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Tonight is Friday the 13th and there is a full moon. As such, I decided to look for scary stories to read since I'm a horror fan. Haven't done that in a while. I browsed through a few and was about to watch a movie when I remembered a long while ago I bookmarked a page from reddit with a bunch of creepy "real life" stories in it. Like it had links to a bunch of past threads. I've read most of them so I was trying to find one I hadn't read. It started out pretty nice, when I chose this thread and didn't recognize any of the stories immediately. The first one that caught my attention I'm surprised hasn't been made into a movie honestly. Maybe I'll have to do that. In any case, there were some posts about how terrifying seizures are if you've never been around anyone having one (I have so I wasn't that freaked out). Then I got to this post: 

There aren't any sources or ways to confirm it happened (some people in the thread where calling BS on her) but lets just take this as truth. It's plausible this happened, nothing too unusual about it. As someone who has been attacked herself, this really doesn't even seem out of the ordinary. I've had stalkers too just nothing this level of fucked up. I'm reading the responses and one of them is:

As you can see they were down voted to a negative 32 and yes people did respond to them for being stupid (which I'm glad for) but then another feminist had to come along:

MOST women have these kinds of experiences. MOST. The one guy who replied to her asked her where the fuck she lived because it's definitely not MOST (and I completely agree with this) but why the hell did they feel the need to hijack this thread? To insert a damn hashtag like that? And it was only 11 months ago. The point of that thread was for creepy (real life) stories and a woman provided one. The original poster never came back to replied to any of them, I checked. Of course then we had the same poster remind the guy who responded that there were A TON OF STORIES IN THAT THREAD about women being pursued by creepy guys, when there was only ONE other that I saw (until that point). So apparently TWO stories like this is a TON now? 

Then she responds like this is really fucking common and this issue needs to be addressed and stopped. Almost as if it isn't already addressed constantly all the time for every reason. Basically the only PSA stuff you ever hear is about women and men. All that shit. You barely ever hear about the opposite of crazy bitches going after guys. Of which I have a whole resource page for on my website.

The thing is, they some how completely ignored a story with far more votes about a guy above them (it had been up voted pretty high it was the one I mentioned that I saw first and was surprised there is no movie about yet). If you want to read it then you can look at it HERE. In any case this is completely uncalled for. Honestly. 

It got me to wondering can feminists really enjoy anything? At all? And it reminded me of the whole thing I did before on "There is no sexism in horror movies". 

If you don't want to watch the video, as I pointed out, when a man dies in a horror movie (or a show) or is viciously tortured, mutilated, and anything else (but doesn't die) feminists turn a blind eye. Much like they did on this thread, ignoring the men telling stories about weird shit that happened to them. It seems to be that the life of one women is the life of ten men. They don't care about men (as much as they claim to be about equality). 

This issue of male on female violence is constantly addressed in society. Despite the fact that rape rates are going down and not up. There is a constant message going out to men (and women) that it's really only a matter of time before you are raped/harmed. OR you become a rapist because men totally are animals who can't control themselves. The last place I expected to find this was in a reddit thread for creepy real life stories, and yet there it is. They can't just read the story and go "OMFG" they have to inject their feminism into it. No one wants to hear your bullshit, as is clear by the down votes the first person got, and the responses that the other people got for being incredibly stupid. Why do they keep doing this? How can they believe this? And most importantly, how the hell do they live their lives/leave their houses if their FIRST reaction to a story like that is to rant about how much people need feminism? It's utterly fucking stupid and it's time for that shit to stop.