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A 12 year Old Asexual Explains Oppression (and it's HILARIOUS)

LGBTMonica Edwards1 Comment

This is a real comment I really got on my youtube channel about how asexuals are oppressed. I am going to address each one because it's fucking hilarious and to be honest the person, in their picture, looks like they are 12-14 years old. Lets start with number one:

1. Along with myself asexuals have received death threats, someone I know was too scared to go to school because of death threats

Well if being oppressed is getting death threats is now oppression, a whole bunch of people are oppressing me right now. Feminists, SJWs, and some asexuals as of now who have threatened me because I said asexuality isn't a spectrum. Also this isn't oppression. Not even close. Do these people even know the definition of oppression? Cause wow. Okay these are people being dicks. Not to mention that the only way people are going to know you are asexual is if you are telling them. Don't tell them? Not to mention the high level of gay/trans kids that get this and it's FAR more of a problem for them. Lets move to the next one:

2. My friend is not accepted in her family because she came out as asexual

Not oppression. At all. Once again this doesn't even come close to the definition or practice of oppression. I also HIGHLY doubt this is the truth. Really? There are people who shun their kids for NOT having sex? If anything I'm guessing this friend isn't accepted because they probably don't ever shut up about how ace they are. Considering how much this commenter left things about being on tumblr, they probably never shut up about tumblr either. I highly doubt their parents care their kid isn't having sex to the point of shunning them.

3. Asexuals are bullied and harassed for their sexuality.

Not oppression, not even close. Also if you go on tumblr, then guess what? You'll be bullied and harassed for being cis and straight. So if we are calling this oppression now, heterosexual people are now being oppressed. Or you know, it's just tumblr and other people being dicks. Also stop fucking telling people you are asexual. I'm betting if you never mentioned it no one would ever figured it out. This really is your own problem.

4. Asexuals are fired or refused jobs due to their sexuality

Where? Where is this happening? At all? This barely happens to GAY people now. If it does happen to gay people it's insanely illegal and usually makes the news. Give me one actual instance where an asexual person was denied a job or fired for being asexual. Please. Tumblr isn't a legitimate answer. I need a news story. Cause this is utterly ridiculous. 

5. Asexuality is considered a sin to some religions.

What religion? Where? Name one where it's a literal SIN? Or did you just guess that there are thousands of religions so that MAYBE in one of them this is a sin? None of the MAJOR religions I can tell you that much. The major religions look on virginity as pure and innocent. The majority of religions condemn sex before marriage. What possible religion that is also major can you name where asexuality is a sin? Please source this as well.

6. The ace discourse on Tumblr targeted asexuals with hate and harassment.

Okay don't go on tumblr? In fact I'm willing to bet most of your examples here are from tumblr because they are so out of left field and stupid. Oh and you look like you can't possibly be older than the age of 15. None of this is oppression, it's people being dicks to special snowflakes that actually aren't asexual. You know what they are? They are off putting annoying teens on tumblr who are too annoying to get a date anywhere. Ergo, no one wants to have sex with them. That's how it works. Honestly you want to be oppressed SO BADLY that you seriously think bullying is oppression. If that's the case, I'm WAY more oppressed than you considering how much I've been bullied for basically everything. Grow up, have sex, and come back here in 10 years to apologize for how stupid you were. 

Original comment for those who don't believe me: