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Are Trans Teen Suicides More Tragic?

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I was thinking about this today. When was the last time you heard a suicide report in the media that wasn't about a trans kid, gay kid, or any other type of minority. I mean specifically teenage, not a grown adult or celebrity. The last one I personally recalled is Leelah Alcorn and how people went INSANE over that. Then they started to blame literally ALL Christians for a small group of idiot Christians who treated her badly. Then there was that awful Gen Zed cartoon trailer that made reference to Leelah and then nothing. 

First of all, I'm not here to say it's not tragic what happened. It is tragic. That Leelah needed help and didn't get it. Very sad when that happens to literally anyone. Whether they are an adult or a teen. Why though, is this the only thing shoved in the face of national media? More teens are committing suicides than who are just trans, gay, or minorities of some sort. The people I talked to couldn't remember anything where it was just "boring old cis white hetero kid". Teen suicides are really alarming and the only ones people put out in the front now are the minority teens. Or at least it seems that's what's going on. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying other teen suicides don't make the news and don't get reported, but there is a huge difference between Leelah Alcorn and the national news having a shit fit and a local news story about a local guy somewhere that might possibly make it viral on the internet for a few seconds. When you hear about a teen suicide it's always that specific situation.

For example, recently there was a 17 year old male in the U.K who killed himself after being falsely accused of rape. Where was the major news story on this one? This should have been all over the media. The only reason I personally know this happened is because I go and look at these things (or for these things) on purpose. The media, however, is in no actual business of reporting these in a way that get national attention and that everyone can see. I will go as far as to say MAYBE the U.K story didn't get as much attention here because it's not in the U.S but if anything has happened like that in the U.S here (and considering the rape epidemic crap on college campuses it's entirely possible) why has that not made national news? 

In 2014, adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 24 had a suicide rate of 11.6. (Source)

I got this statistic from a website that keeps track of these things. This is what they say about the recorded rates for adolescent suicides in 2014. They also say down at that bottom this:

No complete count is kept of suicide attempts in the U.S.; however, each year the CDC gathers data from hospitals on non-fatal injuries from self-harm.

Right now this is the best we are going to do. The stats from 2014. Now, out of this it seems that there were at least 11 suicides from young adults under the age of 24 in the US that killed themselves. This is the same year that Leelah Died. Thank God the rate isn't alarmingly high, nor is this an overwhelming problem but at the same time why is Leelah the only one people heard about? I mean the name that people remember the most? Oh right because of the transgender thing. Because of the "Christians are all evil" thing. Because when someone like Leelah dies in such a way they are used to promote an agenda. Why is this bad?

Well, because of what I've already talked about before with exposing young children to LGBT issues. I mean children under the age of ten. Right now there seems to be a huge push to get your totally trans 10 year old on HRT or other hormones and make them as trans as possible to stop them from being their assigned at birth gender. Which is utterly ridiculous and overreactive. Deaths like Leelah convince people that puberty for a teen is "The most dangerous thing that can happen to them OTHER than death". If you don't believe me, someone literally said that on a youtube video I did (and no they aren't trans):

Then she got upset with me when I explained to her that there is no definitive diagnoses with any sort of mental illness (as gender dysphoria is a psychological disorder) and laughed as if I was the idiot. Yet she has no literal idea what she's talking about. Why? Because when a trans person dies or almost dies or self harms and it gets in the media, people jump to the conclusion that being trans AND a teen is the most HORRIBLE THING EVER. That denying these teens HRT or the chance to transition is the WORST form of torture imaginable. Well guess what? I have news for you:

Other than the fact that I went and asked a few trans people about that comment and they straight up laughed and said that woman is an idiot, being a teen is hard for literally EVERYONE. Many teens regardless of gender or sexual orientation harm themselves. Many of them have depression. Many of them grow out of it, some of them get worse. The brain keeps maturing with the body until a certain point. Yet somewhere this weird message got out that OMFG IF YOUR KID IS TRANS YOU HAVE TO STOP EVERYTHING AND QUITE POSSIBLY RUIN THEIR LIVES BY CHANGING THEIR GENDER. 

No. The population of people who are actually transgender who will go on to transition is VERY VERY small. There is a very tiny little chance your kid is trans. If anything you run a WAY more huge risk wrongly treating a child you think is trans than failing to help a child that actually is. With how many news reports there are now about trans 5-11 year olds, with how many idiots on tumblr THINK they are trans because they are "Demi-Sexual" or "Don't like girly things" there is no way in hell all of them are trans. Or even close to it. I mean legit trans. A lot of them are tricked into thinking they are trans when there is just a whole host of other issues. Why? Because of how the media treats trans teens as SUPER SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES. On any given news report about trans teens you will hear someone give statistics about trans teen suicides. Yeah, but teen suicides as a whole are bad. Why are we not looking at the entire picture? 

No one is really putting out any sort of message other than "TRANS GOOD! CIS BAD" and it's time for that to stop. Trans people do have it hard when they are actually trans. I can't imagine it's easy being legitimately transgender and also a teen who has to go through puberty. But everyone has puberty hard, teens are just fucked up little maniacs across the board. Adding trans in there is no different from adding in a disorder like anorexia or bipolar while also being a teen. No one is sitting around talking about how dangerous it is to be bipolar and go through puberty are they? 

It's time to stop placing so much importance on minority lives and start focusing on all lives as a whole. The way this stuff is treated in the news now, I shudder to think how many fucked up adults we are going to have because their parents thought stupid shit about their gender identity, before they even had the chance to figure it out.