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The Super Special Snowflake Asexual Masterpost

LGBTMonica Edwards1 Comment

Honestly, I am well aware I shouldn't still be on this topic but I don't care. The fact of the matter is the special snowflakes of the "ace" community keep coming out to attack me. I know they are wrong so I'm just going to keep shoving in their face how damn wrong they are. As I do with the feminists any time they bring up new shit to complain about. So lets start with the definition of Asexual. The actual one, not the one the SJWs invented to pretend they are oppressed or something.



  1. without sexual feelings or associations.

    "she rested her hand on the back of his head, in a maternal, wholly asexual, gesture"

    • noun

  1. a person who has no sexual feelings or desires.

Now obviously urban dictionary wants to tell another story but urban dictionary also wants to claim reverse racism, rape culture, and internalized misogyny are real and we all know they aren't. If you look at the actual scientific and real definition of asexual that's what it is. Now I already wrote this post explaining that you can't have romance without it being sexual. I actually researched it. Then I did a video on it and got attacked by a bunch of special snowflake "aces" trying to call me acephobic. Which is HILARIOUS by the way. 

Well, considering the entire definition of asexual is without sexual motivation or desires or whatever the fuck, you absolutely cannot still be asexual and have any sort of sexual attraction to anyone. Nor the drive to have sex or be sexual. I understand that some (count it SOME asexuals masturbate) however it's not on the forefront of their mind. Not enough to label it as some category. Yet, you will find several thousand types of Asexual that have something to do with sex, when the fucking definition says LITERALLY NOT INTERESTED IN SEX. Right? But then, it gets even worse (or more hilarious depending how you look at it). 

The A in the LGBTQIA is for ASEXUAL not for ALLY because OMG ALLIES ARE NOT OPPRESSED. By saying this they are indicating that asexuals are oppressed. When you ask them how, they act like you are completely ignorant and acephobic, as if that's even a thing. Yet, how are they oppressed? At all? Name me one thing. None of them want to have sex one cares?

Look at it this way, in a lot of religions homosexuality is wrong. SUPER wrong. Premarital sex is wrong (even if it's hetero). Sex acts are wrong wrong SUPER WRONG, you are GONG TO HELL WRONG, right? Asexual people aren't having sex, nor are they concerned with sex, nor do they claim to want to ever have sex. As such, what does religion think of people who abstain from sex? The last time I checked the purity of the virgin was a high level rank of honor in several religions. Everyone wants the virgins they are so innocent and pure. No one, literally no one thinks LACK of having sex is sinful, wrong, or anything else. There is no oppression towards asexuals anyway. Even if they want to pretend that asexuality can totally include having a sex drive. Which it can't because then it's not asexuality. But lets pretend that it totally can come with having a sex drive and masturbating all the time. Lets just pretend that's a thing. WHO GIVES A SHIT? 

Further more, someone was complaining to me about wanting to get married to...I guess their friend? Like for instance it two asexuals find each other and want to marry. What is the point? Honestly? To marry your friend? First of all who is stopping you from living with your friend and not having sex with them? And if you want to get married what for? It's not for sexual union that's for sure, and also since you are both totally asexual you don't have to worry about infidelity or the other person cheating so...why? For titles? To have a fancy fucking party where you get a bunch of gifts? So you can call the person you aren't sleeping with your spouse? Why? I'm not even saying they shouldn't get married. If they want to get married and it's legal GREAT but WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED? You are ultimately just FRIENDS with that person. There is no fucking point. At all. Seriously this is a reason they think they are oppressed? Something about....not being able to marry when they totally can get married? Who's stopping these no sexual marriages from happening? AT ALL? 

Then of course I got this really funny comment on my last post about Asexuality not having 800 different types:

Asexual folks are totally discriminated against, because it's SUPER annoying when people tell them that they NEED to have sex or they need to be FIXED. It's not violence or harassment but it's SOOOOOO annoying that it BECOMES oppression. But it's also not discrimination even though I started out by saying it was discrimination. 

Seriously, this...this is how they talk to people about being asexual. Some of them literally think they are oppressed. Not to mention the complaints about how there is NO asexual representation on TV or something:

They want asexual characters on TV so basically characters with no sexual chemistry with anyone and well I guess stories about INTENSE FRIENDSHIPS. Well if you want that, the first like 7 seasons of X-Files has that. Then guess what happened? PEOPLE GOT ANNOYED (including the actors and the show creator) because that gets BORING after a while. Who wants to watch that? Which BTW there are already shows ABOUT PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST FRIENDS like you know FRIENDS or basically any other sitcom. Then they want aromantic characters. So what they think is people want to watch other people on TV be romantic with each other BUT NEVER HAVE SEX. Once again, first 7 seasons of X-Files has your back on that. It's kind of crappy after that point so just stop watching. They also want "AGENDER" characters. Ones where you NEVER know their gender because that's super cool now or whatever. Like when I talked about the people who think Gender DOESN'T REAL. 

The long and short of this is, NO ONE CARES IF YOU ARE ASEXUAL and YOU ARE NOT ASEXUAL IF YOU HAVE A SEX DRIVE! You cannot have it both ways. I honestly haven't seen more of a bullshit special snowflake sexual orientation IN MY LIFE than the so called "ACE COMMUNITY". SO...come at me. I'm "ACEPHOBIC" I guess?