opinion is some how going to destroy them. Like because I say "jump" other people are going to ask "how high". Where do they get these ideas? 

Even with as much as I hate Anita Sarkeesian I realize that more than likely she's not going to be able to form a massive dicatorship in America and take over. Nor do I think they are literally going to make laws because she wants something to happen. Now, someone like Anita can effect change and we've already seen it happen. Anyone who wants to say otherwise is a moron. When it comes down to it, though, the most change she'll effect is video games and ruining Twitter (until everyone realizes what a HORRIBLE idea it was to listen to her). The thing is, it's her following that leads to that change because she has a TON of them. Not to mention the fact that what she's doing is actually taking women backwards. This isn't progressive and this isn't the type of change anyone wants. Still, if you are going to have an issue with someone who actually can effect change, why come after me? In fact, there aren't TOO many egalitarians (regardless of how many followers they have, and there are people with a shit ton more than me) who have been able to effect much of anything. 

Don't get me wrong, I can think of a few egalitarians on youtube (and other places) who have done amazing things and have caused quite a stir. It just seems like they still get less done than the SJWs who have the bigger followings. If anything, these stupid SJWs who come and attack me, threaten me, insult me, should realize that I'm in the minority. That any egalitarian activist is in the minority. Especially right now. The fact that any of them can look at the world right now, a world where people literally think MLK Is racist, and think that I have too much power is astounding. Really? Because I had an opinion? Because I said wage gap wasn't real or I said that asexuality doesn't have a spectrum? This is your problem? You think me holding this opinion and saying it out loud in any way effects how you are living or will continue to live?

Unlike the SJWs I believe that people can have opinions. ANY opinions they want. They can believe racist ideology, sexist ideology, they can believe that the alien overlord Xenu created this entire planet or whatever is going on with that religion. I even think the SJWs have a right to believe the dumb shit they believe. The only time I draw the line on any belief is when it's being used to harm people. That's when it becomes a problem. In a roundabout way, feminist ideology is hurting people and will continue to hurt people. Especially the more and more people like Sarkeesian, Quinn, and Wu get taken seriously. They are using their beliefs to enforce rules and not surprisingly trying to dictate stupid laws. I mean Sarkeesian was speaking at the UN for crying out loud about cyber terrorism or something. I don't know, nor do I care because everything that comes out of her mouth is utter bullshit.

What continually amazes me, is SJWs, as of right now have ALL the power. ALL of it, and yet they think me and people like me who have opinions, some how will "win the fight" by saying them. No, that's not how it works, if that's ALL that it took for things to be set right again, I wouldn't have needed to do this damn youtube channel for 4 years. Clearly, if ONE white girl in some place somewhere had the power to shut up ALL of you assholes by making youtube videos, it'd have been fucking done by now. By someone who wasn't me. The fact of this matter is, they are scared of losing their oppression card. They are so afraid of having to stop being victims and stand up to face their own stupidity that they think one person like me can effect ANYTHING they do. 

The only thing I have to say to them is this. Keep ignoring me. Like you did for many many years while I was already talking about this shit and nothing happened. I PROMISE you that I alone no matter WHAT I do will never be able to stop you from calling yourself a grey-ace demi-sexual lesbian feminist BLM Supporter, okay?